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Sue's Story

Oklahoma City, OK

We all had the same thing going on at the same time yet Michael is the only one to die. The only difference is....he went to the hospital.

My brother was left at the VA hospital to die and that's exactly what they wanted to happen so they could collect their money.

We All Got Sick

“Michael didn't have to die.”

We were all at a flea market on Labor day weekend of 2021. Michael and his girlfriend Ronda were selling candles and we went to visit with them and look around at the other vendors. That following week, my family started feeling sick beginning with my son Chase who was running a fever. Several days later, my dad, who was 79 at the time, started coughing and complaining of feeling unwell. Within days, I began coming down with what I thought was a chest cold. My daughter and husband followed suit. We all exhibited the same symptoms and I messaged my brother Michael that we were feeling unwell and that we weren't going to be able to play our nightly round of cards. He said that was fine as he and Ronda were also not feeling well. The only one not to get sick in my home was my other son, Conner, who never went to the flea market. We surmise that we became ill after coming in contact with those who had recently had the "C-19 jab" as it's the only thing that made sense.

I was in daily contact with my brother and or Ronda to check on them and to let them know how we were doing. My father was having issues breathing so we began to check his oxygen levels and they were dropping into the 70's and 80's. I started checking mine and it was low as well. I suspected we had pneumonia and called our doctor to be seen. Low and behold, my father, myself, and my husband had pneumonia and we all had strep on top of that. I ended up with a double ear infection and was the only one to do so. I reported this back to my brother and he said he was actually starting to feel better but that Ronda was still not feeling herself. When I messaged Ronda about how she was feeling, she said she was winded just getting from her living room chair to the kitchen. I told her she needed to be careful of blood clots and that she may have what we all had.

He Didn’t Get Medication

Our doctor put us all on Ivermectin, Doxycycline, and Prednisone and my father received a breathing treatment as well since his x-rays showed he had double pneumonia. None of us went to get an x-ray. Once I'd been on antibiotics for 2 days, I began to go and check on my brother and Ronda who still weren't doing well. I brought them chicken noodle soup and went to the store to get what they needed. As soon as I was able to, I took my brother and Ronda to Urgent care and they were both in there for 1 1/2 hrs. When they came out, Ronda said they needed to go get their prescriptions. We dropped Michael and my husband back off at Mike's place since he was tired and took Ronda to get their medications. Then, I found out that only Ronda had prescriptions to be picked up but not Michael. I was confused because Ronda had told me that maybe the Urgent care clinic was slow for some reason. I went to call them and that's when she told me that Mike didn't have any meds, just her, and she must have misunderstood them...I was upset to say the least and took Ronda back to her house.

Pushing The Vent

“Michael had told them he wanted to go home after they were wanting to vent him. .”

The next day I went back and took Michael to a local ER that wouldn't push anything on him. He was there for 6 hrs. and came home with an oxygen tank, steroids, and antibiotics. He said he was starting to feel better. This was on Saturday the 18th of Sept, 2021. We visited daily, bringing food and anything they needed. I talked to Michael about getting a vitamin infusion and he was like, yes please! We set that up for Wednesday the 22nd of Sept and continued monitoring Michael. His oxygen had dropped to the 60's and when the day of the infusion came, I was at home and Ronda sent me a text saying that the guy couldn't do an infusion for Mike as his oxygen was too low and that he needed to go to ER asap. I told her not to let Mike go to the ER. We got into a heated debate as I knew they would kill him and she basically stopped talking to me after telling me the ambulance was either there or on its way. I told her I didn't get to say goodbye to my brother.

I had also started my brother on Doxycycline and Ivermectin plus we had steroids that we started giving him. I called the VA hospital in Oklahoma City and spoke with a nurse by the name of David to check on my brother. I told him we didn't want Michael vented or given Remdesivir. He said ok. Thursday the VA hospital called Ronda to have her come in and convince Michael to get on a vent as Michael had been adamant that he wasn't to be put on a vent. She went in as that was the only way she would have been able to see him but said she would honor his wishes and not have him vented. Since both she and Michael said Ronda was the wife, she was able to make the calls on his life. In actuality, she was just his girlfriend, not a wife but they both practiced a common law marriage which is valid in the state of Oklahoma. I would call the hospital only to be referred to Ronda which was incredibly frustrating. Michael had told them he wanted to go home on Wednesday the 22nd after they were wanting to vent him.

Remdesivir and Death

“I found out he had been given Remdesivir from day one.”

The next day, Thursday, he was "released" on hospice ; however the VA hospital kept him until Saturday around lunchtime. Ronda had threatened them to either have him home by lunchtime or she'd be calling the news channel and a lawyer. Michael arrived back at his house around 12:30 on Saturday the 25th of Sept and after everyone left, Michael took off his BiPAP breathing mask and said, I CAN'T BREATHE!! We started giving him Pedialyte Electrolyte freezer pops as he was dehydrated. He took about 10 back to back and I was able to get the Ivermectin and Doxycycline into him before I left. He had not been given any food or water, other than IV fluids the ENTIRE time he was at the hospital. We made sure he was comfortable and after a few hours, I told him I loved him and that I would see him tomorrow. He said, " I LOVE YOU TOO SIS". That was the last time I heard my brother's voice.

Sunday morning just after 6 am, Ronda called to tell me Michael had stopped breathing a short time ago. My life has been turned upside down since then. The following week, I called VA wanting his medical records. We buried my brother on Oct 4, 2021. He served his country for his country to stab him in the back. He didn't deserve this. No one does. After getting his medical records, I found out he had been given Remdesivir from day one. My brother was left at the VA hospital to die and that's exactly what they wanted to happen so they could collect their money. I'm grateful Michael died at home but he didn't have to die. We all had the same thing going on at the same time yet Michael is the only one to die. The only difference is....he went to the hospital.

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