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Rebekah H.’s Story

Chino, CA

These organization murdered many people for the money!!

I, who cared for her mom and made sure she was in excellent health, am very sad over the loss of my best friend.

The Hospital

“Ruth was given the FLU VACCINE and PNEUMONIA VACCINE. You never give a vaccine to someone who is already sick.”

I was faced with the difficult decision to take my mom to San Antonio Hospital’s ER on 12/4/2020. Ruth presented with pneumonia symptoms. She had a myocardial infarction and as a result she was not getting enough oxygen to her heart, lungs and brain. I was not allowed to go back to the ER with her to help with any information they may need on her health. I also informed the hospital staff that I was my mother’s POA. I was reassured that they would call me and gather all the information they needed, later.

I did not get a returned call until the next day on 12/5/2020 from a woman Infectious Disease Doctor. She informed me that my mom had pneumonia and that they may need to intubate her…and to expect a call from the pulmonary doctor later. She also mentioned convalescent plasma and corona-virus mediation for which I said NO! I asked for an influenza test, which they gave her. I asked for a second corona-virus test, but I did not see any retesting. To continue, according to the records, the ER doctor prescribed Ruth several medications and 2 vaccines…in the ER. Ruth was given the FLU VACCINE and PNEUMONIA VACCINE. You never give a vaccine to someone who is already sick, in a crisis and unable to give consent.

Ruth Ward’s doctor visit on November 3, 2020 was normal and healthy. Kidney, lungs, blood pressure, all was good prior to her admittance to San Antonio Hospital, Upland CA on December 4, 2020.

No Informed Consent

Ruth Ward was physically unable to give INFORMED CONSENT during the ER visit and eventual admittance. She lacked oxygen to her brain, heart and lungs and as noted in her file, was often confused. Even though I am her daughter, I was denied any input into what Ruth Ward’s medical desires were. Nor was Rebekah consulted or notified as to progress by doctors.

They interrupted Ruth’s normally scheduled medications…shocking her body. Another drug prescribed to Ruth was FLOMAX. Flomax is not FDA approved for women. Ruth Ward did not have any preexisting urinating problems. Flomax has 3 critical side effects: LOW BLOOD PRESSURE, TROUBLE BREATHING and ALLERGIC REACTION. She was already on a blood pressure pill & was in respiratory failure. Again, Ruth was unable to give informed consent. They gave Ruth Ward two bags of convalescent plasma…against my wishes and without Ruth Ward’s informed consent.

After the one and ONLY call from a treating physician, December 5 the Infectious Disease doctor let me know my mom was admitted for pneumonia and started to tell me that she was prescribing corona-virus medication. I asked if she tested positive for corona-virus and she said yes. I asked if they had tested for influenza, she said no. I asked that she test my mom for influenza. I also demanded that my mother not receive any corona-virus treatments and to wait for another test. After that call I decided I better record all my calls with the hospital staff. I never received any further communications from any doctor. I asked several times, and I never received any calls from any doctor. The only updates I received were from attending nurses, who could not answer all my questions.


“ Remdesivir is not FDA approved but only has an Emergency Use Authorization-EUA.”

I asked that my mom have the right to try Hydroxychoquin. I was told they were having “better success with Remdesivir '' and they are not treating with Hydroxychloroquine. However, through recent personal studying I found Remdesivir is not FDA approved but only has an Emergency Use Authorization-EUA. Remdesivir causes bradycardia and cardiac arrhythmias. Based on the Clinical Microbiology and Infection - CMI “Serious bradycardia and Remdesivir for corona-virus 2019 (COVID-19): new safety concerns” dated February 26, 2021. My mom’s heart was strong and stable prior to all the different medications, some of which are experimental. There are a plethora of errors that have been made.

Sadly, Ruth passed away December 25, 2020 at 12:38 am. Her family was not ever allowed or invited to visit Ruth when she was alive, but once she died the family was allowed to see her body for only 30 minutes. We were invited onto the 3rd corona-virus floor and into the room she passed away in. She laid there dead. We could not understand why we could not see her the whole time she suffered in a room all by herself for 3 weeks. They knew she was in failure but never mentioned it to us, not once.

Left With Sorrow

Our family is deeply saddened. I, who cared for her mom and made sure she was in excellent health, am very sad over the loss of my best friend. Our family knows there is a serious problem with the covid protocols in hospitals. I included a screenshot of the San Bernardino County hospitals with the highest death rates. Her hospital ranked #1. These organization murdered many people for the money!!

Finally, my mom was a precious soul. She worked for the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District for 35 years and more. She has been honored by the California Senate, and a Golden Apple Award Recipient. She was very generous in her time and with her money. She was devoted to Father God and served him in her church. A mother of two daughters, Catherine Joann and Rebekah Ann. She has 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

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