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Sadie's Story

Grand Haven, MI

We miss him terribly and our hearts are ripped into pieces.

They keep killing people all because they're following protocol.

Becoming Ill

"We felt we had no choice and mom called 911."

Three days prior to going to the hospital my dad thought he was sick like my mom had been. He was very tired and didn't have much energy. The next day he was starting to breathe differently, a bit fast but it was sporadic. He said he was just tired and said once again, "I probably have what mom had." On and off he would breathe short and fast. That night he was up late watching TV like normal. My mom got up to go to the bathroom and he said, "Hi honey," like nothing was wrong. The following morning I asked him how he was feeling and he said, "I think I'm feeling better." He hadn't had much of an appetite for about a week but he'd also had it in his mind that he wanted to lose weight. My mom was making him drink chicken broth and tending to him as he did her when she was sick.

She asked him if he wanted to go lay down and he said yes. As she was helping him up from the recliner he couldn't stand on his own and swung around and landed half on the couch. My mom yelled for me, I came downstairs and he was out of it, mostly not responding. My son was home so he came down and helped my mom put my dad back into the chair. We did not want anything to do with the hospital because we've already read and seen so many horror stories. We felt we had no choice and mom called 911.


"You have to leave, we don't know if you have Covid!"

The ambulance came and they said if he doesn't go to the hospital now, he'll die. I told the EMT absolutely NO REMDESIVIR for my dad, my mom quickly agreed and said NO REMDESIVIR. He said ok, I will make a note and tell them when we get to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital they immediately tested my dad for Covid. And wouldn't ya know, he was positive. Even though the CDC has recalled the tests due to the fact they cannot tell you if you are Covid positive. The powers that be are relying on them to drive the numbers


They told my mom it was a very bad (severe) case of Covid. From this point on my mom was the one in the hospital talking to the ER nurse & doctor. As she was looking at the papers the nurse had given her to sign she said I'm not going to sign this waiver because I'm not going to agree with everything you want to do. The nurse snatched it from her and said she'd have to talk to someone about that. She told the nurse NO REMDESIVIR for my husband. As my mom was talking, another nurse came up and said, "You have to leave, we don't know if you have Covid!"

No Advocates Allowed

My mom went out to the car and sat with my husband. As they were sitting there the ER doctor called her and she had him on speakerphone. She told him, do not give my husband REMDESIVIR. He agreed and said no problem, there are other things we can give him. My husband was a witness to this. The second day my dad was in the hospital, my mom had the doctor on speakerphone again. My husband and I were listening to him agree with my mom

not to give my dad REMDESIVIR. That day my dad was right as rain, he was back to normal. He told my mom that he was going to be there for a week or so....that's what the doctor said. "The doctor said he was on my team and he was going to fix me up." My dad asked the doctor for Ivermectin and they said no....something about it not being approved.

That night things took a turn from normal to nightmare. Early the following day the hospital

called my mom and on speakerphone again I heard them tell her that during the night my dad had a severe anxiety attack and tried to pull his tubes and oxygen off. They said they had to restrain him to the bed and give him Morphine and Ativan to calm him, and because he was oxygen hungry. He went from completely normal the previous day to lying there not talking, eating, or being able to get up to go to the bathroom and barely moving. They said this was due to an anxiety attack.

Finally Allowed In

The nurse raised her hands and said, "please don't hold me accountable."

That same day my mom called the hospital to check on my dad, the front desk transferred her call to the head nurses station rather than the ICU. The nurse on duty that day was so sweet and compassionate with my mom and as they talked the nurse said she was going to try and get a waiver for my mom to come up and be with my dad. The next day God answered my mom's prayer and she was able to go and sit with her hubby. (Looking back on this particular point we all believe God knew my father needed my mother there to love him and pray over and for him.)

The very first day (4th day) my mom was able to be with my dad she was there when the nurse was coming in with some meds. My mom asked her what it was and the nurse replied, "REMDESIVIR, he's been getting it since he got here." My mom stood to her feet and said, "What!?" "I specifically told the doctor absolutely no Remdesivir." The nurse raised her hands and said, "please don't hold me accountable." The nurse at that point was trying to educate my mom. My mom in return said she had plenty of information to give her if she wanted it....she didn't want it. My mom demanded to speak with the doctor. The nurse told her he left that day for a week's vacation. The nurse quickly said she wouldn't give that dose or any other doses of REMDESIVIR to him, but now that we have the paperwork from the hospital it shows that he had four doses of the 5-day treatment. So they must have given it to my dad after my mom left the hospital that evening.

