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Free National Patient Advocacy

Effective strategies from a brave Anonymous Hospital Insider
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Laura Bartlett
Patient Advocate
Founder of HH

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Most people think you must hire a nurse, an attorney, or doctor to assert your patent rights.  This is untrue.  The world became aware of the healing effects of Budesonide for Covid because of the PR efforts and experience of Laura Bartlett.  During her time promoting this life saving treatment, Laura gained a greater understanding of informed consent, patient rights, and how each person can effectively assert his or her own rights. Knowledge is power and patients have always had the power to protect themselves in a hospital setting. Laura’s goal is to share this information and empower every American.


The lack of fundamental knowledge of patient rights led many to blindly trust doctors while patients reported they were hospital hostages. 

This inspired Laura to create the Hospital Hostage Hotline. 100% Free, self funded, national hospital patient advocacy hotline, available 24/7 created during the Covid crisis to help scared and bullied patients assert their patients rights. HHH arms patients with advice and tips generously shared by an anonymous hospital insider who is an RN, a JD, and former Hospital Administrator.  HHH has  performed hospital rescues across America, coast to coast, to the glory of God.

​* HHH is endorsed by Texas Senator, Bob Hall 

*** Don't let days pass if you are having concerns about care.***   Call this free hotline any time, day or night.  We know not everyone can think clearly under such stress and we are here to help.
Hostage Hospital Hotline.jpg


Want to help save lives in your community?

Take action by:

  • Be a mobile notary - When people need forms notarized in an emergency you can meet them before or at the hospital

  • Deliver Printed Documents - You can deliver documents to the hospital for patients

  • Print and pass out cards to your church and local community members

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Free Medical/Legal Emergency Documents

I Am The Legal Surrogate

If there is no Medical Power of Attorney in place, most states provide for a default surrogate decision maker in their state laws.  This person is appointed to make medical decisions if a person is unable to. (ie: spouse, children, siblings)

I Am The Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney is one who has the right to make decisions about someone else's medical care on his/her behalf when that person can no longer make decisions. This is enforced by the Medical Power of Attorney legal documentation. 

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Print out these business cards and pass out to church members, family, neighbors, and friends. Click icon or image

***Medical/Legal disclaimer: This website was created for informational purposes only and has no ties to any drug company, physician, or attorneys. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal/medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical or legal advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. In addition, no one involved in this website has financial ties to any of the information provided. We are merely patient advocates, trying to save lives and fight medical censorship.***

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