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Stan L.'s Story

McKinney, TX

She asked me to take her to the hospital……. I have since learned that it was the most dangerous thing we could have done.


The ER

“She was taken away in a wheelchair and I was never to see her conscious again.”

Cherie was diagnosed with Covid-19 on August 13, 2021. When she became uncomfortable with shortness of breath on August 17, she asked me to take her to the hospital. At the time it seemed to be the safest and best thing to do. I have since learned that it was the most dangerous thing we could have done.

Upon checking into the hospital, she was taken away in a wheelchair and I was never to see her conscious again. I have copies of all the hospital and doctor reports that I was able to download from her patient portal and also I have recordings of every phone conversation with the hospital doctors and staff. On many of them they can be heard lying and/or refusing to treat her per our request.

The Denial of Effective Treatment

The first day, she bragged about how well she was being taken care of and according to her hospital records her breathing, blood pressure, and temperature were all normal and she was not in need of oxygen. Her heart rate was high at 95 but probably due to the anxiety of being in the hospital. By day 4, her need for oxygen had risen to the point where they were on the verge of needing to have her use a BiBAP. On day 7, they were forcing her to use the BiBAP. The BiBAP caused her anxiety and her breath rate increased to 43/min and it was necessary for her to be given anti-anxiety medicine and we were being told that putting her on a ventilator was the next likely step. On day 9 she began begging me to get them to give her some HCQ or Ivermectin. I called and demanded that she be given one of these. I was turned over to a patient advocate who told me they couldn't do this because it did not line up with the CDC and the FDA guidelines. I asked what about the right to try and was told that that only applies to cancer patients.

The Deadly Protocol

“Cherie was given Remdesivir starting on day 1.”

They began pressuring us to have her put on a respirator but she refused and so did I. On day 10, I received a video call from the hospital and the nurse showed a live picture of Cherie holding a white board that had written on it "I'm tired of working so hard." This was apparently written by her and she was referring to the fact that breathing had become extremely difficult for her. We gave them permission to put her on the ventilator so that she could get some much needed relief.

I was finally permitted to see Cherie on day 12 and she held on for another 11 days. Her heart stopped beating on September 9, 2021.

She Should Still Be Here

Having since heard the testimonials from doctors and the public about the dangers of hospital protocols, I am convinced that Cherie was a victim of an evil system and that she would very likely be with us today if we had not gone to the hospital. An interview with Dr. Ardis describes exactly what took place with Cherie..... In about 5 days, the patient's kidneys begin to fail. The fluids they pump in with the IV cannot pass the kidneys which causes the abdomen, heart, and lungs to fill up with water. The lungs are filled with water mixed with mucus caused by the virus. The patient can't breathe because they are being drowned to death..... When I first saw Cherie for the first time on day 12 in a comatose state, the first thing I noticed was how her body was swelled up. Things had progressed exactly as Dr. Ardis and many others describe. According to the hospital reports, Cherie was given Remdesivir starting on day 1 and it took its effect just as the doctors were, and are predicting it will. THE HOSPITAL PROTOCOL KILLS.

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