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Lori's Story

New Lenox, Illinois

My dad was the kind of man who walked into a room and made everyone smile and laugh.

Covid did not kill him, the hospital and their treatment did.

My Dad Became Ill

“He added that my Dad did not meet the criteria for monoclonals.”

My dad became ill on Dec. 9th. I brought a self-test to his home and tested him. He was doing quite well with home treatment: Hydroxychloraquine, NAC, vitamin C, D3, Melatonin, ZInc, cough medicine. I reached out to his PCP on the 3rd day to run by them what he was taking and to ask if they could prescribe a steroid and a Zpack. I was told by the PCP on call they do not do that. I then asked about monoclonal antibodies and was told I would have to reach out o his PCP on Monday.

I called the office again on Monday. I received a call back that evening as I asked again for a steroid, Zpack, and if monoclonal antibodies could be arranged. I was told no. He added that my Dad did not meet the criteria for monoclonals. I asked what the criteria was and he told me he needed to have saturation below 90%. The pulse ox I brought over to my dad was showing high 90's. None of this made sense to me.

Because of my dad's age, 79, I was not content with doing nothing and just what I was currently doing. My husband and I were trying to find any doctor that would prescribe a

steroid. The next evening we did find a PCP who we knew who was willing to prescribe the steroid and antibiotic. We were going to pick it up on the next day which was Wednesday, Dec. 15th. That morning I checked in with my dad and did not like what he was telling me or how he sounded. I stopped there to check on him and his pulse ox was only 88 -90. He looked ashen and very fatigued. I could not get his pulse ox up more than 91%. I ended up having to call 911. Something I NEVER WANTED TO DO knowing what they do to people.

I Was Told to Leave

We sat in the ER for over 10 hours. No fluids, just a chest x-ray, and blood work. I was told I had to leave him there once an afternoon shift worker discovered I was there with my dad. I disagreed with her and told her I was not leaving my dad alone. She told me she would call security on me if I did not leave. I told my dad I was only going to go outside until I figured this out. Once outside my husband and I contacted the doctor we knew if he could access the chest x-ray to make a decision if we should continue waiting or take my dad back home. He told us to stay as there were some opacities on the x-ray indicative of mild pneumonia.

We decided to go get at least the steroid that we were planning to give my dad that day before all the need to go to ER occurred. We felt at least we could be doing something to help my dad while he waited to be seen by an MD. When we came back to ER, I was told by other people waiting in ER that my dad had fallen. (ONE REASON WHY I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE HIM ALONE BUT THEY MADE ME LEAVE). He finally got brought back at 9 pm. At 1 am that morning I finally got to speak to the ER attending. They had only given him some fluids at this time and STILL no steroids. In fact, I had to ask them to give him some. Once my dad was admitted, the hell journey began.

Refused Treatment That Works

“I asked for Budesinide and was told they do not give that.”

He was given terrible care and we were not allowed to see him as well. I am a RN. I called every day three times a day to get updates. I refused REMDESIVIR as I asked the Pulmonologist for the benefit versus the risk. He could not give me any info. I asked for Budesinide and was told they do not give that. I asked for Ivermectin and the FLCC protocol. They told me the only thing they give is Decadron and Remdesivr. I refused the Remdesivir. My poor dad was coughing nonstop. Whenever we would call him he could not carry on a conversation because of his coughing. I told him to save his energy. I called the nurse and she told me he was not asking for any cough medicine. I told them to SCHEDULE IT around the clock that a 79-year-old man is NOT going to ask. Every aspect of his care was horrific.

The Remdesivir

“They told him that if he went home he would die.”

I asked about nutrition and they never addressed it until 3 days before he passed away. They were starving him. He began to require more O2. The pulmonologist called me and said he was declining and he needed to get the Remdesivir. Against my better judgment, I finally gave in since they said that was all they had. (Meanwhile, we were actively trying o get an attorney so we could get into the hospital and try to give my dad Ivermectin but with a week of holiday, the courts were closing. Another dead end. There were times when it appeared the reports I was getting from SOME nurses was that my dad was doing better. Then all of the sudden I would get a terrible report. A nurse on day shift even told my dad, who was asking for them to call me because he wanted to go home, told him that if he went home he would die.

He ended up being transferred to ICU and then on a BiPAP. Eventually, he was needing blood transfusions for bleeding. I questioned the Remdesivir for the bleeding. They told me it was not related. IT IS A SIDE EFFECT. My dad needed three blood transfusions and even

then I had to ask for one on Christmas Eve. They wanted to wait until next day and he already dropped to 7.0 that day. It was ridiculous. My dad ended up going into renal failure )HIS KIDNEYS WERE FUNCTIONING AT 100% pre-admission and pre REMDESIVIR). When I noticed his renal labs were creeping up earlier in the week I asked for a renal consult. It took three days. By the time he got one the following day, he was in renal failure. We were told he had an 80% mortality and they wanted to know if we wanted him still on the vent. They told us he was at great risk for a massive heart attack.

Making the Decision

We made the heartbreaking choice to let my dad have peace and no more suffering. It was one of the hardest decisions to have to make. My dad was the kind of man who walked into a room and made everyone smile and laugh. He looked at life with the glass half full perspective. He was appreciative of everything. Our hearts are broken. He lost my mom two years before all this to pancreatic cancer. I kept my dad healthy for over 21 months of this PANDEMIC. Covid did not kill him, the hospital and their treatment did. I will not rest until these people are held responsible for what they are doing.

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Bob D
Bob D
Feb 16, 2022

You are right about the Remdesivir. Seems to me that many people who get it go into renal failure. We can thank Dr. Fauci for all of this. He is an evil person. I am very sorry for your loss.


Tony Clarke
Tony Clarke
Feb 14, 2022

I am so sorry for you & your family, I think do no arm, They seem to have adopted a policy of do nothing!

Replying to

Exactly. They need to pay for crimes against humanity.


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