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Me and my husband met at the age of 15, in a private Christian school. We were together ever since. A love like that is rare, and comes once in a lifetime. We just never knew our love story would end at age 41 years old. My husband was murdered by hospital protocols.

My husband was a independent health, life, & auto insurance agent. His career was really starting to take off, as he had just opened his own business a year ago. He had agents under him in 35 states across the US. I was so proud of him and all he worked to accomplish. My husband was a strong fighter, and hard worker. He would help anyone in need.

We loved to travel, we had plans to see every US state at least once and had a amazing anniversary trip lined up for next september that sadly now won’t be the case.

My whole world has abruptly come to a end. I wake up now to look at 4 walls, sit in a chair and cry. I go to bed, wake up and rinse and repeat. I have trouble just leaving the house and going out into society. There I’m surrounded by couples holding hands, elderly couples together in love, love songs playing on the stores radio etc. All of it is too much to handle. All my joy, my future stolen from me. My husband didn’t leave me, he fought to hang on, I fought to protect him, and the hospital staff fought to take him from me for profit. For me, there was never a price tag on my husbands life. Sadly the hospital didn’t see it that way.

I won’t ever stop fighting for him, until justice is served. I want the doctors and hospital held accountable for his death. I have spoken out in several media interviews and more will come. His story on my FB page went viral fast and I plan to keep exposing this dark truth to our health care system for as long as God allows me to.


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