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Shauna's Story

Cody, Wyoming

This is my story. I lost both my parents 11 days apart.

Medical treatment of a person should not be a thing of secrecy for their family.

They Became Sick

“At first they administered Remdesivir.”

This is my story. I lost both my parents 11 days apart. My step dad passed on December 22nd 2021, my mother on January 2nd 2022. Our family's nightmare began when they were both admitted to Cody Regional Health hospital in Cody Wyoming for severe Covid symptoms. My step father , Larry Walker, 80 years old, was admitted on December 15th 2021 and placed in an acute care ward. Then my mother Catherine Harris-Walker, 64 years old, was admitted on December 19th 2021 and placed in the ICU ward.

They were both unvaccinated upon their religious choice. The hospital they were at switched the doctors out weekly so we only got to talk to a doctor 3 times in the 3 weeks we were there. At first they administered Remdesivir to my step father on December 16th 2021. They administered Remdesivir to my mother on the 20th or 21st( I'm sorry I don't remember which day. That's where the medical records will come in handy) of December 2021.

The Murder of My Step Father

They had my step father on high amounts of morphine as well. On the 21st of December we were told by a nurse to get there to say our goodbyes to him. Both my parents refused to be on the ventilator and were on the Cpap machine. The next day my step sister was taken aside and explained that he was in pain and suffering and he chose to take the machine off and pass away. It was so weird. They never even consulted my mom who was in the room next door. The way they took my step sister aside and talked to her alone was very concerning.

He passed away and that same day we finally talked to a doctor about my mom's condition. They told us at that time that she had blood clots but they could not see where they were coming from because they didn’t have a high output oxygen machine to get her down to the X-ray lab. That was also strange to me. We were told on December 23rd our mother had 24-48 hours to live.

Discrimination And Fear

“We aren’t worried about that because she is never getting out of here.”

During this time my mom had a male nurse named Will Deans, this man told my mom the first night that she was admitted that she “was going to die of Covid.” This made her frightened and she told us kids what He had said. He was outright discriminatory to my mom making statements about being unvaccinated and she wouldn't have been there if she would have gotten the vaccination. We asked if they would move her around so she didn’t get bed sores and give her vitamins and antidepressants ( she had just lost her husband and was grieving badly) they refused and Will told us “We aren’t worried about that because she is never getting out of here.”

The last straw I had with the male nurse Will was when he told us that “You need to get together with your siblings and figure it out because we aren’t going to keep her on oxygen forever.” Due to his bedside manner and fears I had of him caring for our mother I called and reported him the morning of January 2nd, the same day, just hours later she would die. Later on in a follow up I got the response he was burnt out. That they offered him counseling but could not tell me if he accepted or anything further. Later getting a letter from the hospital that I will attach in this email for reference.

Never Any Communication

“We told them we wanted an autopsy and they said it would be $50,000.”

They had her on high doses of morphine the last few days of her life which the doctor told us would help her breath better. Even though my mom had stated to us that she wasn’t in pain, only her neck was sore from being in one certain position for hours on end. They kept telling us that she was in massive amounts of pain. She did not like it and could hardly keep her eyes open.

The doctor called me and when I asked what she died from I was told Covid 19 pneumonia. She was on the phone with me in her office when the nurse came in and told her she just passed. We still didn’t have many answers and when we told them we wanted an autopsy, they said it would be $50,000 to which we could not afford. Never any outreach from the doctor. In fact the whole time we talked to a doctor only 3 times and it was upon much of our insisting and numerous calls and messages left the few times we did.

Something Wasn’t Right

So we had the funeral home get her body within 2 hours and run toxicology which we are still waiting for results. Their medical treatment of a person should not be a thing of secrecy for their family. It is very question raising to why the family was left in the dark. I have been trying to seek help getting their medical records. They say I can't have them and don't have any rights to them unless I have a court order. So I'm not sure how to proceed.

I throw myself at the mercy of anyone that will help me and my family. We all are born with the gift of intuition and from the beginning I knew that something wasn’t right. Alas I feel like David going up against Goliath.

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