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Gail's Story

Dearborn, Michigan

We have three beautiful children and six beautiful grandchildren. There will be no more camping trips with him.

He worked hard since he was 14 years old. He was a marine.

No Breathing Issue

“Mind you he didn't have a breathing issue when I took him in.”

My husband got Covid back in May 2021 I took him to the hospital at about 5 am in Main Oakwood Dearborn Michigan, he wasn't having breathing problems he was throwing up and had diarrhea and could not keep anything down, when I took him they told me I could not go in with him I kissed him on his head and went and waited in my car because they told me to ,4 hours later I got out of my car and went back to where I took him they told me ohhh we admitted him about 3 hours ago and he is on oxygen, so I called my kids and told them I went home and called my husband and he told me he was in the ICU and there my husband would talk on the phone, then maybe 3 days later he was not answering me so I called the nurses station they told me they had to put him on forced oxygen mind you he didn't have a breathing issue when I took him in.

Dialysis And Vented

Maybe a week later they told me in the middle of the night they had to put him on a kidney machine and also told me they gave him a malaria drug which i found out it was Remdesivir two days after that phone call they told me they had to give him a blood transfusion not once but 6 times, the time he was in the hospital his blood pressure kept going up and down and they still would not allow us to see him. I got a call at about 3 am that they are putting him on a ventilator. I asked,( no wait ) I begged the nurse if I could please talk to him, they said I will give you 20 seconds, and that was the last time I heard my husband's voice. He said I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, GAIL. I was heartbroken my husband and I were married for 40 years. So, the following week and a half, he was on the vent; we had gotten numerous phone calls from the hospital that his blood pressure kept spiking, his kidneys were not doing what they were supposed to do his lungs were solidifying. On May 22, we got a phone call late at night that he was dying, and my kids and I could see him. They supposedly snuck us in. That was when we found out they paralyzed him. He was in an induced coma; my husband died the next day at 1147 pm, but we were told we could see him that day. My husband was my world. He died 13 minutes before our 41 year anniversary.

Lonely And Depressed

“ No more fishing or hunting with the grandsons.”

We have three beautiful children and six beautiful grandchildren. There will be no more camping trips with him. My grandchildren play baseball a lot. He went to every game or practice. My husband was a tractor-trailer mechanic. He worked hard since he was 14 years old. He was a marine. It’s been almost nine months since my husband passed, and not a single day goes by that I don't cry. No more fishing or hunting with the grandsons. I feel they killed him and would not let us in the hospital to see everything they were doing to him. I am so angry my husband died for money. My husband sits on my shelf, and I kiss his box all the time. What is going on in our country is so wrong and inhumane. Everyone involved should be thrown in jail and listen to each person who lost a loved one. My world was happy until this happened. Now I’m depressed, angry, upset; my world completely flipped over. I am lonely for my Leonard.

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15 feb 2022

The same happened to my husband at the same hospital. He was murdered there on January 3rd 2022. 41 years old. We met at age 15 been together since and in love. We were married 13 years and together a total of 25 years. He was my world. I counted on him for everything. I have now lost everything. I wake up to look at 4 walls and sit in silence. Only sound is of me crying and screaming in anger. My husband was given Remdesivir against our wishes, and they drugged him to get compliance. My husbands pulse ox was 96-98% when they vented him. He like so many also had his kidneys shut down due to the Re…

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