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Whitney's Story

Grants, NM

Richard “Bryce” River was a 37-year-old veteran that served in Afghanistan.

Remdesivir and the lack of care from the staff killed my husband.

The Hospital

“I asked for him to not be given Remdesivir.”

My husband Richard “Bryce” River was a 37-year-old veteran that served in Afghanistan for a year. Coming home he had PTSD but was actively working with doctors to help him. He was admitted to the hospital on November 16th. I talked to his nurse and asked for him to not be given Remdesivir because of Gout and I don’t want any kidney problems later on for him. She told me his kidneys looked amazing but would mention it to the doctor.


In the meantime, I’m fighting with the hospital to get in the room to be with my husband. I went from his nurse all the way up to the CEO and everyone in between and was told no. Even though he was a veteran with PTSD that isolation would cause more mental harm they did not care. I was told that I was putting myself, the community, and the staff in danger by going into his room even though I had Covid with him and was out of isolation. I was willing to be in his room and not leave and the staff was already going in and out of a Covid room.


“They prevented me from advocating for him.”

By day 6 they started telling me his kidneys were not doing well. On day 9 he was airlifted to another hospital, Memorial Hospital, Las Cruces New Mexico. By day 11 he passed from High potassium levels that stopped his heart because his kidneys were not working. Remdesivir killed my husband. The lack of care from the staff killed my husband. I was always his advocate and they prevented me from advocating for him because they did whatever they wanted. My cousin was in the same hospital and was in better shape than my husband and she had to deny Remdesivir 4 days in a row 2 times a day because they said it was protocol and it was ordered from the doctor!

Bryce was my person. We got married at a young age and grew up with each other. He lived life to the fullest and made sure he did everything he wanted. He was the most compassionate person you would ever meet. He fought for our country to keep the people he loved safe. I’m completely lost without him. I feel like this protocol robbed me and my children precious time with him. I love you Bryce and always will keep fighting for justice.


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