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Raquel H.'s Story

Phoenix, AZ

He and I both told the hospital that it was not to be used on him, due to him only having one kidney.

They then stated that treatment wasn't used in their facility.

No Remdesivir

“Impactful quote from the following paragraphI called a few hours later to reiterate that Remdesivir was not to be used.”

My loving, caring father was placed in the hospital on December 2nd, 2021. He had tested positive for COVID-19 on November 22nd, 2021. During this time he was doing ok, however his oxygen was decreasing. On December 2nd, I came to check on him and his oxygen was 68%, so I called 911 to come out and assess him. During that time they put him on oxygen and got it up to 75%. After they left him I got a hold of his primary care doctor who insisted we go to the emergency room. Once arriving at the emergency room, they stated he would need to go back and get put on a stronger oxygen, High flow.

At that moment I looked at him and told him he would be okay, we just needed to get his oxygen level up. I had already been hearing bad things about the drug Remdesivir. He and I both told the hospital that it was not to be used on him, due to him only having one kidney. They then stated that treatment wasn't used in their facility. So they took him back. I called a few hours later to reiterate that Remdesivir was not to be used. They stated once again that he hadn't been given it.

He Was Getting Worse

After a few weeks of him being in the hospital, he was getting worse not better! He was at the point that the high flow oxygen wasn't keeping his stats good enough for the hospital. They moved him to the ICU. This whole time I had been fighting with them to retest him. To see if he would come back negative for COVID-19. Considering it had been almost a month since his first positive test. They refused, and kept him isolated.

Once he was in the ICU, as myself, brother and stepmom were outside the hospital begging to get into the hospital, an ICU doctor called my phone. He told me that they needed to know NOW if he was going to be ventilated. I say no, that was against his wishes. He explained that my dad was going to pass away shortly and insisted that I make him DNR because they would break ribs etc. and then still have to ventilate him. So I said ok.

He Needed Human Contact

“Imagine that, he started to get stronger after seeing his family.”

I begged to be able to come see him & by the Grace of GOD, they let us three up to see him. We put on the full setup for COVID-19 and they said we could go into the room, but that he was heavily sedated and he probably couldn't hear or respond back to us.

I went into the room with God by his side and told him I was there and he opened his eyes and focused on me while laying on his stomach. The three of us took turns and he looked at each one of us. He even gave us a thumbs up. As we prayed over him, we said keep fighting! God is in control, it is his will, not ours!

We said our goodbyes and we had to leave. Imagine that, he started to get stronger after seeing his family. Having that physical touch from us gave him the strength to keep fighting! After a few days in the ICU they told him he could go back down stairs, to the COVID floor. We were so excited, until everything took a turn for the worst.

A Set Up For Murder

“ he hadn't been given food or ice chips, water, juice.. nothing in two days! The day he was made a DNR!!!”

Once he was taken out of the ICU, I spoke with a nurse that actually read off all my dad's medicine they were giving him. Of course Remdesivir was listed, along with so many others. I stated why and how long had they been giving him that. We both told the hospital that it wasn't to be used! He said the chart showed that it had been given since the very first day he arrived. So they had been lying to my dad and I the whole time!!!

That one nurse also told me that my dad had been placed on a Nothing By Mouth order. I asked “What does that mean?” He said he can't have any food or ice chips anymore. Because they were afraid of aspiration. I said when did this order go into place. He said while in the ICU, so he hadn't been given food or ice chips, water, juice.. nothing in two days! The day he was made a DNR!!!

They moved him to the COVID floor, where I called every couple hours stating he needs nutrition to keep his strength. They said the charge nurse would call me or they would have a doctor. When the doctor called he confirmed nothing by mouth, I suggested a feeding tube. He said he wouldn't be able to handle it. Because they have to push it down his mouth. He would choke. Everything I suggested wasn't the answer.

They also suggested that I speak with the pelleted care team. I stated I was already planning on getting my dad out and coming home on hospice. At this point we had already reached day 20 of the hospital protocols which supposedly would allow visitors after day 20. However they still refused us. I got a hold of hospice and they sent a worker to the hospital to check on my dad. It was on December 22, they refused the worker to see him. They went back on December 23 & took everything that they needed to say you have to let me in to see him. The hospital refused again! Hospice then told me that the hospital was making it hard on them and they said my dad wouldn't make it home, if we moved him from the hospital room. He was too fragile. So hospice said we will fight tooth and nail if you want him out and home. Or we could go ahead and do end of life care in the hospital.

They Starved Him

We as a family decided to not put our dad through the hassle by bringing him home. So on December 24, 2021 we made our way to the hospital to start the end of life care. At this point our dad hadn't eaten or had anything to drink for 7 days. They literally starved him, he became so weak. He couldn't even talk.

When we arrived they explained that the pelleted care team had gone into the room and let him know what the plan was and asked him if he was okay with that. He wrote down that it was God's Will and did the cross over his body. They said your family is coming to see you. When we arrived we waited in the waiting room, the nurse said he was in a small room, that only two could go back at a time. There were 8 of us. I said I will go back first and see what he looks like so I could let everyone know what they were walking into. My husband and brother came with me. At that time the nurse said you all can go in at once she didn't care. As long as we didn't mind the small room, we could take as much time as we needed.

When I saw my dad, he was indeed very weak and fragile. He could barely hold his head up. I brought all kinds of drinks with vitamins, calories and carbs and asked him what he wanted. He wanted them all!!! So we went and let the family come back, I explained what they would see and to please keep everything positive. We spent 13 beautiful hours with him before he passed away.

In The Arms Of The Lord

We had them remove the bipap machine around 11pm on December 24,2021. They said he would go fast once off the machine. He went from 100% oxygen given by a machine, down to 15% oxygen. Our beautiful, loving, caring, strong father lasted 5 hours on low oxygen. He took his last breath at 4:05 am on December 25, 2021.

We felt the presence of the Lord fill the hospital room and we rejoiced for the kingdom of heaven had taken him HOME! On Christmas day , what a beautiful blessing after all the hardship that had taken place. We will forever be grateful to the few nurses that told the truth to us, that let us all in that hospital room together.

Our Father is a man of God. We know that he is going to live for all eternity. He watches over us now. Guides our paths. He will forever be the biggest part of our hearts. I pray for each and everyone who lost someone due to this terrible act of evil that was unleashed onto our loved one. But rest assured that God will have the final say! Amen.



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