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Tammy Mc’s Story

Nashville, TN

Our 33 yr son grieved so much, he had a massive heart Dec 16, 2021 (exactly 3 months after his dad passed) and passed away leaving his wife and 5 yr old daughter.

The fact that they got money for Covid everything says a lot! I don't know how these people can sleep at night.

Held Hostage

“My hands were tied... I couldn't see him and he wasn't answering his phone. I had no idea what was happening. Little did I know the nightmare that was coming.”

My husband, Brad, and I both got "Covid" in September 2021. It was a difficult week. I slowly got better but he was having difficulty breathing after about a week. I took him to the doctor twice because we did not want to go to the hospital. The doctor was out of town, but the PA checked him out, said his lungs were clear. She told us to come back in two days so we did. This time they sent us home with an oxygen tank, and breathing treatments which seemed to make him feel better. But he just didn't get better. The next day he said he thought he needed to go to the hospital. I begged him to wait a few more days. But by 11 am on that Friday, he said I have to go, I can't breathe. So very reluctantly, I took him. He had our protocol list in his bag for the doctors and nurses. On the list was "no Remdesivir or vent".

It was Friday, September 10. I will never forget that day... I took him to the emergency room and he got out of the car, rolling the oxygen tank behind him. The man at the door wouldn't let me go in and told me to go park the car. I parked and went back to the emergency room door. He said your husband has been taken back to be checked. You can wait in your car or go home and someone will call you. My hands were tied... I couldn't see him and he wasn't answering his phone. I had no idea what was happening. Little did I know the nightmare that was coming.

I finally drove home in a daze, thinking what have I done. I felt sick to my stomach. It was hours and hours before the hospital called me. I had tried to call my husband and the hospital but he didn't answer and the hospital just gave me the run around.

You’re Not Going to Make It

Finally, the hospital called and told me that he was in ICU, he was on a high flow oxygen machine and they said he had "Covid pneumonia " . I asked what exactly that was, but my question was ignored. At that point, they said he was resting. The next morning, Saturday September 11, the doctor in charge called me and said my husband was a sick man. I asked what he was given and the first thing he said was Remdesivir. I was so upset... I told him to take him off of that immediately. He said okay. (There were 2 doctors on his case. I think one was the weekend Dr. and the other one was there during the week.) I told him I wanted him on IV vitamins and he said the hospital didn't have those. I said, I know where I can get them, I'll bring them. He said that's not our protocol. We can't do that.

I was not permitted to visit my husband at this point. So I didn't really know what was happening. But he was texting me a little at this point. The first thing he said was, “Have they told you something I don't know about?” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “They tell me every time they come in, I'm not going to make it.” What kind of hospital does this??? I couldn't be there to love on and encourage my husband and they were speaking gloom and doom over him! This was supposed to be Christian hospital!

The Protocol

“ Every time I suggested anything, the doctor’s response was " That's not our protocol".”

The next day, Sunday, September 12, a friend who works at the hospital, went in and FaceTimed me so I could see Brad and talk to him. I'm sure he had already lost weight, his face looked thin and he was pale. They didn't feed him but gave him lots of nasty, sugar and chemical filled Ensure. There were several bottles I could see around the room.

He told me again they told him over and over he wasn't going to make it. Even our friend was not encouraging him.

There was a traveling nurse named Malcolm that just kept telling him he wasn't going to make it. That day I had not heard from the hospital since early that morning, when Malcolm called. So several hours after our FaceTime I called the ICU to check on Brad. Malcolm informed me that he didn't have time to talk to me...that I didn't need to be calling and bothering him because he was too busy. That his one phone call to me a day would have to be sufficient. He was very very rude. After that conversation, I had him removed from my husband's case. Brad told me Malcom was not nice to him and was rude and mean at times. They did give us a new nurse. But things were not good. I felt it.

Monday, September 13, the second Dr. called and said Brad wasn't getting better. I asked “Was there anything else they could do?” and he said no. Every time I suggested anything, the doctor’s response was " That's not our protocol". I honestly felt like they were just waiting for him to die and I think my husband felt the same. Tuesday, September 14... I was surprised by the doctor’s call because he said your husband is sitting up eating pancakes this morning. Brad called me a short time later and we talked for a while. He said he was feeling much better. I was not excited about them giving him pancakes! Sugar feeds bacteria, they should know he needed good nutrition and not sugary foods. I even got a call from the discharge person saying he would be released on Friday. This made our family feel so much better.

