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April's Story

Gallatin, TN

My Sister, my best friend was murdered by the hospital. .

Kristie Davis, a beautiful soul, my God how I miss her.

In the ER

"In the ER and she immediately improved."

She was exposed to Covid on 8/15/21 and had a positive home test on 8/18/21. She contacted her doctor and was prescribed antibiotics and breathing treatments. She was also instructed to rest and drink extra fluids. She started coughing and having high fever on 8/21/2021 and was having difficulty managing symptoms at home. Just after midnight on 8/22/21, she passed out at home and was taken to Sumner Regional Medical Center ER via EMS.

She was in septic shock (blood pressure in the 60s/30s, high pulse and respirations, 105 temp). They diagnosed her with “Covid pneumonia” and treated her in the ER and she immediately improved… the first couple days (all vital signs returned to normal, and 02 STATS were 98-100% on 2-4 liters of oxygen via nasal cannula) ... (in her hospital records, it was even noted that her lungs were “clear to auscultation with slightly diminished sounds in the bases”).

No to Remdesivir

Then she was admitted to the hospital and given Remdesivir which she told them she didn’t want more than once, and I also told them she didn’t want it. Several days passed and I was getting reports from the nurse (I think she was a nurse practitioner - I can’t remember her exact title but she was higher up than an RN and she wasn’t directly taking care of the patients - she was more of a supervisor) on the unit, trying to figure out the cause of her rapid decline, and she stated “she completed her Remdesivir”… we were hoping that would help stop the virus from continuing to attack her body.

At that point, I became very upset because they were told NO to the Remdesivir. Since we had both refused it, I asked the nurse practitioner to double-check that she was given Remdesivir. She put me on hold and came back to tell me that she DID, in fact, have 5 doses of it… After calming myself down, I asked my sister about it. She assured me that she didn’t give permission for them to give her Remdesivir. To avoid upsetting her in her serious medical condition, I didn’t tell her they gave it anyway.

There Was No Care For Her

"They’re trying to kill me."

Here are the facts: After a few doses of Remdesivir, she started declining. She was refused monoclonal antibodies in the ER. Upon admission to the hospital, she was refused high-dose vitamins (C, D, zinc, etc.). WHY??? “It’s not our protocol, ma’am” …. they didn’t answer her call light most of the time and even put it where she couldn’t reach it. On top of that, they moved her cell phone to where she couldn’t reach it and wouldn’t plug it in to charge for her when the battery would die. They didn’t actually go in her room unless they had to, maybe 3-4 times in a 12-hour shift. She was on Vapotherm with a non-rebreather the majority of her stay with O2 STATS at the mid to high 80s/occasionally low 90s. Why wasn’t she more closely monitored????…. What the hell kind of care is that?!?!?!?!

They didn’t get her up and out of bed more than a dozen times the whole time she was there. As a matter of fact, they told her to lay in the bed and not move so she could breathe better. They didn’t care if she ate or not. If she wasn’t awake when the tray was dropped off, they just let her sleep. They didn’t assist her to the bathroom, they just put a catheter in and used a bedpan as needed so they didn’t have to get her up. Then she got to where she couldn’t get up because her STATS would drop too low (into the 60s). They didn’t tell her not to lay on her back and didn’t encourage her to use the incentive spirometer. She didn’t lay on her back because she knew not to, but the nurses didn’t tell her that.

After she was there for 2 to 3 weeks, they said she was requiring more oxygen and placed her on a BiPAP.Then they said she wasn’t tolerating it and began threatening the vent.She refused the vent and made me promise that I wouldn’t give permission for them to put her on the vent.The day before she was intubated, I spoke to one of the nurses and was told that she wasn’t tolerating the BiPAP, but when I asked my sister, she sent me a picture of her wearing the mask just fine. My sister was a nurse and so am I. She would text me and let me know how crappy the care was and even said “they’re trying to kill me”.

The Hospital Killed Her

“My main complaint is that she was given Remdesivir AGAINST HER WILL and PLACED ON A VENTILATOR against her will.”

I’m sure there are more things, but I can’t think of them right now. My main complaint is that she was given Remdesivir AGAINST HER WILL and PLACED ON A VENTILATOR against her will and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I didn’t find out until hours after she was intubated and never was told about the Remdesivir until I spoke with the nurse practitioner on the unit. I did read through her hospital records and it’s right there in black and white - Remdesivir WAS given. Considering how well she was doing in the beginning and how fast she declined after admission, I fully believe the Remdesivir is what caused her to decline so rapidly. That, in combination with the vent, is what KILLED her.

The hospital killed her, plain and simple. I want justice for her and her kids… and I don’t want others having to go through this living hell. She lay in her DEATH BED afraid and alone. I have screenshots of our conversations where she was saying how bad she was treated and how they were trying to kill her. She was a Medicare patient and I know in my heart that she was murdered for money. She knew it too. I have screenshots where she told me. The inconsistencies in her medical records are numerous. The records show their lethal cocktails (over sedation) slowly kill her. Our loved ones deserve justice. Let’s get it for them!!


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Nicole Ortego Bullard
Nicole Ortego Bullard
09 Ιαν 2022

THIS THIS is almost identical to my SISTER too! What hospital or area was this?

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