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Vikki's Story

Peoria, AZ

I have a text from a doctor that was trying to help me when Mark was still fighting for his life. It simply says “The Remdesivir is killing him."

Mark’s story won’t end here.

The ER

“Don’t worry we are going to treat your husband as he was vaccinated.”

I am finally able to tell my story a little over two months later. My husband Mark and I both got sick with what we thought was a cold. Our symptoms were fairly mild with a 102 fever. I had an oxygen monitor at home so I used it on myself because I did feel a respiratory issue. I was fine in the 90s so I put it on my husband Mark and his read in the 60’s I was in shock he didn’t have an issue breathing. I thought it was a mistake so I took it over and over again with the same results. We discussed it and agreed to call 911. Our nightmare began there, it took close to 30 mins for a response, and we ended up with another EMS team from a neighboring city. I was told it was okay, that he was coming back soon to me, we were just being cautious.

Mark called me from the ER and sounded pretty good. He told me that he tested positive for Covid and that they wanted to admit him. I trusted this hospital. Mark had had surgery there seven months before this happened and it was a good experience. It took many hours before the hospital reached out to me, in AZ there are no visitors allowed at the hospital for Covid. When the doctor finally called me back after I had repeatedly called the hospital he literally said “Don’t worry we are going to treat your husband as he was vaccinated!” I was stunned by this comment. I responded back “You better, you took an oath to save his life!” He didn’t respond to that.

He Was Doing So Well

Mark was moved to the heart ward. He had high blood pressure and they said they wanted to keep a close eye on him. I talked to Mark dozens of times through the first day on his cell phone. He was on an oxygen mask so if he talked too much an alarm would go off and he would tell the nurse “Sorry is talking to my wife” when she poked her head in the door. Mark was doing so well that he asked me to bring his work computer up there because he was bored and wanted to work. He was taking phone calls from customers and sending emails. His oxygen was improving and we felt great about it. Then they started him on the “Covid cocktail” and he started to fall apart. The first sign things were going bad was when I finally got his nurse on the phone and she told me they had an accident. She told me Mark had gotten out of his bed to go to the bathroom and they found him on the floor in AFIB. I was upset asking how can that happen if he took his oxygen off there was an alarm if he got out of his bed there was an alarm. Where were you? I asked the nurse and she said “I am so sorry I was tied up at the time.” His oxygen started getting worse after that and then it happened. The same situation, he was found again in the floor in AFIB.

Pushed Out and Away

“You mean I can’t pray on hospital grounds? He said it doesn’t look good to all the other visitors.”

I contacted a patient advocate, I contacted lawyers. The advocate jumped on the case. The lawyers told me it would be too expensive and that I wouldn’t win control of his treatment anyway. I had people from all over the country trying to help me but the hospital maintained control. After calling two State Senators’ offices myself and my advocate harassing the hospital, they gave me 15 mins to see my husband. I made it clear from day one if it came to it Mark was not to be vented. As I ran as fast as I could to the hospital to see him his doctor called me and said things are turning for the worse. He said “I know you said no vent but we are getting close,” I told him I will be there in 5 mins, do not vent him!” As I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital a doctor that had not been on Mark’s case called and said “I am sorry I had to vent him two seconds ago.” I was crushed. Mark had been talking to me that day on the phone. All I could think was “My God I failed him and did he know they were venting him, did he fight it?”