Comfort Care

“On the white board in front of him was written in huge letters...''COMFORT CARE''. What are these people thinking?”

I actually slept Tuesday night until 3 am when they called and woke me up, telling me to get there quickly because my husband was actively dying. I don't remember driving to the hospital and once I got there, I had no idea where to go... I drove around in the parking deck and finally just parked somewhere. I prayed a lot, woke my prayer warrior friends up, my mom etc. I went in the hospital where I had to mask up and then someone had to go with me to the ICU. (Again, that was their protocol) This was the first time I had actually seen my husband since last Friday, almost a week.

My sweet husband looked so frail and thin. On the white board in front of him was written in huge letters..."COMFORT CARE ''. What are these people thinking? I had told the dr. that God was bigger than their diagnosis several times ( I later found out he basically made fun of me for saying that. It was written in Brad's medical records). They let me stay an hour or so then said I had to leave. I was home for an hour and they called again and told me I needed to come back. By now, my husband was hypoxic and was not talking very well at times. He kept asking me for water.

This time the dr. and I sat down and had a talk. I asked him if we could give him ivermectin and his response he might have some bad reaction to it and it's not our protocol. I thought... you've got to be kidding me! You told me he's dying and you won't even let us try this. What he didn't know was that I had ivermectin in my pocket. But, my husband was not able to take it. I tried. I tried to get him out of that hospital too. I had a wonderful holistic dr. helping me, but home health didn't have a high flow oxygen machine and he had to have that. It was all so heartbreaking. I also had a memory just recently of something my husband said while I was talking to the dr. I told the dr., at least he isn't on Remdesivir anymore. The Dr. didn't say one word. but my husband said yes I am. I don't know why I didn't hear him say that at the time...I know I was in shock. Worth noting that during ICU visiting hours, I had to wear a gown, face mask, face shield and gloves. The other times I just had to wear a mask and gloves. Doesn't make sense.

No Informed Consent

I called our son who lived out of state so his family could come the next day. I visited several times on Thursday. He was progressively getting worse. I was scheduled to go during ICU visiting hours again that afternoon and got caught in traffic and was a few mins late getting there. The lady at the check in took me close to the elevators and said you'll have to wait here until we decide what to do since you were late. Then my husband started texting me saying "I need you", "where are you", "please hurry". I told them I needed to get to the ICU asap because my husband needed me. They just stood there and looked at me. I was pacing the floor and sweat was running down my back... I said, I can go up by myself, just let me go. Their response was, that's not our protocol.

I finally called the ICU and asked if someone could come and get me because they were not letting me go up. A very nice girl at the ICU desk came down and got me. It was refreshing to have someone be kind. I spent an hour with Brad and then they said I had to leave. I went several times that day. The last time they let our daughter go up with me then shortly after that, our son and his family arrived. Although they wouldn't let our granddaughter go in. By now it's late evening and our son had questions. But there was only a PA available. The PA couldn't answer a single question that we asked him. We decided with my husband's permission, to let them vent him because just maybe it would let his lungs and body rest. They jumped on him in the blink of an eye. They told us we had to leave and we said our goodbyes and told him how much we loved him. We drove out of the hospital parking lot when they called and said they vented him and then he had a cardiac arrest and passed away. I honestly think it was a blessing because watching him struggle to breathe and gasping was so hard. They were giving him morphine even though I requested they not.

They basically did what they wanted to him whether we agreed or not. It's all been so hard to process. I would think that the doctors and nurses would realize by now that their "protocols" don't work and they're just killing people. But then again, money means a lot to some people. The fact that they got money for covid everything says a lot! I don't know how these people can sleep at night.

My husband wrote me a 2 page letter on Tuesday before he died. So thankful for that letter. He was my soul mate, the love of my life and I miss him so much. Our 33 yr son grieved so much, he had a massive heart Dec 16, 2021 (exactly 3 months after his dad passed) and passed away leaving his wife and 5 yr old daughter. These people and their protocols need to be held accountable! My daughter will never have her dad or brother to walk her down the aisle one day.

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