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Roxanne's Story

Miami, Florida

Covid did not kill my husband. That is a fact!! Protocol killed my husband.

They never even tried to call me. Not one-time!

Pushed to The Limits

“He called 911, waited for them to arrive, and then kept on driving without my husband.”

My sweet husband was driving a semi-truck cross country for 14 days as the trainer. He started feeling sick right after he left. He fell asleep driving the semi on the third day. They told him to lie and say the brakes failed. He continued to get worse. Coughing, fever, and chills. He even advised them that he thought he had Covid because he was having a difficult time breathing.

They encouraged him to keep driving home. Adding stop after stop and repair after repair on the semi. He would lose his escrow account and or all the money he had acquired on this trip. They even threatened to make him pay for the damage to the semi. There was a trainee in the semi the whole time with him watching him deteriorate each day as Covid progressed. Eventually, my husband could only drive 2 hours on and sleep two or three hours. The horrendous trucking company did nothing.

Finally on August 28th, after he woke up he started hallucinating and was having a difficult time trying to walk to the truck stop. The other trucker advised him to go back to the truck. When he returned my husband had collapsed on the floor. *****Let me tell you he called 911, waited for them to arrive, and then kept on driving without my husband***** inhumane?? Absolutely

Never Contacted

When the paramedics arrived they gave my husband oxygen immediately and it went back

up into the 90s. He was doing well and he was able to tell them that his wife and daughter had tested positive that day and that he had been feeling sick for about a week. He said he felt fine at that time and even walked himself back to the ambulance to be transported to the hospital for some simple testing.

Upon arrival at the hospital in Seguin Texas. My husband was able to answer simple questions there also. Based on his report he was able to move his extremities. He wanted to come home. HERE WE GO. Then walks into the ER doctor. Immediately she follows protocol. Oxygen levels were in the 90s with the face mask but without in the 60s. She immediately suggested ventilation!!!!! Against his will. They never even tried to call me. Not one-time!!!!!! They had his phone, they had my number in his wallet and they never called me. I put a tracker on his phone and tracked him there early the next morning. Too late they put them on the ventilator. (HE WASN'T AN EASY TARGET)

The doctor there really never spoke to me at all but would not allow me to go there for 10 days. I COULD ONLY SPEAK TO THE NURSE ONCE A DAY AFTER 6:00 P.M. AND SHE HAD TO CALL ME. I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO CALL THE HOSPITAL. TRUST ME I TRIED!!!

No Healing Treatments

“They didn't do much, just kept him heavily sedated.”

The nurse told me that he had a difficult time with morphine. They must have given them too much and his heart stopped. They switched to fentanyl and all the other protocol medicines. He was progressing for the better, I would assume because Covid had left his system and he was recouping. But we all know that couldn't happen with them having him heavily sedated, on paralytics, and no kind of therapy or movement whatsoever. Based on his medical records, which is all that I have since I live in Miami. They didn't do much, just kept him heavily sedated.

I flew there on the 10th day to be with my sweetheart. They had switched his medication to Vancomycin because now he had a bad bacterial infection. They had no clue where it came from. Levels were decreasing now and he needed more oxygen through the ventilator. He died three days later.

They Didn’t Have to Kill Him

“They could have tried anything else at the beginning before they vented him, when he told them no.”

The doctor's bedside manner was horrendous. I sat there 3 days all day from 8:00 a.m. in the morning till 9:00 p.m. at night. I begged and pleaded for him to come in finally the second day he came in and advised me my husband was critically ill. There was no encouragement, no update on what was happening, nada!

Protocol sucks. They could have tried anything else at the beginning before they vented him, when he told them no. 10 days later when I got there, his face was still black and blue from him being combative and not wanting to be on the ventilator. Covid did not kill my husband. That is a fact!! Protocol killed my husband. No doubt in my mind it was 100% protocol.

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