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Theresa A.'s Story

Grand Rapids, MI

She had no symptoms of Covid.

They tested her for covid and said she was positive.

Unwanted Treatment

“They didn't feed her.”

Ashley went into the emergency room at Blodgett Hospital on January 18, 2022 with a UTI and a blood clot behind her right knee. She had no symptoms of Covid. They tested her for covid and said she was positive. That was the beginning of the end. She was in acute care and they changed from a normal cannula with 6 liters of oxygen to a high flow cannula in the middle of the night on the second day. They did not give her her medicine on a regular basis. She had polymyositis which is a rare autoimmune disease. They didn't know what it was and didn't go to the trouble to find out. They didn't feed her. We were there as much as possible and tried to get her to eat.


She was placed in Adult Elder Care at Blodgett Hospital. I asked for Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E. The doctor refused all but the vitamins.

I asked for an IV drip of vitamin C which she refused. Within 2 days of Ashley being admitted she already had been given a loading dose of Remdesivir which fortunately I knew enough to ask about. The doctor seemed shocked that I would have a problem with it. She seemed pleased with herself that she had started that treatment. I told her to stop it immediately. She asked me why. I told her it causes kidney and liver damage. No permission had been given for it. According to the medical records it was stopped. She was also given 1 gram of Rocephin for the UTI and 40 mg of Solu Medrol.

She got a loading dose of 400 mg which caused kidney damage immediately. Within two weeks they insisted she go on a ventilator or comfort care because she was not getting better. She chose the ventilator because they insisted it would help. Very quickly they wanted her off of it which I fought because it had been less than 24 hours. I reached out to Hands for Health and Freedom who reviewed her chart and helped me ask for therapeutic doses of methylprednisolone which they finally did but it was too late in the process. The doctors were rude and nasty and didn't care a bit for Ashley or her family.

The Death Panel

“ They said "cost benefit".”

I asked for EKMO which would have saved her life. They refused because she was 80 years old. I said age discrimination. They said "cost benefit". They murdered her with Fentanyll and Propofol and less then therapeutic doses of other meds. We had immediately asked for Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but they refused. We asked to have a rheumatologist we were conferring with to come in, she refused.

She died February 16, 2022 murdered by the Covid protocal.

The Battle Begins

“The end is the beginning.....”

I picture the four of us walking out of that hell crushed but not destroyed Warriors all. Having fought to the very death for Ashley’s precious life. As she took her first steps into heaven, we stepped back into a world that would never be the same. A world of pain and suffering and monumental loss. I could hear the emptiness, coldness, and evil all around as we left that place. And yet our precious Lord embraced Ashley even as we touched her for the last time and knew she was no longer with us but rather with Him in glory, we had been on holy ground in that evil place.

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