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Mary G.'s Story

Washington, UT

I knew about Remdesivir and I kept asking.

I’m sad and I’m sickened and I’m angry.

The Remdesivir

“Her lungs are hardening, she's not gonna recover, it's irreversible.”

In September 2021 my mother went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Covid. I knew about Remdesivir and I kept asking her about what treatment they were giving her. No one would really tell her and then finally when they did they had just given her the last dose. It was a Plano Hospital in Texas. Once she was over Covid she was still on high levels of oxygen she refused to be intubated, they transferred her to a skilled nursing hospital….. I believe it was Vibra. She ended up on two different sources of oxygen, a staff doctor would come in and say oh we’ll get her up moving she should be Home in two weeks. The respiratory doctor happened to come in after his second visit saying the same thing. When my stepdad told her what he said she just looked at me and my sister and shook her head and then pulled us out into the hallway, and said her lungs are hardening, she’s not gonna recover, it’s irreversible… we need to move her to hospice.

It Didn’t Have To Be

We were devastated, My mom was 82 but if you knew my mom we expected her to live well into her hundreds. She was ambulatory and very active socially, she was a light in the darkness. She was removed early in the morning Monday to T Boone Pickens hospice. She was dead by 2 o’clock the next day. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not sickened by what they did to her. My stepdad is alone and super depressed without her. I guess you never get too old to need your mama, but that’s not an option anymore. As a Christian I know that God allowed her to pass the way she did so that we can be with her living in different states. We were able to go be with her in the end, and had she died any other way we wouldn’t have been with her. But it didn’t have to be this way. When has this country ever allowed the government to dictate the protocol of medical care in a hospital? I’m sad and I’m sickened and I’m angry.



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