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Please reach out to us for online educational presentations or in-person speaking events for your group or organization in your area.  Our presentations lasts from 40-50min and we answer questions following as long as needed.  If in-person, we ask that you have the documents printed and a notary on hand so that your group members can leave informed and protected. We do this all for FREE because we believe everyone is a child of God and every person deserves the right to live.

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Laura Bartlett and Greta Crawford have been fierce patient advocates in their own right since the Covid Pandemic, but when they came together, they found a strategy for patients to advocate for themselves and protect themselves before they ever go into a hospital. Covid revealed the hidden truth about how hospital doctors do not respect or honor patients’ decisions which lead to over a million deaths in America alone.  Bartlett and Crawford founded and have been sharing this information for free and have even had the documents translated to Spanish to expand the reach of saving lives.  The strategy and documents are so revolutionary that leaders like Dr. Joseph Mercola and G. Edward Griffin say this information needs to be shared with everyone everywhere.

When Laura Bartlett saw doctors bullying patients, she sprang into action.  As fearful patients began reaching out around the nation about being trapped in hospitals and desperate for help, she created the Hospital Hostage Hotline. She realized that patients needed a negotiator who could advocate for them and teach them how to assert their rights.  Through her free national Hotline and the website,, she has been able to rescue and educate hundreds of hospitalized patients.  In the process she created an innovative strategy to protect and insulate individuals right to informed consent even during covid.

Greta Crawford was aware of the vaccine dangers and refused the doctors repeated harassment to get one while in the hospital.  She was unaware of the drug Remdesivir at that time and was given this (along with other drugs) without informed consent.  Although this poison nearly killed her, by God’s grace she survived to become an advocate for victims of hospital protocol. She is the founder/creator of, a website that brings awareness to all aspects of hospital protocol and offers a platform for victims to share their stories.  Greta continues to work to arm everyone with the knowledge to save themselves in any medical facility.

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