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Peggy S.'s Story

Macksville, Kansas

He mattered!!! His story needs to be heard.

My heart shattered when he took his last breath and my world became dark and every day is a struggle to want to live.

Covid And The ER

“My husband walked in and was breathing just fine.”

Our story began on November 1, 2021. My husband woke up and went to work that day and

I woke up later to get ready for work. I ended up fainting on the floor, I came to and managed to get back to bed. I texted him and told him I was not feeling good and was staying home from work. He later texted me he was feeling chills and hurt. He came home that evening and I was still in bed with no energy and not even able to get up. He ended up staying home from work along with me and even though he was having chills and body aches he was able to eat and move around and he had to help me go to the bathroom and move. I would literally fall if I stood up.

Finally, on the 7th of November, we went to ER and were given IV fluids and antibiotics. They did chest X-rays, CT scans, and blood work. Other than us not feeling good everything came back good on things. They told us they would call us the next day if we qualified for the infusion that would help us get better faster. The next day we went and once again I had to have help walking and ended up in a wheelchair because I could not breathe well while walking. My husband walked in and was breathing just fine. Yet when we got back to the room, they told him he could not have the infusion because his oxygen level was too low. However, I was able to get it. They put him back in the ER on oxygen and after I was done they sent us home with him on an oxygen tank.

And He Was Gone

The next day he was ok but on the 9th of Nov, he started having problems breathing so he

ended up back in the ER and the next day was sent to Tulsa to OSU. He was on day 10 of having Covid so they isolated him and he was put on a BiPAP machine but he was able to text me. He was tired but doing ok and said they told him his lungs looked good. The doctor would not answer my questions and would not ask me about treatment. Instead, I would be told things after the fact, and when I would ask why she would not answer me. By the 15th he was on a vent and then his kidneys shut down. She also kept changing the date of when I could see him even though he was past isolation.

On Dec 2, she called me and told me he was not going to make it and I needed to come. I was 5 hours away but my sister-in-law and I made it and I was able to be with him 3 hours before he passed. His condition was horrific. We were not allowed choices of treatment and choice of hospitals. He was given Remdesivir. I am not sure that he was not given at the first hospital also. I knew the OSU had given it after the fact. My heart is so broken because my husband fought hard to get better but I also think he knew when they told him they needed to vent him that he was not coming home to his family. He texted me that he loved me and God has this. My husband absolutely did not deserve to be murdered like that.

Protected From Criminal Acts

“Unless I can prove without any unreasonable doubt they killed him by overdoses or fractured nose I had no case.”

I couldn’t even get his medical records because of HIPPA and had to go through so much to be able to get his records. I finally received his medical records from OSU in Tulsa ok. It is so devastating and heartbreaking and sick what they did to him. They gave him medication that shut his kidneys down and they kept giving it to him which basically shut down most of his organs!! His liver was severely damaged. They also pressured fractured his nose which the nurse said was probably from a feeding tube being put in. She said that was extremely poor nursing care. She questioned so much from reading his files. I talked to an attorney and they basically told me that he simply died from Covid and unless I can prove without any unreasonable doubt they killed him by overdoses or fractured nose I had no case. There are a lot of doctors who are doing the best they can to save these people. They are heroes!!!! My husband was healthy and strong!! He absolutely did not deserve any of what happened to him. This is so wrong!!!

He Mattered

“He was my best friend and husband for 31 years.”

He was treated horribly and his family was shoved away. He was denied something that could have helped but they said his oxygen level was low yet he was not breathing with any difficulty and I have talked to many who said they had low oxygen and were allowed it. He was given a drug that is known to have horrific side effects and shut down the lungs, the kidneys, and ends on a vent. His kidneys did shut down. His condition was horrible when I finally saw him. He was my best friend and husband for 31 years. We have children, grandchildren, and one daughter at home still. We had no will and absolutely were not prepared for this. My heart shattered when he took his last breath and my world became dark and every day is a struggle to want to live. I can’t go after the hospitals or doctors. They were not forthcoming and kept information from us until afterward. I am so sick over this. He mattered!!! His story needs to be heard. The hospitals and doctors need to be put out there.

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