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Jennifer F.'s Story

Danville, VA

My daughter lost her 50 yr old father and best friend to hospital protocol.

So many hearts that you’ve touched with your kindness, humor, and wit.

Killed By Protocol

“It all went down as we watched in horror from afar.”

My daughter lost her 50 yr old father and best friend to hospital protocol. He knew the risks of REMDESIVIR but was so sick and in so much pain he wanted anything to make him feel better. He passed away within two weeks of being admitted. It all went down as we watched in horror from afar. He went on a ventilator, then had organ failure which led to death a few days later.

So Many….

So many hearts are broken

Hearing that you’re gone

So many prayers for your healing

I don’t know how we’ll carry on.

So many days with JuJu

But clearly not enough

So many things that you’ll miss

But Juju has shown that she’s tough.

So many times you’ve comforted her

Now I’ll try to do my part

So many siblings who loved you

And are missing a piece of their heart.

So many nieces and nephews

Who loved to joke and to text

So many family gatherings

They’ll be missing a part at the next.

So many hearts that you’ve touched

With your kindness, humor, and wit

So many people will miss you

We can’t believe this is it.

So many wonderful memories

Throughout your fifty years

So many ways that we’ll miss you

As we continue to fight back our tears.

So many thanks I have for you

That I can never repay

So many, many sacrifices

For Julianne, you have made.

So many dog treats for Otis

He’ll always be your “buddy boy”

So many tail wags when you arrived

He would greet his “Pops” with joy.

So many worries are gone now

No more bills that have to be paid

So many aches and pains

Have now all been swept away.

So many golden lined streets

I’m sure you’re walking about

So many angels rejoicing

For a Christian that was so devout.

So many promises the Lord made

In His Word, you know now to be true

So many Scriptures of comfort

That we’ll take in as we’re missing you.

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