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Liz's Story

Sugar Land TX and Houston TX

In loving memory of Kevin Ray Dewey, June 13, 1962 – August 19, 2021

Murdered by the medical establishment that chose profit over the lives they were entrusted to save.

Sent Home to Get Worse

“He had a virus of unknown origin, but not Covid.”

Kevin began to feel ill on July 12, 2021. He loved to travel and had planned a trip for him and me to go to Charleston, SC while our son was on his two-week summer drill with the United States Marine Corps Reserves. As the week went on, he felt sicker so we canceled our vacation and planned to reschedule when he felt better. He thought he had a cold or sinus infection so, on Friday, July 16, he called our family physician who refused to see him because he had a fever of 101 degrees. He went to urgent care where they ran a Covid test and proclaimed he had a virus of unknown origin, but not Covid. I was relieved that it wasn’t Covid. They sent him home to drink fluids and rest.

By Monday, July 19, he felt even worse so I took him to another urgent care, and again they found no Covid and diagnosed that he had pneumonia and prescribed various antibiotics and an inhaler. It took an entire day for Walgreens to fill his prescriptions because the pharmacist was tasked with giving Covid shots as her priority. Despite my many protests about how long it was taking to get his prescriptions filled, Walgreens didn’t care.

On Tuesday, July 20, he asked me to take him to the ER because he was feeling even worse. We went to Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Texas hospital (MH) where we waited between 5 and 6 hours to be seen. The ER was full and I continually went to the desk asking for Kevin to be seen because he had pneumonia. The desk continually said the ER staff in the back triaged all patients so he would be seen at the appropriate time. While we sat there for hours, I researched Covid treatment on my phone and found a doctor in Houston who was treating in a hospital with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. I had no knowledge that he wouldn’t be treated appropriately at Memorial Hermann but mentioned the hospital in Houston to Kevin and asked if he wanted to go there since the wait at MH was so long. He said he felt too bad to travel to Houston so we stayed at MH.

The Positive Test

Finally, we got called back and they did a Covid test which showed positive at which time they made me leave his side and go back to the waiting room. They observed him and decided to admit him for observation and oxygen since his oxygen was lower than they wanted it to be. On Wednesday the 21st, I woke up knowing that I too had Covid so I went to the ER for a Covid test and it was positive. Wednesday afternoon, they released Kevin stating that he had improved so I picked him up.

On Thursday morning July 22, I woke up to Kevin sitting in the chair in the living room and he felt so bad he asked me to call an ambulance or take him back to MH hospital. I drove him to the hospital. Kevin NEVER complained and in fact, was actually waiting for me to wake up to ask me to take him to the hospital. He never complained the entire 25 years I knew him. He was such a smart, sweet, caring soul with a quick wit and keen sense of humor. I drove him to the ER and couldn’t go in with him because of my Covid diagnosis. Neither of us knew I was dropping him off to be murdered by lack of effective treatment and that I would never see him again until he was near death. Visitors were not allowed.

Tring to Get Treatments

“The doctors at MH were horrible, uncaring, and negative.”

My sister and brother-in-law brought me some Hydroxychloroquine that my brother-in-law got for me from a friend of his on day 4 after my diagnosis. I spoke with a nutritionist that Kevin and I went to near our house. He suggested I contact Dr. Stella Immanuel with American Frontline Doctors and get prescribed her Covid protocol which I did over the weekend on July 25. Dr. Immanuel called everything into Walgreens for me and I started the protocol on Monday, July

26. Once I saw the protocol I was getting, I begged the doctors at MH hospital to give my husband the same. Every doctor I talked to refused, most said the protocol didn’t work or it wasn’t hospital protocol. Even if they wanted to prescribe those meds, they weren’t allowed. Then I ordered the protocol on Kevin’s behalf through Dr. Immanuel thinking the hospital would have to give it. They again refused.

The doctors at MH were horrible, uncaring, and negative. They clearly didn’t want to save my husband’s life. Kevin remained in MH hospital for about 3.5 weeks being given the deadly Remdesivir and being deprived of nutrition. On Wednesday, August 12, the nurse called and asked for permission for the doctor to insert a feeding tube. That was 3 weeks since he had eaten so on top of a murderous protocol, they were starving him. I have no idea what else they were doing to him because I was sick with Covid and they closed the ICU to all visitors.

After about 3 weeks in the MH ICU, the hospital case manager called me to say that the insurance company was requesting that Kevin be moved to a LTC facility and she gave me a few to choose from. I sought the advice of a medical professional I know and she did some research and suggested one in particular. Finally, I was hopeful that the LTC facility would actually treat Kevin using the protocol I had. The case manager at the LTC hospital promised me that his hospital likes to work with families and would welcome my input into his care and treatment.


“Different “House Managers” had different rules.”

A couple of days before his transfer to LTC, one of the MH doctors called me to say there was another option I should consider and that was hospice. I got upset at that doctor's attitude and suggestion and told him that unlike him, I had not given up on my husband so I was not considering hospice. Kevin was moved to the LTC facility by ambulance on August 14. I went in my car and waited for the ambulance to arrive and was allowed to see him briefly a couple of hours after his arrival. He had lost a lot of weight and was heavily sedated for over 3 weeks on the vent and had no feeding tube until just a couple of days before his transfer to the LTC facility. Since the LTC hospital was more open to me visiting I thought I could see him every day but right at that time, the CDC increased its quarantine period from 10 days to 20 days so I had to fight to see him there. Different “House Managers” had different rules.

The nurses there told me Kevin was very strong and had a tremendous will to live however he was the sickest Covid patient they had seen come into their facility. No less than 4 different departments asked me if he has a DNR and I said no he didn’t. Each department said all his charts and paperwork they received from MH Hospital showed him having a DNR so they needed to confirm. Finally, the NP who was treating him asked the same question about the DNR. The staff at the LTC facility never changed his chart to show he did not have a DNR and she made that correction.

The Day My World Shattered

On Wednesday, Aug. 18 (my birthday), I finally got to speak to the NP who was treating Kevin. I asked her to treat him with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and vitamin IVs. She too refused just like the MH Hospital doctors. She said he was struggling with sepsis and also had not peed at all that day. She said they would give me IV Lasix to help him clear the fluid that was building up and if that didn’t work they would need to start dialysis. The fluid build-up also caused his heart to struggle with not beating strongly enough on one side so they would give him medication for that.

That night, the NP called me to say the issues were getting worse and she would give him “IV adrenaline” and she would call me back with an update soon. She called back and said he was stabilized again and they would remove the sedation as the sedation can cause problems. The next morning at 8:30 am (Aug. 19) the nurse called and said he hadn’t peed all night (now 24 hours without peeing!) so they needed permission to insert the dialysis tube which I gave. At 8:40 the nurse called me again and said he coded while they were trying to insert the tube and the staff was working on him. At 9:05 am the nurse called me to say that they could not save him and he died at 8:56 am on Thursday, August 19. The day that my world was shattered.

In loving memory of Kevin Ray Dewey

June 13, 1962 – August 19, 2021

Sadly missed by his wife of 24 years, Liz Dewey, and son Alexander Dewey.

Murdered by the medical establishment that chose profit over the lives they were entrusted to save.

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So sorry for your loss Liz, my son whom they've murdered in the hospital was heavily sedated and didn't passed urine after he was vented and sedated. The day before he was vented and sedated(he was only in the hospital for 2 half days), he passed a lot of urine and it wasn't a problem. He too had sepsis from the hospital. There's no coincident.


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