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Janie's Story

Mobile, AL

He was my world, and my world had been shattered!!!

They stole his life & a massive part of mine

Do Not Intubate

“Admissions filled out a consent form & signed my initials & name but did not speak to me about it.”

My husband was hospitalized at Mobile Infirmary Medical Center after his blood oxygen dropped & he needed supplemental oxygen therapy on March 6th, 2021. They said he was Covid positive although he tested neg on Mar 3rd & chest x-rays were clear. They would not allow me into the ER & only called my cell phone to say he was Covid positive & they were admitting him. Admissions filled out a consent form & signed my initials & name but did not speak to me about it. They immediately began to flood his body with Remdesivir & plasma along with multiple strong antibiotics & other drugs. On March 8th Dr. Erdman saw my husband and was told he (my husband) did not want to be intubated, DNI. That was documented & Dr. called me to confirm, which I did & told him about his advance directive. Dr. Erdman documented my husband was indeed a DO NOT INTUBATE (no ventilator). On March 9th, the next day, the same Dr. saw my husband & put on his report; the patient is a DNR (Do not resuscitate), which followed my husband throughout his 20 days stay at MIMC on the Covid floor.

Overuse Of Drugs

They continued the overabundance of multiple strong antibiotics & other drugs, causing thrush & other issues. But my husband tried to remain positive, talking about "when I get out" & "I'm being patient as a patient should.” He had been on a nasal cannula & a high flow mask oxygen source. Still, his regular pulmonologist began to lower the levels and told him he was doing good...again, documented. On day ten, he should have come off the Covid floor & I was to be able to stay with him. As day ten drew to a close, they increased his oxygen & my husband wondered why but no reason was given. I was told he had to stay another ten days because his lungs were so bad. That was deflating news for us both because they would not let me be with him. They continued to increase the oxygen levels again; they gave no reason. When you are on this much oxygen for very long, it harms your lungs. The overuse of drugs that were doing nothing to help him and the high volumes of oxygen was causing him to get worse. Every Dr. report states positive for covid-19 & in parentheses, it states that the chest x-rays do not support that diagnosis every day from admittance until he died. Every Dr. report states that Dr. did not speak to the family.

Finally Got To See Him

“I've been asking ever since he was admitted, YES, I DO WANT TO SEE HIM!!!!!!”

On March 22nd, I got a call from the nurse asking if I wanted to see him for 15 min....I've been asking ever since he was admitted, YES, I DO WANT TO SEE HIM!!!!!! He was so excited. He called me and said, is it true? Are you coming to see me? I said yes, honey, I'm on my way. He said, don't hang up, just talk to me all the way here, and I did. When I walked into his room (on this floor I haven't been allowed on for 16 days), he was sitting up in bed videoing me walk in his room with his cell phone. He took a pic of me & the nurse who got me up there & I took one of him & her. He said, when I get home, we will do something

special for her. 15 min seemed like five, but I wasn't going to buck it because I wanted to get to come back. I asked his nurse outside the elevator why I had all of a sudden been allowed up & she said because he had been down & emotional & she thought it would boost his spirits...IT DID! But it just didn't make sense to me why I couldn't come up before then. He face timed me at 11 that night...he was just so glad for our visit. On the 23rd, I heard nothing; this worried me. I left msgs but didn't get a callback. On the 24th, a nurse called to tell me his vitals were good and no significant changes. I asked to come back up & she said she had to get permission. She called an hour & a half later to tell me I could.

End Of Life

“He was NEGATIVE!!! He was negative on 3/3 & he was negative on 3/25...he never had Covid!!!!!”

I expected a visit much like the 22nd, but when I walked in, End of Life had been started on him without any consultation or notification from any Dr. at all. My precious husband was heavily drugged on morphine & Ativan & left to die. He wasn't conscious & I had no idea how long he had been this way. I told them I wanted the drugs stopped & a bag of fluids given. The nurse said they had to get Dr. orders. They paged him three times that evening with no response. I was giving my husband sips of water through a straw all night long. I fired his pulmonary team after they didn't answer the pages & I realized they were killing him. I was told on the morning of the 25th that I would have to leave; I told them I would not leave without my husband. They said they'd have to get the administrator, and I said that's fine, get me the ethics committee too because no one consulted me about any of this! They left and never came back with anyone. I immediately called a facility where I knew people to get him moved, and they said all they needed was a neg Covid test, and they'd take him. They sent to have the test done. He was NEGATIVE!!! He was negative on 3/3 & he was negative on 3/25...he never had Covid!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, it’s documented. He was subjected to drugs that weakened his body & immune system & a week before he passed, he was given a medication, similar to Viagra, which caused afib...he refused to retake it. Yet, they continued it against his wishes until the 26th, when he died.

Dr. Reports

They stole his life & a massive part of mine. Strange thing, this floor where "no one could visit" suddenly had me, his wife & 6 of our children with him ON THE COVID FLOOR. There is no excuse for keeping loved ones apart. That leaves way too much opportunity with no accountability for Dr.s to deem a patient, with or without underlying conditions, to just being drugged to death & say, oh Covid got them. They listed Covid on my husband's death certificate though two tests prove otherwise...both documented. Our advance directive was never recorded & they listed him as not having one & a DNR, which we never agreed to, only

DNI, also documented. After ordering all of his records, we have noted so many inconsistencies; Dr. reports that are just copied & pasted for days in a row with different Dr.’s names put on them. My visit on Monday the 22nd was never documented, and the conversation I had with the nurse was listed only partially in records. On Wed when I found him in a coma. The video & pics he took from Monday the 22nd mysteriously wound up in his trash file, but my daughter found them, and they are dated & time stamped. I'm sure all they saw was a 75-year-old man with COPD & diabetes; why not drug him & let him die... But what they didn’t see was that he was my world and my world had been shattered!!! Had I not seen him on Mon the 22nd, I would've bought the lie being perpetrated on Wed the 24th, but no way in hell he went from Monday afternoon sitting up videoing, taking pics to lay in a coma dying a day & a half later...he did not have Covid. They determined he would die & followed through by lethally overdosing him on morphine. I will not sit idly by while more people die. If your loved one died & you have felt something is not right, you need to listen to that still small voice & follow up to find out the truth. And our Governor, Kay Ivey, passed a statute removing the responsibility of health care workers, thereby giving them permission to kill & be protected. I don't know how any of those involved can live with themselves. I won't rest until changes are made at the highest levels!!!!!!! Please feel free to share so that everyone can know...YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LOVED ONES & WHY!!!!!!

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١ تعليق واحد

My mom was never diagnosed with covid but was put on covid protocol and we ALL know now what that means. Reading your story it is so similar to my moms but the drugs of choice to end her life was dilaudid , morphine, and Xanax. Her death certificate didn’t even list covid but I had dr on recording yelling at my family that my mom was dying of covid. Prayers to you! The pain is unbearable


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