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Suzie's Story

Branford, FL

My life and heart are broken as well as all who loved him.

We were not finished yet.

John Became Sick

“We were afraid to go to the hospital because of intubation stories.”

We had just returned home to Florida from John's daughter’s beautiful wedding in Colorado. We were waiting for a survey on a piece of property so that we could put in an electric well and septic. We went to town to pick it up and give our friends a ride, we ate out and stopped at Walmart.

John became very sick very quickly and his oxygen levels progressively got lower. We were

afraid to go to the hospital because of intubation stories but John's 02 levels were very low in the '80s and people were telling us to go. At 6:30 am on Friday morning, after a night of labored breathing, I took John to the Lake City VA ER. We had to stand outside the door for quite a bit after knocking for someone to come to the door. A sheriff’s car was parked nearby. Finally, someone came to the door and took John in but would not allow me to go in.

Not Allowed to See Him

I stood outside the door, for I did not know what to do. A young person came and I saw the sheriff get out of the car. They let me inside and I sat there waiting. I was being watched and was told to pull up my mask twice after sipping on coffee. At 9:00 am, after watching the day employees come to work and giving them time to settle in, I went to the ER admission desk to ask about John.

At first, the woman seemed surprised and interrupted but then she conceded that indeed my husband was there. She told me to wait and I went back to my seat. Two male nurses

came out and told me I must leave at once and quarantine because my husband had the Covid 19 virus. They did not update me on his progress or offer any idea of his treatment. I went home. I had to fix the septic tank at the rental and that was the last time I saw my husband alive on 08/13/2021. He was not vaccinated and we had promised each other no


Refused Real Treatments

“ I was treated as a nuisance and frequently they did not have time to answer the phone.”

Thank God he had his cell phone because we were able to communicate for a few days. The Lake City VA hospital decided to transfer him to the Malcom Randall VA Hospital in Gainesville FL the following Monday because he was refusing to be ventilated. I was able to take him his cell phone charger and drop it off downstairs to a nurse. His texts to me were ominous but I was trying to stay positive and prayerfully support him. I spoke to the team of doctors and frequently asked for Vit. C pushes, Ivermectin, and Budesonide (sp) inhalers. I was treated as a nuisance and frequently they did not have time to answer the phone because they were under such a strain from overwhelming amounts of work. My husband was afraid and I believe they let him choke one night to scare him into intubation.

He Was Gone

He was given the protocol and I have not yet asked for his medical records. He passed away at 10:30 in the morning on 9/2/21. May he rest in peace. My life and heart are broken as well as all who loved him. He had turned 66 two months earlier. We were not finished yet. May God have Mercy on us all.

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