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Sarah's Story

Brighton, Michigan

My 39 yr old husband Kyle was a very healthy and active person.

His priority was always our family and he always wanted the best for us.

The ER

“Afraid, I drove my husband to the ER, which is the last time I saw him awake and alert (in person).”

November 2021, completely shook & shattered our lives.

For those of you who don't know, my 39 yr old husband Kyle was a very healthy and active person. His only medical history was sleep apnea. We have two children together, a son Mark, who is 14, and a daughter, Harper who is 6. We have been married for 7 years and have been together for 14 years. Kyle was so full of life and had such an infectious smile, personality, and laugh! He could draw a crowd with his laugh! He was such a loving and generous man. His priority was always our family and he always wanted the best for us. He enjoyed being outside cooking on the grill, hanging out, listening to music, dancing, and having a good time. He was always the life of the party!

Kyle fell ill on 11/7/21 and was admitted to the hospital on 11/15/21 for "COVID" pneumonia. He was mistreated and refused potentially life-saving medications when he was in their death camp. He was prescribed Ivermectin and azithromycin by a telehealth doctor that we contacted because we were afraid of the horror stories we heard about what was going on inside the hospitals. We had a difficult time finding a pharmacy that would fill the Ivermectin prescription. Kyle started complaining that he was having a little bit of difficulty taking a full breath. I ordered a pulse ox machine online and made an appointment for urgent care in hopes to get some steroids. At home, his oxygen was 84-94%. When my husband arrived at the appointment the next day, his blood oxygen level was 91%. The urgent care staff told him they couldn't treat him, that he needed to go to the emergency room, he was hypoxic.

Afraid, I drove my husband to the ER, which is the last time I saw him awake and alert (in person). When he was finally seen in the ER, his oxygen was 98%. They did an x-ray and a CT scan and said he had "atypical pneumonia" consistent with COVID, and they were admitting him for observation. They never tested my husband for COVID on admission. They did however continually urge, fear, and bully him about taking Remdesivir. They told him that he was in trouble and that he needed to take the Remdesivir to get better. We refused the Remdesivir and because they were only checking his vitals every so often, he was seemingly doing okay. Okay enough that they were going to discharge him home the morning of the 17th. When they checked his vitals again, his O2 was 88%. They canceled his discharge and threw oxygen on him- still not continuously checking his oxygen levels. For someone being observed for hypoxia, this seems criminal.


They refused to give monoclonal antibodies because now they were telling him he was too sick to get them. We asked about him taking his prescription for Ivermectin and they refused

to let him take it and somehow talked him out of it (I wasn't allowed in so I'm not sure exactly how that went down, but he was very afraid to take it after talking to the doctors.) They just continued to try and convince him to take the Remdesivir. The night of the 17th, after talking to many staff members and every single one of them convincing him that he would get worse, he was coerced and feared into accepting the Remdesivir. The doctors also refused to give Kyle inhaled steroids stating that they don't give breathing treatments to COVID patients because it "spews COVID particles everywhere." They were adamant, it was their way or the highway.

At this point, I was getting very sick and tired of the nonsense going on and I brought to the attention of the attending that they never tested Kyle for COVID and insisted that they tested him in hopes that it would come back negative and I can visit and help advocate for my husband. On 11/23/21, unfortunately, his test was still positive for COVID. BUT they already had him "enrolled" in their deathly COVID treatment plan and actually completed the whole course of Remdesivir before they even tested him! WOW! Kyle's oxygen requirements started to increase as the days went on and his white blood cell count was rising, daily, consistently. I asked about a potential infection and they told me the white blood cell count was going up due to the steroids. On 11/26/21 Kyle told me and the staff that he was having chest and back pain and they gave him Tylenol. I could tell he was working harder to breathe or perhaps harder to breathe against the high flow oxygen he was on?!

Right to Try

“That night I sat in the parking lot (as did my friend) and we texted Kyle telling him he was not alone.”

The next day his oxygen dropped and they did an x-ray and found a hole in his lung. They waited but eventually had to put in a chest tube to drain the air outside of the lung space and help with his breathing. That was the pain he was feeling. I was still denied access to see and be with my husband during this horrific time. I was told that he was "stable now" although we all knew how unstable he really was. That night I sat in the parking lot (as did my friend) and we texted Kyle telling him he was not alone, and we were here for him. The next morning I was called and notified of the horrific news that my husband's oxygen was dropping and they needed to sedate and intubate him to save his life. I told my husband I loved him, not to be afraid, and I heard his voice telling me he loved me twice, for the very last time. After this, I was now granted access to my husband for 15 mins!!!

