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Tamara's Story

Monument, CO

My 45 year old brother got Covid on Christmas Day 2021. He was married with 4 young children.

A son, a brother, a husband, and a father.


“The up and down emotional rollercoaster.”

My 45 year old brother got Covid on Christmas Day 2021. He was married with 4 young

children. Right away, he asked 4 hospitals in his area for Monoclonal Antibodies. They all denied him saying he didn’t qualify because he wasn’t sick enough or old enough. He was able to get some early treatments from a local nurse practitioner, but she only prescribed him 12 mg of Ivermectin per day. He should have had 52 mg per day for his body weight. On the 10th day his oxygen dropped from the low 90s to 69 in two hours, so my Sister-in-law had to rush him to the nearest emergency room. He didn’t think he would make it, as he was losing feeling in his arms and hands and turning blue. He made it to the hospital, and they got him on oxygen and he seemed to get better. Then they gave him Remdesivir and it was a roller coaster from then on.

Complete Neglect and Malpractice

After 8 days, he was transferred to a bigger hospital. At this hospital, he was on very high levels of medications that are all listed as lethal and say they should not be given together. We asked for high dose vitamin C and D, Ivermectin, and Viagra as “right to try” medications and we were denied. He was eventually put on a ventilator where he coded as they tried to paralyze him. They were able to get his heart back into rhythm. The next day

they were able to paralyze him without issue. A couple of days later, he was not having any urine output and his blood pressure was high, so they started giving him Lasix. Nothing happened. After a whole day, they finally figured out his catheter was just clogged. They fixed it and his bag gushed full of urine. How much damage was done on that day? After 3 days on the ventilator, an 8 inch long, extremely dense blood clot was found going from his vocal cords all the way down and then growing inside of his vent tube. How long was that clot really there? Could it have really grown that big and dense in 3 days, or should they have caught it sooner? The doctor said it was like a steak and he had never seen a clot that big. They removed the clot and the 3 hour surgery was a success. He did well all the next day, until they decided to put a feeding tube in his nose. The doctor that removed the clot wanted to wait on the feeding tube to give him rest and recovery time, but the internist had it put in right away anyway. She messed around with the tube and caused his nose to bleed (he was on blood thinners). She left his room knowing he was bleeding and didn’t come back. Eventually his mouth filled with blood and blood was seeping out of his mouth and trach tube. The surgeon that removed the clot came back and stopped the bleeding and cleaned him up and thought he was okay.

My Brother Did Not Need to Die

“Our whole family is heartbroken”

When the doctor left the room to speak to my Sister-in-law, my brother coded 5 more times and passed away on 1/26/22. His death certificate shows that he died of Covid pneumonia. My brother did not need to die. We feel that after 2 whole years of Covid, the hospitals are still clueless and causing patients to die. He should have been given Monoclonal Antibodies and the right dosage of Ivermectin and he would most likely be alive today. He should have also been given better care at both hospitals and not been given Remdesevir. So many things feel wrong during this whole month-long ordeal that concluded with a horrific outcome. He left behind his 44 year old wife, and 4 kids ages 15, 13, 9, and 7, along with our parents and his siblings. It has been a nightmare and we need justice for his death. This should be fixed and never happen again. Hospitals should never be paid to give certain medications, to vent, or for certain outcomes on a death certificate! I can’t even believe I even have to say this. We are heartbroken.

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