When I got checked in with the visitors center at the hospital they told me he was being moved to ICU and to go there. They had requested I pick Mark’s personal things up so they weren’t in the ICU. They said I could come back there and they would be waiting for me after my visit. Security walked me up to ICU and put me on a 15 min timer. I held him and cried, begging for his forgiveness for not being able to stop it. He of course couldn’t respond but I prayed he knew I was there. Had I been there from the beginning I could have stopped him from getting out of his bed.. this wouldn’t be happening. I was asked to leave at my 15 min mark so I went back to the desk to get his things. They weren’t there yet so she said I could wait, they were coming. After 15 mins again I was asked to leave the lobby it was hospital policy I was told. I asked if there was a chapel and if I could go there and she pointed me in the direction. The chapel was empty I got on my knees and prayed harder than I have ever prayed in my life. 15 mins the hospital staff said I had to leave the chapel it was hospital policy. I was confused there was absolutely no one in the chapel but they still made me leave. I went out front and sat on a bench by the front doors. At one point a total of almost three hours had gone by since I went back to the lobby to collect his personal items. I was destroyed out there by myself for so long. I dropped to my knees outside the hospital and prayed to God internally, this was going to be the closest I was going to get to my husband. Two security guards walked out and one said to the other “Are you going to handle this one?” The other responded, “Yes, I will get rid of her.” I could hear them talking about me. He approached me and told me that I can’t do that on the hospital property. I said, “you mean I can’t pray on hospital grounds?” He said it doesn’t look good to all the other visitors that were allowed to visit their loved ones. I was shocked and suffering terribly. I told him that I had been waiting for close to three hours for my husband’s personal property. He said he would go get it, so 10 mins later he walked out of the hospital with Mark’s things and escorted me to my car. A woman out of nowhere ran over to me and grabbed and started hugging me. She kept saying “this isn’t fair I am so sorry can I call someone for you?” Apparently, she had watched the interaction with the security. I left that day destroyed and both my husband and I were dehumanized.

DNR Blackmail

“If you will sign a DNR, we will let you see him, what do I do?”

I continued to fight for him but to no avail, the “Covid Cocktail” was killing him and I couldn’t stop it. There were 10 days Mark fought for his life which I know he did, he was a fighter. The final day the doctor called me and what I consider blackmailed me. He said “If you will sign a DNR, we will let you see him” what do I do? Sit at home as he dies alone or pay the blackmailer? I paid the ransom… They said there was no hope and that his brain was severely damaged. I held him and prayed for guidance. I was incredibly confused. If they were letting me do this now then why couldn’t I have been there all along? They told me it was time to turn off the machines that he was minutes away. They let me say goodbye with my sister standing by my side. I was to signal the nurse when I was done with my goodbye. After a while of pure inner hell, I let my sister give the nurse the go-ahead. She came in and gave him a shot with anti-anxiety medicine which absolutely destroyed me again. She walked out and came back and literally said to me “I am so sorry I didn’t realize he was on paralytics, we can’t do this for another hour.” I nearly fainted from the trauma, my sister had to hold me up. I couldn’t believe they were going to make me go through this again!! And so we did an hour later. I couldn’t function from the pain of it. I was in shock and I stayed in shock for two months. Now through the eyes of the Patriot’s widow.

His Story Will Go On

Mark was a Patriot he loved this country. He was brilliant, a member of the Mensa Society, and a Christian. We debated the vaccine for hours. “what would we do if our jobs made us get the vaccine?” To us the vaccine was about control, it wasn't even referred to as a vaccine at that point because it isn’t one. Mark started having a few family members die of blood clots after the vaccine. He felt damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. We never doubted Covid was real….we doubted the science behind it, the treatment of it, and definitely doubted the vaccine. The doctor in the ICU did tell me there were two others dying of the same Covid pneumonia as Mark and they did have the vaccination and the boosters. He said, “We just don’t know?” If they don’t know, then how do they know how to treat it? I have a text from a doctor that was trying to help me when Mark was still fighting for his life. It simply says “ The Remdesivir is killing him.”

I can tell you Mark is furious that he is now a statistic in what he considered one of the greatest scams in American history. Again we know Covid is real and can be deadly but the money that has been made off the lives of incredible human beings that have been dehumanized in the eyes of our medical professionals and our government is treasonous. Mark’s story won’t end here. I do not want anyone to suffer the treatment they gave to him and all of us that loved him.

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