What Really Happened

At some point my brother had called the hospital and was asking some questions, the nurse on the phone told him my dad's VIRAL tests came back NEGATIVE. Yet they say he had pneumonia from Covid...a bad case of Covid and they gave him an antiviral, a deadly one at that. On day five a new doctor came in and spent the day evaluating my dad's condition. It wasn't until day 5 with the new doctor that we actually found out that my dad didn't have an anxiety attack but a stroke. From day 2 to day 7 or 8 he knew you were there. He would turn his head towards the phone when someone would talk to him. He would get tears in his eyes. He would squeeze my mom's hand. At no point did my dad have any kind of brain scan.

Day 6 is when my dad was given a PICC line for nutrition. He'd not been getting any nutrients or vitamins at all before that. It was a downhill trajectory at this point. One medicine after another to fix one problem or another. •DRIP STEROID •BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS •ANTIBIOTICS •DIABETES MEDS •BLOOD THINNER •SUGAR WATER •MORPHINE •ATIVAN the list goes on. Problems developed while in the hospital....▪︎Elevated white blood count ▪︎Acute kidney injury ▪︎Cronic hypertension etc...My dad only took vitamins at home, no prescription drugs. (He had comorbidities, he was overweight and he has had a previous heart surgery about 6 years ago. But his doctor told him he had a strong heart, he didn't have any kidney issues or swelling issues.)

No Real Care

"She also noticed how dirty the floors and bathrooms were."

There were a couple of nurses there that were good. The rest were cold and oblivious to the human condition. One nurse was talking to my mother in front of my dad's hospital bed about death and how people just want the oxygen mask off so they can let go. My mom

asked another nurse to clean out his nose so he could breathe better. Never happened. She asked another nurse to swab his mouth because it was so dry. Her reply, "it's just going to get dry again." His face wasn't washed, his eyes were crusted shut. My mom was able to do those things for him while she was there. My mom asked one nurse what is going on here? The nurse replied as she leaned towards my mother, "HE HAS COVID!"

MY dad had wet himself in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The first day my mother was able to go in she noticed a smell. She found my dad's pants rolled up in a ball and put on the window ledge....still there after 4 days. She also noticed how dirty the floors and bathrooms were. Yet they try to make you wear a mask, a face shield, gown, and rubber gloves to be in the same room with your husband. Things weren't getting better for my dad, the doctors were telling my mom he was dying. My daddy was dying. I'm crying as I type this. I still can't believe it.

Saying Goodbye

On Day 9 the doctor called and said she needed to come in because he wasn't sure how long my dad would last. It was later in the evening and they let me, my brother, and mom come to see him and say goodbye. They switched from the Hi-flow big oxygen mask to the small one that goes over the nose. As soon as they took the big mask off my dad's face, his eyes popped open and it seemed as if he was looking right into my brother's eyes. It wasn't long before they shut. We sat with him and sang to him and prayed for him for quite a while. He lasted through the night and the next morning we kissed his head, told him we loved him, and watched my mom's husband of 37 years and our dad take his last breath.

Looking Back

"A beautiful soul that didn't have to go yet....especially this way."

Going over the patient paperwork the doctor put in the notes that REMDESIVIR-possible Toci (Toci was the drug that he said he was going to give my father but later said they didn't have it.) family consented to both. How is a family supposed to cope without their loved one? A beautiful soul that didn't have to go yet....especially this way.

What legal recourse does someone have against a doctor deliberately giving a lethal drug against our wishes? They have to know what side effects each drug has, yet they keep doing it. They keep killing people all because they're following protocol.

That night we were saying goodbye to our dad, the doctor who'd been on vacation and had come back just in time I suppose (in my mind to watch his next victim die) told my brother, "Covid has been keeping me busy." My dad was a proud Marine Veteran, retired from the BNSF railroad as a master machinist. Husband to a beautiful woman. They did everything together. My mom was his cutie pie, he adored her. Father to me and my younger brother, a beautiful daughter-in-law and a great son-in-law. Grandfather to my two boys and my brother's three boys. Loved all of his extended family, loved his brother and his sisters, nieces, and nephews. He loved my husband's family, especially my father-in-law.

My father loved working with wood, he was talented and made beautiful pieces. He was funny and loved to tell you what to do. After my father retired they moved from Nebraska back to Michigan. They have been staying with me and my family for the last 10 months while they looked for a home to buy. We are so thankful for the time we had but it was cut short. He was needlessly taken from us at North Ottawa Hospital in Grand Haven Michigan. We miss him terribly and our hearts are ripped into pieces. John A Sisto • July 15th, 1948 - January 31st, 2022. ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE ~ Semper Fidelis

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So sad. It’s been almost two years since doctors have known that remdesivir is the wrong course of treatment. Why is it still the “protocol”?


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