On 12/2/21 the doctors finally looked into the continually rising WBC count and took cultures, looking for an infection. His sputum culture grew bacteria and he was started on an antibiotic. Little too late. The viral pneumonia turned to bacterial pneumonia (as I was trying to urge the doctors about many days prior this could happen- which they ignored/refused to

acknowledge) and pneumonia untreated that long damages/scars the lung tissue. 12/6/21 COVID precautions were removed and I was allowed to visit Kyle 8a-8p daily. In the meantime, I was contacting lawyers and trying to exercise Kyle's (and now my) "right to try." I called and emailed the Chief Medical Officer of Beaumont Royal Oak. She called me back promptly to discuss how the doctors and hospital would not support the use of medications/treatments that weren't part of their protocols and standards or care for COVID patients. I told her that I have read many studies and watched the frontline doctors and have seen how their treatment plans have been saving people's lives. I told her the NIH website has Ivermectin listed as a treatment option for COVID and post-COVID patients and she called me a liar and hung up the phone on me! Since then I talked to the Ethics committee when I also was told that the study results were "skewed" and that the frontline doctors "Prey on people like me looking for a miracle." They would not allow my husband to get Ivermectin.

Ivermectin is a Crime

“There had been a note in the chart about the nurse being suspicious of our behavior and stated that she thought I was giving my husband Ivermectin.”

On 12/13/21 Kyle's creatinine started to rise and he was experiencing acute kidney failure (side effect of Remdesivir). He was started on dialysis the next day. 12/27/21 I was called early in the morning stating that the "COVID was getting worse" and they had to resuscitate my husband many times that morning. They were waiting for an x-ray to be done. As I was getting ready to head to the hospital, they called and told me he had another pneumothorax and they were waiting for surgery to come and place another chest tube. It took me about 45 mins to get to the hospital and by the time I arrived at the bedside, Kyle's O2 was 37% and surgery was still not there. I begged for them to come now as the Chaplin came to pray for me and my husband. Surgery arrived and as soon as the chest tube was in, Kyle's O2 went back up to the 70's right away and steadily rose from there. Next door I could hear another family was having a bad day and I could hear shrieking and crying. They were yelling that the staff were "murderers." It was then I knew this was happening to everyone there.

That evening as I was about to leave I asked the nurse if I could pull the curtain so my mother-in-law and I could have some privacy and pray with my husband. The nurse came in shortly after and "checked in" to make sure we weren't doing anything "funny." The next day was the preliminary hearing with my lawyers and the Beaumont legal team. There had been a note in the chart about the nurse being suspicious of our behavior and stated that she thought I was giving my husband Ivermectin. The judge stopped the proceeding of the hearing & ordered me to hand over the prescription pills to the attending physician. They were clearly trying to incriminate me and stop me in my tracks from moving forward to fight for my husband. Every day was trying to wean sedation, paralytic, etc (not one thing at a time), & whenever he wouldn't tolerate those changes or wasn't ready for them, his oxygen would drop and they would crank everything back to the max. It was a seemingly never-ending cycle of never making progress, and never getting off the ventilator. They were setting him up for failure, every single day.

He Was Gone

There were times (partially because of the holes in the lungs), Kyle couldn't tolerate their aggressive turns in the bed. I begged them to take it easy on him and at times asked for the

bed rotation to be on instead. When I would leave at night, they did whatever they wanted (most times) and everything would always go wrong when I wasn't there. When the doctors listened to me about trying to wean one thing at a time (specifically the FIO2 on the vent) he was able to get his oxygen requirements down to 70%. By morning it was back up to 100%, full vent support. One doctor went behind my back after a conversation we had about "when is all this too much," and contacted the ethics committee about their ability to withdraw, refuse or stop treatments for my husband (because I refused to make him a no code.) At this time I knew the Hospital had no interest in saving my husband and they were giving up on him.

On 1/8/22 my husband's BP, temperature and urine output were very dangerously low. I asked earlier in the day on 1/7/22 about taking cultures and starting antibiotics because clearly, something had changed with his vitals when prior it seemed he was finally making some progress. They told me they were not convinced and they would not start antibiotics. At 9:48 on 1/8/22, Kyle's heart rate, BP and O2 started to tank and he was on 4 medications to raise his blood pressure. His heart stopped & they started CPR. There was no coming back. We were convinced to stop CPR to prevent any further suffering and pain for Kyle. At 9:52 he was gone.

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lol you clown - you f--ked around, now you've found out.


Same thing happened with my husband constantly trying to wean him down and in return he would get irritable and they would instantly put everything back to full max. I truly believe the vent is what killed my husband and was part of the cause as to him getting multiple holes in his lungs. You are not alone. This is the worst thing ever. My husband was only 34 years old.


so very similar too my husbands story. Especially with them constantly trying to wean him off of the meds and then turning everything back on. In my heart I actually believe they stressed his body into a heart attack.


We have tried to find an attorney. They won’t take this cases. Prob have hospitals as THEIR clients. i was told bc of the CARE ACT, they couldn’t win. Protects hospitals from liability and takes patients rights away.


This hospital and ALL others who are practicing this protocol( which seem to be everyone of them) need to be held accountable. Is it possible to contact Frank speech / Stew Peters and get this information out there? I know he has had other family members with similar stories on his show . A campaign to inform and educate the public of the inhuman treatment Somehow needs to begin The public fears OVID. If they begin to realize their life is endangered by those who”claim to be helping “, they may begin the fear hospitals. I have heard physicians flat out say they do not want to care for the unjabbed which completely violates the Do NOT HARM oat…


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