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Covid Hospital Protocol Survival Tips

(From a Former Hospital Director of a Major Hospital System)
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Watch the informational CHD TV episode (aired 127/22) to better understand current hospital systems.

Have these forms printed, filled out, & notarized now while your are healthy.
  • Watch the video above
  • Learn your rights
  • Select an informed Power of Attorney
  • Confused about filling out forms? You can call the Hotline - 888-219-3637.


Laura Bartlett
Patient Advocate
Founder of HH

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100% Free, self funded, national hospital patient advocacy hotline, available 24/7 created during the Covid crisis to help scared and bullied patients assert their patients rights. HHH arms patients with super secret advice and tips generously shared by a top hospital insider. This "insider" is a former hospital director who answered only to the CEO of one of the largest hospital chains in America. HHH is a highly trained, specialized group of individuals who have performed hospital rescues across America, coast to coast, to the glory of God.

​* HHH is endorsed by Texas Senator, Bob Hall - See Video Here

  • If you feel you have Covid or need oxygen then go to a private Urgent Care instead of a hospital. If it is something too severe they will refer you from there.
  • Ask for inhaled Budesonide for inflamation of the lungs at Urgent Care
  • Consider at home care where O2 and other meds can be delivered to your home 
  • Stay with family Advocate.
  • Know your patient rights & brings your documents.
  • Concerns? Call the Hotline 888-219-3637


  • PCR Test - Expect repeated testing even with no symptoms. Even if you  went in for something other than Covid.
  • FEAR/Isolation - They will try to isolate you from your family and fill you with fear, ex: "You're going to die"/"Should have been vaxxed
  • Protocol - When positive they will give you protocol w/without informing you. If you refuse they will send you home.
  • Financial Incentives - Every step of the protocol has a payout from the government 
  • VAX - Questioned repeatedly, harassed if not vaxxed, family scared into getting the vax.
  • Stall Tactics - They will send in any employee to speak with you about the protocol but none who can implement the treatment plan.  This delays time of proper treatment and the patient gets sicker.
  • You Can't Leave - They tell you that if you leave you will die or because you have Covid you can't leave. ANYONE able can leave.
  • Refusal to Retest - They refuse to retest for Covid especially after the duration time of illness has passed. They want to get paid for Covid death.
  • Food/Hydration - Patients are denied food and water for the anticipation of a ventilator.  This further declines the patients health.
  • Ventilator - They will push the patient to be vented with lines like "You need to rest your lungs.". "It will only be for a day." (only 25% of patients come of ventilators)
  • End of Life Care - When the patient seems to be doing better and vitals are looking good they often send in representatives from Palliative Care, Comfort Care, or Hospice and deceive families into giving this form of treatment. They provide comfort to those who near death by giving very powerful sometimes lethal drugs to alleviate pain of dying patients.  
  • Unnecessary Medications - Many drugs that are given and depending on the patients condition may not be needed and could do more harm.
  • DNR -  They push the patient for a Do Not Resuscitate even when the patient is talking, and has high O2 levels. Family is also told if they don't sign DNR they will never see their loved one alive again. 
  • Insurance - They will tell you if you leave the hospital your insurance won't pay and you will have a large bill. (better to be alive)
Read victims stories and learn from their experiences 


  • Be BRAVE, Be ASSERTIVE, DON'T be pushed around or manipulated by doctors are nurse. Know your rights take authority over your or your loved one's health decisions.
  • You have the right to Informed Consent - This means knowing the Risks, Benefits, and Reasonable Alternatives of any medication/treatment and the amounts given.
  • You can fire your doctor - If your doctor is not communicating or you are uncomfortable with the treatments it is up to the hospital to acquire you another doctor.
  • You have to right to ask about any medication and treatment being given to you for any reason.
  • You have the right to know what the Doctor's Success Rate is for any drug used.
  • You have the right to leave anytime if you are physically able.  Even Against Medical Advice.  This is another way to scare you into staying.
  • HAVE YOUR HOME SET UP - Have everything you need at home in case you need to leave the hospital including meds and oxygen. Call Synergy Health 


If your doctor is not communicating with you, explaining your treatment plan to you as required, or seems evasive or hostile then communication issues with your Physician are grounds to request an Ethics Committee Consult.  Learn more

Call HOTLINE for guidance with Ethics Committee Consult
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*** Don't let days pass if the above issues aren't resolved.***  Call this free hotline any time, day or night.  We know not everyone can think clearly under such stress and we are here to help.
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Synergy Health DPC

Get Medical Treatment at home including Oxygen, Budesonide, HCQ, and Ivermectin.

Documents Everyone Needs On Hand

I Am The Patient

Everyone should have these printed, filled out, and notarized while healthy. Assume that one day you may be a patient. Always make and keep copies.

I Am The Legal Surrogate

If there is no Medical Power of Attorney in place, most states provide for a default surrogate decision maker in their state laws.  This person is appointed to make medical decisions if a person is unable to.

Have these forms ready as an advocate for the patient.  Always make and keep copies.

I Am The Medical Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney is one who has the right to make decisions about someone else's medical care on his/her behalf. This is enforced by the Medical Power of Attorney legal documentation. 

Have these forms ready as an advocate for the patient.  Always make and keep copies.

Info graphic social med- PK.png
Print out this infographic for a simple explanation of why these documents and information is so important.  It's a good way to inform family and friends. Click icon or image

Hospital Hostage Form

We will be contacting you soon.
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