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Patty's Story

Winter Garden, FL

They killed my husband Tony.

I Took My Husband to the Hospital

“They gave him that Remdesivir and I had no idea until the last day of him taking this.”

I took my husband to the hospital after he was home for a week trying to get better from COVID. The doctor said he needed to go to the hospital for just oxygen. He never came out. He died in Orlando, FL 9/9/21. I have a google doc with all our texts and I am working on the day-to-day craziness in Orlando Health -Health Central. The rude doctors, the lack of care, the patronizing staff, and doctors asking me over and over "are you in the medical field". They were barely going to keep him overnight, never even giving oxygen for over 13 hours while he sat in the ER. I fought for meds and they said no over and over. They gave him that Remdesivir and I had no idea until the last day of him taking this. That was the downward spiral I saw. They constantly talked to him about "we have done the protocol there is nothing else we can do". Out of the more than 3 weeks in the hospital, he had so many different doctors and nurses. Over that entire time, I only saw 1-2 of the same doctors and 1-2 nurses. New lung, new intensivists, new infectious disease doctor, new respiratory therapists, new traveling nurses over and over. He couldn't even get standard care like getting ice.

This is Not OK

They didn't let me in for 5 days until I just went there and asked for the head doctor and head nurse then they let me in. When I was in there his stats were wonderful and his spirit. One breathing episode he had the next day in front of me, he asked a nurse does that happen sometimes? She said let me tell you we had a 32-year-old very fit guy come in on 2liters of 02 and by the end of the night he was in a body bag. WHAT?!? my husband said wow that was positive?! She laughed and went on her way. That is not ok. When my husband asked an intensivist doctor about a medication he wanted she asked how he knew about that and he said my wife has cardiologist doctor friends she is talking to. She said to him "this is not a cardiac problem. Let the lung doctor and myself deal with this" RUDE to the patient.

They Were Killing Him

“ I told him Remdesivir is killing my husband.”

My husband called AHCA, emailed the governor, emailed the news media, and also looked up his patient rights from his bed gasping for air. He didn't have to die. He was only 55. We were married 31 years. At the end, he was full of fluid, bloated, his kidneys failed, and his heart stopped. When they gave him Remdesivir he didn't have a fever, only shortness of breath. They needed to focus on the lungs. I heard "we are doing the protocol" daily and I heard "we are tired and worn out" daily. I heard from Dr. Santoro (head ICU dr) "we are doing what the FDA approved" I told him Remdesivir is killing my husband. He rolled his eyes. He told me if I took my car to the mechanic would I tell them how to fix it? I said, well... He said answer yes or no. I said well no... he said exactly so stay in your lane and let us the professionals help your husband. He had just shared with me he used to put people on ventilators and they came off but not now. He told me (3 days before he died) he isn't going to make it.

I Fought

I had fought hard for 2 weeks for him not to go on a ventilator but they wanted to do that immediately. One doctor early on (week 1 in the hospital) said nothing more we can do, you just need to get up and walk. His BP was 80/60 how is a person supposed to walk? He told him there is nothing else we can do (NOT TRUE). They wouldn't even give him IV Vit C, D, Zinc. They would always say "those are not proven to work". I said it's better than sitting here, at least it will help him to feel better. We have to stand up together. This is not ok.

Do No Harm

I thought the medical field has an oath, do no harm. They did lots of harm, especially how they treated him. I told the doctor 3 days away from him passing (1 day before vent) he just needs ice can you do that he's texting me it's been over 45m and no ice. It was the only thing in his life that helped. The doctor rolled his eyes and said "we have lots of emergencies". WOW. They were all mostly no life (nurses and doctors) except Dr. Zang. I even asked 2 of the doctors "Would you let your wives just sit here and die like my Tony and not give these other meds?" And without expression, they both said yes. Why do we have hospitals if they all think and believe they will die. They know the "protocol" isn't working but yet they don't want to lose their jobs or licenses and so they let them die. They talk to the patients that way too. This has to stop.

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