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Meagan's Story

Lake Oswego, OR

I want justice for my dear husband and I want people to understand it isn’t Covid killing people.

He was the love of my life and an adoring father to his sons ages 10, and 3.

In The Hospital

“ I told them I’m getting him out on AMA or hospice. They kept saying, "He's not well, he will probably die.”

My husband Michael (went by his middle name, Patrick) was an extraordinary man. We had been married 17 years. He was the love of my life and an adoring father to his sons ages 10, and 3.

He fell ill the day after Christmas. He laid in bed for about a week. I was giving him all the proper vitamins and supplements he needed. Taking albuterol for asthma as well. But on the evening of January 2, 2022 his oxygen fell to 65, rapidly! I didn't want to take him to the hospital but I knew he needed a little oxygen to help him breathe. So, I called the paramedics and immediately they gave him oxygen. He recovered shortly because later he told me the paramedics told him he would need to be intubated. I followed the ambulance to the hospital and informed them he is not to get Remdesivir or be put on a ventilator. I have texts from my husband stating “Remdesivir is garbage.” A year prior, my mother in law had died from hospital protocols and we had researched Remdesivir and learned it caused renal failure. My worst fear was him getting this drug. So,they agreed to my requests….or so I thought.

The next day (January 3rd) I spent six hours in the hospital parking lot advocating for my husband because they wouldn’t let me in the lobby with my 3 year old. Later, he tested positive for COVID. By 11 am he texted me and told me he was hungry and thirsty. I said, What?! It's been 15 hours since you went into the hospital!! He said they were not giving him anything to eat or drink. I called to talk to a nurse and she said they would give him a snack. Later that day two nurses allowed me into the room to see him. Which was a miracle in itself. They would not allow me to talk to my husband alone though. So we had to have a conversation with four nurses on both sides of the bed, intervening in our conversation. I told them I’m getting him out on AMA or hospice. They kept saying, "He's not well, he will probably die. He won’t make it out of the parking lot.” I saw that his oxygen was at 85-90. It looked great to me. At one point a nurse asked if I wanted to see his chart so I looked over at it and noticed they were giving him Remdesivir. I mentioned again, no Remdesivir.

He Wanted to Go Home

“The doctors/nurses said this was the only way he could get home to us. To help his lungs rest.”

My husband wanted to go home. I had secured a couple oxygen tanks, ivermectin, HCQ, steroids, NAC and a nurse friend waiting at home to care for him. The next day I got a call from a doctor and she said Patrick is stable. I hung up with her and 15 minutes later my husband sent a text saying, "I almost coded last night, and about 10 minutes ago." I got on the phone with the nurses station and asked what was going on and why didn’t the doctor tell me when we were on the phone? Her response to me was, "Hmm.....I don't know? He must THINK he's coding." This was odd to me. My husband would never guess on something like that. So I called back and spoke to another nurse who was clearly annoyed and she told me he was most likely going to die. I asked her to stop saying that and asked what they were doing to treat him?! She said "Well it's been two years now and to not be vaccinated and taking precautions is reckless!!!" Then hung up.

The next morning my husband wasn't responding to my texts and I wasn't getting any updates so I called and they said they are going to need to intubate him. I said absolutely not! He and I had a zoom right after that and he told me he was really scared and wanted to come home to me and the boys. The doctors/nurses said this was the only way he could get home to us. To help his lungs rest. I still didn’t want this procedure, but I had to respect him and his desire to get home and if this is the only way they have presented to him that he can survive then I had to pray he was going to be ok. Being separated from each other also greatly increased the chances for them to cause more fear. He was so frightened, and my husband didn’t scare easily.

At 11 am that day he was heavily sedated and put on the vent. The next day I hired a lawyer to have him transferred to a trauma one hospital with ECMO. There I made an appointment to speak to a doctor about giving him Ivermectin, HCQ, zinc, vit D, C and presented a pamphlet on the MATH+ protocols. I told them we have a right to try. They denied my requests and asked if he had a parasite, the doctor pushed the pamphlet back to me and said they have their protocols. He was put on dialysis that same day because his kidneys were failing and he had multi organ failure.


