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Tayne's Story

Jenison, Michigan

A story about how protocols can affect even those without Covid, and separate families.

My dad felt like he was abandoned.

Protocols of a Different Kind

He didn't understand why we couldn't come in and give him a hug.”

So my story starts in October of 2019. My father was diagnosed with dementia so as a family we decided it would be best to be placed in a long-term care facility since we didn't have the means to give him the care he needed. When Covid came along we were only able to

visit him 2 or 3 times outside before they stopped those visits. We would do window visits ( but windows had to be closed) so we would have to talk to him on the phone. He didn't understand why we couldn't come in and give him a hug....this brought so much pain and tears to hear that. So we continued these visits for 7 months. In Oct of 2021, while dad was actively dying we were able to go in and be with him at his bedside. The same home that we were not allowed in for 7 months. My dad (and I'm sure many others) felt like they were abandoned and just gave up on life. However, we are grateful that he had a great group of aides and nurses taking care of him.

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Unknown member
Feb 17, 2022

My dad feels like this too sometimes. They are residents and that is their home. They should have the right to have family in their home.


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