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Zulma's Story

Renton, Washington

Every doctor was harassing him since day one to consent to a ventilator.

He loved the Lord till his last day.

Left In The Cold

“ He was left outside in a wheelchair in freezing temperatures to wait to get picked up with no clothes, only a hospital gown.”

On December 14, 2021, my dad was discharged from Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA, after amputating his small toe due to diabetes. He was negative to Covid before the procedure. On the 15th. He had a fever, and my brother took him to the nearest hospital, Tacoma General, thinking of a possible infection. But to our surprise, they said he was Covid-19 positive. No one at home had it, so the only place he contracted it was the Good Samaritan hospital, where he stayed over a couple of days pre- and post-surgery. He was admitted to Tacoma General in the middle of the night, so I warned my siblings to tell my dad to refuse Remdesivir since I was aware of protocols. On 12/16 I called the hospital for updates, and they had given him the Remdesevir. I told the nurse not to give my dad any more doses. He told me my dad was getting discharged that he didn't need to be in hospital

because he was breathing ok and did not need oxygen. One nurse refused to help him clean the surgery site and told him he was there for Covid only, not for any surgery-related care. Little did I know that the valid reason he was released was that he refused their meds!! He was left outside in a wheelchair in freezing temperatures to wait to get picked up with no clothes, only a hospital gown. My mom and sister took care of him overnight at home. I got there to his house late that morning.

Cut Off All Communication

On 12/17 I took him vitamins and planned to make a frontline Doctor’s appointment. He was exhausted, and lethargic just wanted to sleep. So, after I had left for the day from his house, my sister checked his oxygen and it was 74%. She called an ambulance, and he was taken to Good Samaritan. Overnight he was in the ICU. We were not informed. So, He was placed immediately on a high-flow cannula. Every doctor was harassing him since day one to consent to a ventilator. I had a POA, which would allow me to immediately care for my dad

as he was already placed on morphine and Ativan, And he knew he was getting more and more sedated. I spoke to the hospital on 12/23 thinking that the patient advocate would help. Our attorney called numerous times unsuccessfully so my dad could get his patient’s rights. The hospital started retaliating, telling me Only one family member could call once per shift. If we call more, they will completely stop giving us information. So, my dad was alert all this time. He would be on a video call with my mom and sister 24/7. He was eating all his meals. My sister would take him cookies because he would get hungry between meals. But with retaliation, nurses started muting his phone and putting the screen down. It got more and more frequent until on 12/30 when they unplugged the charger, and his phone died for two days. By this time, he was not eating and only sedated. Nurses will warn each other, mentioning in front of him not to talk to him because he has an attorney.


“The doctor herself changed my dad to DNR.”

On 1-5-22 nurse called me and told me his heart had stopped, and we could see him. He had cardiac arrest because the BiPAP mask came off, and the nurse was in another room and

didn't get to him on time. They did CPR, and he was alive. This kind of neglect had happened before. From this day on, he was allowed one visitor per day. We each stayed 12hrs. On 1/6 He had a respiratory failure and was intubated. His lab numbers were good, all organs working no infections peep ten between 70-100% saturations in the ‘90s. Then overnight, things would change. They would tell us he desaturated he had a left collapsed lung. 1/20, they had a triple dose of fentanyl to 300 mcg/hr. and versed 20mg/hr. Nimbex 1.5 mcg/min. On 1/22, my dad had improved. Everything was perfect on the monitor. Then suddenly, Dad’s heart number started dropping on the monitor my sister was with him. He was on Full code. They took my sister out of the room, and Dr. came out and told her there was nothing more they could do. The doctor herself changed my dad to DNR. She Gita Patel was the last murderer of an innocent person so loved. He loved the Lord till his last day.


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