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Vladimir's Story

Redwood City, CA

My 76 year old mom, Tatiana Quijano survived because we pulled her out of the hospital.

She eventually regained her lung capacity and was breathing on her own normally.

Testing Positive

“Her doctor insisted on keeping her overnight to "monitor," her..”

My mom 76 and dad 83 tested positive with covid in mid-October of 2021. My mom wasn't feeling well one late afternoon and fainted in her living room. My dad called me to get my mom up off the floor because she couldn't move. At this time she didn't know that she had cracked her tailbone. She was experiencing pain through the night and decided she needed to get checked out at the ER the next day. My sister took her to the ER and it was determined by X-ray that she had cracked her tailbone. At this time she was tested for covid and went home after her X-ray was done to wait for her results. She was in pain enough to go back to the hospital the next day and get some type of pain relief for her tailbone. While she was at the hospital they got her results for her covid test to be positive. Her doctor insisted on keeping her overnight to "monitor" her.

The Start of Death Drugs

On day one, they started treatment with Dexamethasone and Remdesvir. At this time the hospitals were understaffed because of so many registered nurses and doctors losing their jobs because of not accepting the vaccination. Her care in the hospital became very minimal and she was calling for assistance constantly with no Response. Her biggest problem was that she was always extremely cold in her room and never had enough blankets. We stayed in touch with her every day by phone and she was telling us how bad it was that she was not attended to properly. She would request us to bring her blankets and a large canteen of water and socks to keep her feet warm.

Rather Die At Home

“ She didn't want to die in the hospital alone, she would rather die at home with family..”

On day two, they were still trying to figure out the proper dosage of medication which was making her worse. She was starting to show signs of labored breathing.

On day three, her doctor said that they needed to change and balance the doses of the Dexamethasone and Rendemisvir again, my mom was very upset by now. My mom was getting upset and she wasn't allowed to have visitors because none of us are vaccinated. She felt like she was going to die in the hospital and pleaded to be released and go home as soon as possible. She felt if she was gonna die, she didn't want to die in the hospital alone, she would rather die at home with family.

Getting Out Alive

On day four, my sister and the family decided to pull her out of the hospital. She was transported by ambulance home and was set up with oxygen since her breathing became labored. We started treating her with 12mg. Ivermectin every night. By the 4th day of taking the Ivermectin, she was already feeling better and she was up walking around. She continued to stay on oxygen for about 2 weeks after she came home. She eventually regained her lung capacity and was breathing on her own, normally.


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