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Julie A.'s Story

Portland, OR

We were lied to. They lied, and killed my husband and for what?

My husband and I knew that COVID was a manmade virus.

The ER

“ We knew if he went to the hospital that they would force him to be either vaccinated, or intubated, and we wanted neither.”

My husband, Andrew and I were married for 19 years. We met when we were 17 and never looked back. We have one child in heaven and our son who is 11years old. My husband and I knew that COVID was a manmade virus. I believe that it has been sent as a form of eugenics to eradicate the population that the government deems to be unfit.

My husband had asthma and was overweight, but overall, was healthy. We both chose to be unvaccinated. On October 8th 2021, we both felt a little rundown. My son was feeling feverish and over the weekend, my son got very ill, I had a headache and lost my taste and smell, and my husband felt he just had a cold. By the 15th, my husband was bedridden. He didn't get out of bed that morning and was very ill with what he described as a very bad flu. By the 20th, he was very ill and we were both scared. We knew if he went to the hospital that they would force him to be either vaccinated, or intubated, and we wanted neither. But when we checked his blood oxygen level, it was down to 73. We both got scared. In the middle of the night, it was down to 53, and he said, "I'm not going to allow you to wake up and see me dead, I have to go in."


So on Thursday the 21st they took him in. I didn't know what drugs he was on. My husband did well on the cannula oxygen. He expressed his disdain to be ventilated and passionately refused. So they left him alone in the ER for hours. He felt he was purposefully being neglected because of his refusal to vaccinate. The doctor called me and tried to get me to convince him, which I would not do. They asked my permission to get him on Barcitinib, to which I said, If my husband is OK with it, then fine. But if not, then I am against it. So, they put him on what I now know is Redemisvir and Barcitinib.

They refused to give him any Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, stating that it was all fake news and that those drugs were actually killing people. On the 22nd, my husband was still doing fine with the cannula and in the evening, they were pushing very hard for him to be intubated. He struggled to get his oxygen levels up and on Friday evening he was intubated after trying the b-pap machine. When they intubated him, they chipped his tooth which caused bleeding and they had to redo it.

On Saturday, he seemed fine and stable. Everything was going swimmingly. We were told, he is responding well to everything and he should be off in a few days. They had to paralyze him so he wouldn't breathe over the machine. And they kept upping the dose so he was paralyzed and in a medically induced coma. By this time they had taken him off of Redemisvir because they saw his kidneys reacting adversely.

Progressing Illnesses

“How can his kidneys shut down within days and he be on full dialysis!?”

On Sunday his kidneys had completely shut down. They were trying to decide if he was a good candidate for dialysis. Which floored me. You have a healthy 39 year old who had perfect kidney health prior. How can his kidneys shut down within days and he be on full dialysis!? They told me that COVID is the kidney killer and gave me all sorts of medical reasons why this was happening. In the middle of the night they had "deemed” him a good candidate for dialysis and the procedure was performed.

On Monday, they called me to tell me that he was crashing and I needed to come say goodbye. So, my 11 year old son and I drove to the hospital to tell him to fight and not to give up. While we were there his stats went up. The doctors kept telling us he was going to die, he was very ill, shut me down at every mention of any other drugs to put him on.

On Tuesday, after our visit, he seemed to take a turn for the better. He was stable and he was seemingly getting better!

On Wednesday, he got a blood staph infection. The doctors were stunned and floored that he would get a blood staph infection and made me the cause for popping his pimples two weeks prior.

On Thursday he got a blood yeast infection. Which again they didn't understand how this was happening. But it was and they could not understand it.

Saying Goodbye

“They called me and told me to come in again and say goodbye.”

On Friday, in the morning my husband's lung collapsed. I was looking at the medical records and every 15 minutes for 2 hours they were doing the lung x-rays on him. They told my mother in law that they found him at 12 am with the collapsed lung, but did not do anything about it until 6 am when radiology was coming down to do the x-ray. It is believed he got a noxious brain injury from this. They called me and told me to come in again and say goodbye, but to tell him to fight. So, my son and I went and told him to fight. During the day they told me that they couldn't do a head CT with him because moving him to another room would kill him but they thought he may be brain dead but could verify. They stated that unplugging him from the machines would instantly kill him and they cannot do one in the room. At 10pm, they called us to tell us that my husband's body has called it and there isn't anything else we can do for him. We needed to come and say goodbye. I asked the doctors if we wouldn't have to make any calls or pull a plug because I am not going to do any of that. I am going to keep my husband on the tools that were keeping him alive as long as possible. The doctor told me I would not have to do any such thing.

When I got there, they were utterly heartless. A woman pastor was standing with us, trying to be there for us and failing. The nurse asked me when I wanted to stop his heart medication, and I said never! If it's keeping him alive I want to keep him on it. You said he called it, if he called it, then he will go when he is damn good and ready.

My son and I watched the monitors, called his family and friends. The nurse told me to move so they could unhook the dialysis machine and when he did, my husband instantly died. I just held him for a few minutes and my son had to leave. So I walked my son out of the room and held him. He needed to talk to my husband's brother Jerry and I allowed the clergy to escort him to the waiting room so I could say goodbye to my love.

We were lied to. They lied, and killed my husband and for what?



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