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Hospital Protocol & Tactics

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Whatever reason for a hospital stay look out for these tactics.
  • PCR Test - Expect repeated testing even with no symptoms. Even if you  went in for something other than Covid.
  • FEAR/Isolation - They will try to isolate you from your family and fill you with fear, ex: "You're going to die"/"Should have been vaxxed
  • Protocol - When positive they will give you protocol w/without informing you. If you refuse they will send you home.
  • Financial Incentives - Every step of the protocol has a payout from the government 
  • VAX - Questioned repeatedly, harassed if not vaxxed, family scared into getting the vax.
  • Stall Tactics - They will send in any employee to speak with you about the protocol but none who can implement the treatment plan.  This delays time of proper treatment and the patient gets sicker.
  • You Can't Leave - They tell you that if you leave you will die or because you have Covid you can't leave. ANYONE able can leave.
  • Refusal to Retest - They refuse to retest for Covid especially after the duration time of illness has passed. They want to get paid for Covid death.
  • Food/Hydration - Patients are denied food and water for the anticipation of a ventilator.  This further declines the patients health.
  • Ventilator - They will push the patient to be vented with lines like "You need to rest your lungs."...."It will only be for a day." (only 25% of patients come of ventilators)
  • End of Life Care - When the patient seems to be doing better and vitals are looking good they often send in representatives from Palliative Care, Comfort Care, or Hospice and deceive families into giving this form of treatment. They provide comfort to those who near death by giving very powerful sometimes lethal drugs to alleviate pain of dying patients.  
  • Unnecessary Medications - Many drugs that are given and depending on the patients condition may not be needed and could do more harm.
  • DNR -  They push the patient for a Do Not Resuscitate even when the patient is talking, and has high O2 levels. Family is also told if they don't sign DNR they will never see their loved one alive again. 
  • Insurance - They will tell you if you leave the hospital your insurance won't pay and you will have a large bill. (better to be alive)
Read victims stories and learn from their experiences 

The Covid Protocol

What Really Happens in Hospitals

Who They Target

ANYONE WHO TESTS POSITIVE WITH THE PCR TEST.  Whether you have symptoms are not. No matter if you go into the hospital with Covid or not. Everyone one is at risk.

Unvaxxed and those receiving a form of government monthly payment are targets. Freethinkers and those that can lessen the financial failures of the government need to be removed.  The elderly, the disabled, those on Medicare, the uneducated, those with previous conditions, the poor, and the unvaxxed are targets for this mass genocide.

Why the Hospitals Kill 

The first wave of Covid was presented in mainstream media as the worst pandemic in history with unprecedented death rates. We later found out from hospitals and nurses that this was not true and in fact, hospitals were nearly empty with nurses and doctors filling their time with tic tok dance videos. So when the second round, or the "Delta Variant", came about, something had to change.

The Delta Variant just happened to coincide with the vaccine distribution. Although kept quiet, it is known that many vaxxed patients end up in the hospital with reactions to the shot. One thing that had to be done to keep this pandemic in play was to increase the actual death count of patients. Aside from going to citizens' homes and outright murdering them, the easiest way was to have them walk into the hospitals where trusted doctors could administer poison to each victim.


Even though the vax has caused deaths and injuries that are suppressed or not reported, many people are now aware and not willing to get the shot. The government is able to scare the public into believing that Covid is deadly by paying hospitals to kill off patients. Then doctors and hospitals proclaim that the unvaxxed are the ones dying and everyone needs to receive the shot to survive. The truth is the unvaxxed are targeted for death by the hospitals and the hospitals don't report that just as many vaxxed are hospitalized and dying as well. 


There are simple ways to combat Covid at home with drugs like Ivermectin, HCQ, Budesonide, even CBD. These known, effective treatments are being suppressed so that patients will be forced to go to hospitals and ultimately murdered. 

Through Remdesivir, paralytic drugs, and ventilators, the hospitals knowingly put patients to death so they can earn money and increase the fear of Covid.

The Payout

payment chart.jpg

What hospitals make in each state per Covid patient.

Hospital Payouts.jpg
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