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Wendy L.'s Story

Hartford. CT

He did NOT have to die this way

He was one of the best humans on the planet. Very smart, very giving, always there for any human or pet in need.

He Could Not Catch His Breath

“With Love & Regards in memory of my beloved father “EdFL””

First and foremost, He was one of the best humans on the planet. Very smart, very giving, always there for any human or pet in need, we are dog rescue people. We also were, for the most part, fairly natural healing people ,using nature & good quality supplements to help our God given immune system work at its best.

3 of our family members had covid at the same time, myself, his wife and him. I use natural

supplements, and all my FLCCC/Marik protocol, and many top Doctors & nutritional protocols to get through covid (I’ve had 2 major strains, and other various variants). I was helping them get through it with proven advice, only my Dad was taking care of far too many things at home and making sure his wife was getting better, and wasn't keeping up with his own self care. So although he was over covid and was testing negative, he was extremely fatigued, and got to a point where he could not catch his breath, and felt he had to go to hospital for help to get over these conditions.

Taken to one hospital, who upon seeing a heart issue, transferred him to a larger hospital in our capitol. We weren’t even called when this was done, I found out by calling the first hospital! In addition sadly, the whitecoats at the Hartford hospital used his fear and worry to

shame him into thinking his health choices were wrong, and caused his illness. A few times he said “I did this to myself”. While keeping us away from the hospital as long as possible, they were having “educational patient sessions” with him that we only found out later, and also by bits of information he was telling us, like “don’t come in”, and “nothing good can come from visiting me right now”. Well we were in constant contact by phone asking for info from Doctors, and mostly received calls from PA’s or nurses on duty.

No One Will Listen

He did NOT have to die this way, I believe he could have been saved by vitamins & FLCCC treatments early on, or at any stage during his stay. I was “supposedly” involved in deciding in his care, I have notes, as well as his wife, we both kept daily notes. However, my requests were mainly not taken into real consideration, and were sided, ignored, or denied, even scoffed at.

I had already put a grievance in with the hospital, who replied 6 weeks later with their non-informative, no actual evidence, not supplying important information that I requested, only basic auto-response replies I heard in the hospital. I am in the process of submitting this letter to Medicare/Dept. Health Human Services, State Medical Board, and State Attorney General.

I’m having a hard time finding the right team to review this because he was deemed “covid related”. He had covid approx.21 days before he ended up at hospital due to extreme fatigue and shortness of breath, he was technically over covid. Testing negative multiple times at both hospitals (he was originally at Manchester Hospital for a few hours, then, who transferred him by ambulance to Hartford due to “irregular heart issues”.

A Turn For The Worse

“ Things seemed to be improving for 5/6 days, then something changed dramatically.”

He went into hospital with major fatigue and shortness of breath, things seemed to be improving for 5/6 days, then something changed dramatically, and when he was put on bi-pap it seemed to go down hill even faster, quickly followed by ventilation about 12 hours after that at 430am on Jan.1. Five days on a ventilator & different antibiotics damaged many of his organs, since they could not find the source of the “infection” they suspected right after they ventilated. Although they were trying several antibiotics and culture tests, and still denying my requests to try certain things.

His body was so damaged on the 5th day on the ventilator, in addition they said they could not control his heart rhythm (failing), and also told of multi-organ failure. We decided to stop the damage and let him go peacefully. His wife was denied a request to speak prior to being ventilated, and denied the phone call.

So although it was “deemed covid pneumonia”, he did not test positive for covid , or pneumonia. I believe that it's more about mishandling of his treatments, and denial of treatments that could have helped. They (Hartford Hosp.) went on full steam with their “covid protocol” without any regard to what I was requesting or trying to explain, which included some proven post covid /long covid treatments for damaged lungs, and also EU, emergency use authorized treatments, and some additional treatments which would have been non-invasive to try like high dose IV Vitamin C. (or Marik protocol treatments), plasma (I offered mine- but they did not even know his blood type and would not test it to find out, even though I requested, they said “we aren’t doing that plasma treatment for covid”. All denied. Some doctors listened & ignored my requests, the common response to most requests was “we don’t do that for covid”.

What Really Happened?

“They would not give me the “covid protocol” they were treating him with in writing.”

There are MANY things , in my opinion, that contributed to his death, and many could have been avoided. Reviewing other similar cases, I don’t believe he had to die like this. One example Including when he was intubated, somehow punctured a hole somewhere in the mediastinum, which consequently caused his lung to collapse, and started a continuous pocket of air/gas build up in his chest and neck, which was never remedied. Not something that had to happen, or should have happened to a person struggling to breathe.

When he could still speak, prior to 12/31, he kept saying it “wasn’t a good idea “for us to visit, after having conversations with staff. He told us several times not to come in because they said it was not a good idea. He was not covid positive on any test, and other tests were negative as well for infections. Although we were speaking by phone it was difficult to reach him for updates, his phone was not working all the time.

They also said they would not give me the “covid protocol” they were treating him with in writing, I asked for it via the grievance letter, and replied by phone when their “system director” called me. 6/28 – My reply letter to the patient advocate team prompted their “system director” to call me and ask “what exactly I was looking for”. When I asked again for answers and info, the same info was repeated, and most questions were not answered properly. She did not even know what the “Right to Try'' act was for patient rights and medical treatments. She also stated it is the “providers decision on what is ordered for treatment, and is under no obligation” to try other treatments. A patient /family has the right to request to try things when they are getting worse, and doctors treatments are making patients worse.

My father was very sensitive to drugs, (since he did not use them). why such heavy & multiple doses given in such a short span of time during time of Bi-pap to ventilation. Also a nurse said to his wife (by phone) he would like to speak with his wife before he was ventilated, she called the room phone seconds after, but a nurse advised, “he doesn’t want to talk now” ...we doubt that. This was the last chance he had to speak with a family member. This was approx. 4am. We wondered what he wanted to say. What did he say to any staff members at that time? There are no notes about what he was trying to say.



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