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Reporting Agency By State

Important Information For Victims of Hospital Protocol

If you or your loved suffered from neglect, abuse, or malpractice due to hospital protocol, please file a complaint with your statewide medical board or reporting agency.  The only way the matter of hospital protocol will get the attention it deserves is if all affected individuals and loved ones report the egregious offenses of the hospitals, doctors, and nurses in written documentation and to their governing agencies.  Let it be known that these trusted medical professionals chose not to fulfill their oath to “do no harm” and heal the patient, but instead chose to use protocols that are proven ineffective and unsafe.  Whether being pressured to lose their career or offered monetary incentives, these individuals knowingly made decisions based on their personal best interests and not the health and wellbeing of their patients.

Medicare Complaints                             National Nurses complaints

Alabama- Nurse   DR

Alaska - Nurse    DR

Arizona - Nurse   DR

Arkansas - Nurse    DR

California - Nurse   DR

Colorado - Dept. Health

Connecticut - Dept. Health

Delaware - Dept. Health

Florida - Nurse   DR

Georgia - Nurse   DR

Hawaii - Nurse   DR

Idaho - Nurse   DR

Illinois - Nurse    DR

Indiana - Nurse    DR

Iowa - Nurse    DR

Kansas - Nurse    DR

Kentucky - Nurse    DR

Louisiana - Nurse    DR

Main - Nurse    DR

Maryland - Nurse    DR

Massachusetts - Nurse    DR

Michigan - Facility    DR

Minnesota - Nurse    DR

Mississippi - Nurse    DR

Missouri - Nurse    DR

Montana - Nurse    DR

Nebraska - Dept. Health

Nevada - Nurse    DR

New Hampshire - Nurse    Facility

New Jersey - Nurse    DR

New Mexico - Nurse    DR

New York - Dept. Health

North Carolina - Nurse    DR

North Dakota - Nurse   DR

Ohio - Nurse   DR

Oklahoma - Nurse    DR

Oregon - Nurse    DR

Pennsylvania - Dept. Health  Attny Gen

Rhode Island - Dept. Health    Search

South Carolina - Nurse    DR

Tennessee - Nurse    DR

Texas - DR and Nurses

Utah - Form    Filing

Vermont - Health Board

Virginia - Nurse    DR

Washington - Dept. Health   Med Board

West Virginia - Nurse    DR

Wisconsin - Nurse    DR

Wyoming - Nurse    DR

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