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Tracy B.'s Story

Norwalk. OH

My husband was a victim of the crimes against humanity that are still being carried out.

May God be glorified in the truth that must come out.

Requests Denied

“This request was refused and they recommended Remdesivir.”

Hello. My name is Tracy Booth. My husband was Philip Booth and together we have 3 children aging from 11 to 17. We were married just shy of 20 years when Philip died due to Covid policies. On September 1st, 2021, my husband was sent to the ER at Fisher Titus Medical Center in Norwalk, OH. He had just had a telehealth visit with his GP, after being sick with a fever and vomiting for 4 days, and she recommended he go to the ER for fluids. Because of Covid protocols, I was not allowed to go back with my husband. I waited in the ER for 2 hours and was encouraged by my husband to go home and wait for more information there. Initially, my husband was diagnosed with Pneumonia and sepsis. The Covid test was pending but they assumed a positive test which later proved to be correct. The initial plan was for them to keep him for the night, give him some oxygen and fluids and hopefully send him home the next day.

When the next day came and they were not talking about sending him home, Philip and I both requested he be started on the medical protocol which included Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. This request was refused and they recommended Remdesivir. We had done the research on this medication and we both felt that the risks outweighed the benefits of this drug. We refused the Remdesivir and continued to ask for the previous treatment. Over the next several days, Philip continued to decline. He was requiring more oxygen and the doctors kept pushing for Remdesivir saying that it was the only other thing they could offer. After a heated discussion with his doctor, who was telling us both that Philip was headed for a vent, Philip agreed to take the Remdesivir. This treatment started on day 5. All of my information is still being given by phone as I am not allowed to visit my husband. We would talk via FaceTime and I would call the nurses throughout the day to get updates. This was agony. My husband, my best friend is sick and who is there to advocate for him? No one. Even with their best option for my husband, he was still declining.

The Right to Try

I continued to pursue the other medications to which I was refused with the simple response that they would not help. There were a lot of ups and downs where my husband would slightly improve, giving me hope that we had turned a corner, only to regress. Each day I would call and literally beg for other treatments. On September 12, I spoke to the nurse manager and requested attention from a hospital administrator. I reminded them and her of my “Right to Try” alternative medications when all other approved meds had been tried. I received a call from Dr. Gary Moorman who is the Medical Director. I told him that I wanted him to treat my husband with the wisdom God gave him and not just follow the CDC protocols.

I repeated my desire to have him treated with the Ivermectin regiment. I also asked him why FTMC was the only hospital in the area that would not allow Covid patients a visitor. He listened to me and was originally short and somewhat rude with me and treated me like I was crazy for requesting what I had, but by the end of our conversation, I felt like he had heard me and stepped down from his position of power and wanted to help. He told me he would see what he could do and called me back within an hour. He agreed to start the high dose of vitamin C and agreed to let me come in for 1 visit. This was a start. I was able to sit with my husband, talk to him, pray with him and hold his hand. This was a huge blessing. At that moment, I was completely unaware that that would be the last time my husband would see me face to face.

They Denied Me As His Advocate

“I was not allowed back into the hospital until September 20th when I petitioned the board and asked for his isolation status to be lifted.”

Later that evening, I received a FaceTime call from my husband. The high flow oxygen he was on was causing swelling in his neck (subcutaneous emphysema) and they needed to put him on a vent in order to protect his airway. This was surprising to me because I believed he was stable and his oxygen levels had actually been turned down to 65% (down from 100% earlier that day). Philip agreed to be put on a vent and was told that this was a chance to give his body some rest and time to heal. I would never hear my husband’s voice again. I continued to fight for different meds but was refused. I was not allowed back into the hospital until September 20th when I petitioned the board and asked for his isolation status to be lifted. I asked every day for the Ivermectin and was refused. I asked for a med list and I was refused. I asked for lab results and I was refused. They claimed I had no right to those things and it was a HIPPA violation. I did not need a medical power of attorney because my husband was unconscious, but they disagreed.

They Were Going to Help Him Die

“I told him how much I loved him. I told him how much our children (17,15, &11) loved him.”

From the moment the isolation status was lifted, I spent 10 hours each day with my husband. I held his hand. I read to him. I prayed with him. I cried. I begged for different care. I asked for a transfer and while they did search for options, none were available. They were not going to help my husband live, only help him die. My husband’s health became more complex and more grave by the day. His kidneys began to fail. He was swelling up. There was talk of dialysis, but they decided, after failed attempts to get a central line in, that it was just too late. On September 24, I spoke to my attorney and had papers drawn up invoking my Right to Try. These would be delivered to the hospital on September 25. At 4:10 am on September 25, I received a phone call from the doctor who was caring for my husband. His heart had stopped and they were doing CPR. I rushed to the hospital, praying I would be able to say goodbye to him. When I got there, there were 10 people in his room and they were still doing CPR. After a few minutes, they were able to get his heart going. I came into the room and sat by him. I told him how much I loved him. I told him how much our children (17,15, &11) loved him. And even more than that, how much God loved him. I told him how grateful I was that this life was temporary and that Jesus died so that we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven.

A Victim of Crime

My husband’s heart stopped again and he was completely healed by Jesus at that moment. My husband died at 4:33 am on September 25, 2021, at the age of 52. I will never know whether those other medications would have helped my husband. The only thing I can change is what someone else’s story may look like. Unfortunately, my story is not unique. There are dozens of studies showing the efficacy of Ivermectin in Covid patients at different stages of illness. What these hospitals are doing is wrong and that is why I am telling my story. Philip’s hospital records have been looked over by a nurse who specializes in chart review and her comments to me were that she can pinpoint the rapid decline after he was given Remdesivir. She also noted that my husband’s creatinine levels were elevated when he was admitted and should have never been given Remdesivir or Vancomycin because of their known side effects. My husband was a victim of the crimes against humanity that are still being carried out. Something has to change. Thank you for reading our story and may God be glorified in the truth that must come out.

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