For twenty days I wasn't allowed into his room in the ICU. I was able to zoom call his room and speak to him. I prayed, played music and had our kids read books to him. The day (Jan 22) I could finally visit they warned me that his tongue was injured from laying on the vent and it doesn’t look pretty. They were right. It was completely swollen, black, and hanging out of his mouth. Later on, they changed the story to “he bit his tongue.” After the first week of visitation, I was able to go on rounds with the doctors and nurses for 30 days. That was a crazy experience. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity but everyday my heart would break. It seemed nobody wanted him to get better. It was doom and gloom everyday. I would remind them he was improving at times, but they would counter it with, “Yes, but he is still very sick.” Many things happened to my husband that crushed me. It didn’t seem natural.

Suffering From Their Malpractice

“When I asked why they weren’t taking him off of it they told me that his reaction is different at home than in the hospital.”

He developed many infections, a lot of times they didn’t know where it was coming from. He developed sepsis, and MSSA twice. He developed a bed sore on his sacrum that wasn't being properly treated, it became so bad it was 4” in diameter and went to the bone. His dialysis line was placed four different times, two were on the same side of his neck. The line was changed because of clots and leakage that developed in his femoral artery, one nurse admitted “She probably should be checking it more often.” One time they gave him a seven day antibiotic that helped his condition but sometime on day three, in the middle of night it was discontinued and he never recovered from it. When I asked who discontinued the medication, nobody knew.

One night I found out he was receiving Vancomycin which he was allergic to and they knew this information but kept administering it anyway. When I asked why they weren’t taking him off of it they told me that his reaction is different at home than in the hospital. So he most likely wouldn’t react to it there. He broke out in a rash that day, AT THE HOSPITAL. He was on high doses of Propofol, Dilaudid, Oxycodone, and Pressors the entire time. They would not take him off the drugs long enough for him to be coherent. One week a new doctor suggested taking him off all sedatives and painkillers to see if he comes to. So they did. That night the nurse bolused Dilaudid. I told them my husband was a lightweight when it came to taking any medications. And to come down from such high doses is going to take a while. But they never allowed him to be off of them past four days. It goes on and on…one time I went to visit in the morning and my husband had a pool of drool coming down his face onto the bedding which was soaked. I pushed on his cheek and a lot more came out. I was so sick to my stomach that they weren’t paying attention to this.

Twice, they CT scanned him for brain injuries but he was fine. I kept begging them to take him off the drugs again, so they could rule out brain damage. But they wouldn't. They said he was breathing over the vent so they had to keep him on them. And then would say they are concerned about him not responding to their stimuli tests. In the middle of February his oxygen levels qualified him for a trach. After the trach was put in it seemed he was on his way to recovery. He was placed into a chair a couple times and I was very hopeful. A couple days later a nurse was pushing on his stomach and said he seems to be in pain, he’s wincing.

He had a CT and it showed diverticulitis. They said he needs to be operated on or he’ll die. Later that day he went to surgery to have part of his intestine, and colon removed. When I asked several doctors and nurses how much they took out, nobody had an answer to this, which was very odd to me. At this point I felt they were just tearing him apart. But part of me still wanted to believe they had his best interest at heart and they were trying to help him.

Covid Isn’t Killing People

Holding to hope I prayed everyday over him and made sure he heard my encouraging words.

My husband didn't have to go through all this. He was such a strong person who hung on for so long. The night before Patrick died. I visited him and he was doing great. I even left the hospital early because he was looking good. I got a call that night and the doctor informed me that he wasn’t doing well and I may need to come in. I asked what happened? He was doing so well. They had no answers. They put him on three blood pressure meds and later that day he passed. I was able to be there with him during his passing. They listed him a Covid death. Even though he didn’t have Covid when he died. My husband didn’t have to die. If he was given the proper medication, it would have helped him. I am still looking through his medical records right. They are over 7,000 pages. I want justice for my dear husband and I want people to understand it isn’t Covid killing people.

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