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Vanessa T.’s Story

League City, TX

The hospital MURDERED Craig with their protocol.

Serious medications with extreme side effects were administered to Craig, resulting in Acute Kidney Injury/failure, severe cardiac issues, lung, and CNS damage.

Point Of No Return

“She kissed Craig on the head and said, “I love you and pray hard!”

Craig came home from playing golf on November 15, 2020 feeling a little off, but began feeling worse the following week. He was exhibiting a low grade fever and shortness of breath and it was decided to go to urgent care to be tested for Covid on November 20. When requesting an alternate treatment, the nursing staff member became very rude stating that this was not their protocol which was at the University of Texas Medical Branch in League City, Texas. On November 23, Craig’s O2 saturation was dropping and his wife, Vanessa, called the hospital only to be told that if his lips were not turning blue and he could still move around, he should be fine. By 8:00 am, November 24, Craig’s shortness of breath increased as his O2 was dropping into the high 70s. At 11:45 am, he was taken to the ER only 1 mile from his home. Vanessa parked in the ER drop off, got Craig into a wheelchair and rolled him into ER where she was screamed at to leave immediately and move her running vehicle…She kissed Craig on the head and said, “I love you and pray hard!” That would be the last time she would ever see her husband conscious.

Isolation And No Communication

By the time Craig was seen by an ER physician, his O2 saturation was at 58%, but after being oxygenated, it rose into the mid-90s. He was administered the standard Remdesivir protocol, feeling better with an expected release 2 days later and then the nightmare began. No communication, high flow oxygen, minimal water nor nutrition administered and confined to a bed with minimal movement.

With the lack of communication for several days, Vanessa was able to finally talk to one of Craig’s nurses, and the nurse said that he was a very sick man. Vanessa was in shock because he was supposed to come home. How could this happen so fast? She would get texts from her husband briefly throughout the day as he was still able to prone on his own. He would text, “Everything is going to be okay!” These are the words that still haunt Vanessa to this day.

Murder For Money

“Requests for more communication, advocacy and transferring to another facility were denied.”

On December 2, 2020 at 9:00 am, Vanessa texted Craig and he said he was going to prone for several hours. Vanessa said okay, I’ll text you at 1:00. Love you! 1:00 no reply; 5:00 no reply which was very odd. After reviewing Craig’s medical records, he was given morphine that day, and at 9:20 pm, Vanessa received a Facetime call from Craig’s phone with the nurse stating that they needed to vent him! The nightmare now turns into HELL!

“Imminent death due to complete organ failure” is consistently documented in his medical records regarding billable hours as early as November 26, 2020. Requests for more communication, advocacy and transferring to another facility were denied.



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