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Susan W.'s Story

Helena, MT

Every day was a fiasco, they wouldn’t let me be in her room, I saw her through a window…

My precious Mother was one in a million, intelligent and beautiful, both inside and outside. Outgoing and a doer. She was adored by so many people who relied on her to get things done.

The ER

“The first day was just the start of the insane behavior by this hospital.”

My precious Mother was taken to the ER by my brother Oct 8,2021. The Dr told us that she had great blood pressure and heart rate but had Covid. She sent her home with oxygen and a nebulizer. I spoke to my mother on the 9th. She sounded great and said she felt good. On Sunday she called my brother and said she wasn’t sure about the Oxygen (the Oxygen was not working right) I believe my brother and his hypochondriac wife got my mom worried, so they took her back to the hospital (Oct 10th) My Aunt and an advocate had a meeting with doctors and nurses to try to have them give her a prescription of Ivermectin. They told her NO, that it wasn’t the “Protocol.” The advocate called the Attorney General and put him on speaker phone. He told them Montana has the law of “Right to Try” they still said No.

I live in Texas, so I rearranged my work schedule and flew to Helena on the 12th. I told the hospital that I would like the POA (Power Of attorney) papers ready for me when I arrived. When I got to the hospital around 4:30, I got the papers and headed to the Med floor to see my mom. I got all the way there and they asked who I was seeing. They said the floor was closed and I would have to wait. I waited and waited, they still would not let me see her. I told them I wanted my Mom to sign the POA, and also to have it say specifically NO Remdesivir and no ventilators. They kept giving me the runaround, I was told to go to The ER (emergency room) to wait and a person would get the POA for my mom to sign. A security guard said to me that there was no notary and to come back in the morning. I’m like No, I want it signed before I leave (I knew what hospitals were doing) He tried to provoke me, then told me to leave. The first day was just the start of the insane behavior by this hospital.

Through A Window

The Lt. Attorney General was called, and the Hwy Patrol was sent to try to allow me to see my Mom, we instead filled a report out. The next morning I arrived at the hospital and the nurses were all ‘nicely, nice and handed me the POA. Every day was a fiasco, they wouldn’t let me be in her room, I saw her through a window, we texted and blew kisses to one another. Every day it was something, they would turn up her oxygen, or give her more drugs. I would call the two oxygen companies to see about getting home oxygen for her, but it had to be lower. My quest was to get my precious Mother out of the hospital before they killed her.

She started doing better, as she had been getting Ivermectin in a frosty every evening (I brought it to her) The 21st, she was doing good. I knew in my heart I would get her out on Friday. I got to the hospital that morning. They had given her something that made her way worse. She was shaking really badly. From that point she went downhill, I truly believe they gave her that drug on purpose to do her harm. One day I asked a Dr why they changed her room and asked when was the last time that they did an X-Ray on her chest? He got very pompous and asked who I was. Even though I had just told him, he then said he wouldn’t talk to me and told me to leave. I thought, what on earth ???The police were called and the hospital treated me like I was a criminal. I also filed a report against the hospital because I knew what they were doing. I was told that I was no longer allowed at the hospital; it was such insane behavior on their part. I tried to see about getting back in through a court order.

So, for close to 3 days, I could not be with my Mom. My Mom wrote the Dr a note demanding that they allow me back in. I was allowed to go back to the hospital on Thursday. My Mom was doing good because she still had Ivermectin in her system. I felt at this point I would get her out the next day. I had been calling oxygen supply places, so when I left the hospital Thursday night, I had lots of hope and looked forward to getting her the oxygen she needed so I would be able to take her home. The next morning her bed was moved further away from the door, she was breathing erratically, short hard breath and moving her entire body. I asked the respiratory therapists what was wrong with her? and why was she breathing so heavily? He acted like it was no big deal, calling it “puppy breaths”. Then the “New” Dr showed up and introduced herself. She was a traveling Dr from New York. She seemed more like an actor, she was “different”. lots of drama. I asked why my Mom was breathing like that. Then I asked her what they gave her? I said she was doing well when I left here last night, because we had been giving her ivermectin. The Dr never responded, just walked off.

We Prayed

“These monsters took her away from me, for money.”

On Sunday we had a prayer vigil for my Mom, family and friends joined us outside of the hospital, we prayed and sang. Monday they finally opened her room for family and friends to go in. The Drs, nurses and administrator said all they could do now is comfort care for her (I have my own thoughts on that, meaning we won’t help her, and we will kill her). They wanted to meet with us (the family, my siblings, Aunts, Uncles). So, we met that afternoon, the NY Dr stood next to me as I was seated, talked about blah blah, to me it was gibberish, lies, deceit. She said more than once “we won’t resuscitate”. I looked at her, and said you most certainly will, it says it on her POA, a question asked to my Mother, would you like CPR performed. My Mother said yes. The Dr then said well, if we resuscitate we will have to intubate. I said No, you don’t need to use a ventilator to perform CPR. It’s 30 compressions to 2 breaths. She didn’t say anything else.

We went to my Moms room. The family saw her, my Sister called me out of her room for a few minutes, then all the sudden I heard “flat line in room 3112”. My heart sank. I ran so fast to her, it was chaotic, there were so many nurses and Drs in her room doing nothing, just watching, like to be a witness. I remember the little security guard grabbing my arm, very strange, I said let go of me. Then the “traveling Dr (from NY) grabbed my arms, saying let her go and that they weren’t going to resuscitate. I said yes you will, then I told the nurse to do CPR, she immediately started doing it. My Mom's heart started for a brief moment. It was like a bad dream I was in. I thought how could she be gone, she was healthy.

I prayed asking the Lord to raise her like he raised Lazarus up. The heartache I felt at that moment was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. You feel numb, like it’s not really happening. I knew I wanted an autopsy done. I made calls right away, she wanted to be cremated and I knew they would try to hurry to do it. Her death (murder) is being investigated by the DOJ Attorney General. I did a 3 hr interview with them, I made calls to them and they assured me it’s still being investigated.

I’m the only one in my family that is pursuing to bring my Mothers killers to justice. I have many friends that have given me information on who to research to find the truth. I am beyond grateful. My precious Mother was one in a million, intelligent, beautiful, both the inside and outside, outgoing, a doer. She was adored by so many, people relied on her to get things done.

She traveled with me, we had businesses together, we were close. I loved my Mom beyond measure. These monsters took her away from me, for money. The Bible states “The Love of money is the root of all evil”. Drs and nurses take an oath to preserve life, they now push that aside to make money. They know exactly what they are doing. They can’t deny it. They all will be held accountable for murdering many. They will pay on earth and beyond. It was chaotic.

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