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Levi's Story

Live Oaks, TX

My mom, Deborah Phillips, was a healthy and active 66-year-old woman and could have beat this.

Don't let your loved ones take REMDESIVIR.

The ER

“She was immediately given the loading dose of Remdisiver.”

My mom went into the hospital on 1-12-22 with Covid symptoms and she was immediately given the loading dose of Remdisiver that evening after being admitted. She became unresponsive at 6 am the 13th even though the night before she was talking and acting better after receiving IV antibiotics and fluids. They then intubated her, and she started to decline rapidly from there.

Organ Failure

I sat at her side watching this all unfold till that evening when I went home to rest. Early the next morning, the 14th, I missed a call from the hospital. I called them back and I was told my mom was having a massive heart attack and they needed my permission to take her to the cath lab and do a procedure. Then I heard someone in the background say "no-no she's too weak to do anything for her and she's having total organ failure too!" They had no true idea she was having "total organ failure" they just knew that because that is what this medication (Remdesivir) does and that's how it kills.

Saying Goodbye

“I was lucky though, I got to hold her hand.”

I then hung up and made a 15 min trip to the hospital in 7 minutes and ran to be by her side. My mom was in a massive heart attack from 7 am till her time of death at 9:48 am. I was lucky though, I got to hold her hand and talk her through it and let her know that I and my family would be ok. I was able to have her sister call and talk to her over the speakerphone as well as my wife and kids. They all got to say goodbye. As I sat there holding her hand and rubbing her head I told her to not fight anymore, to do what she was against, and basically give up because the medicine Remdesivir had already done so much irreparable damage. I told her to just go be with Our Lord and Savior Jesus and to not hurt anymore.

She Was Gone

“At that instant, I realized I'd never see my mom again.”

I watched her heart rate drop from 176 to 0 and she was gone. At that instant, I realized I'd never see my mom again, never hug or hold her, never watch her cook or watch her talk to my kids or play with them, no more birthdays, no more holidays. All these things were just stolen from me and my family for a paycheck, a protocol, and a statistical number.

Refuse Remdesivir

My mom was a healthy and active 66-year-old woman and could have and WOULD have beat this 100% but they had other plans. Don't let your loved ones take REMDESIVIR and if they tell you that's the only treatment for your loved one... immediately take them out of their care and find a place that will treat them with antibodies, ivermectin, and HCQ. The picture is of my mom and I at Christmas, may she forever rest in peace, and may her story save your loved one from the same fate.


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I'm so, so sorry you lost your beloved mom 🥺

I'm sitting just shaking my head over all the senseless deaths because of greed and hospital protocols..i hope they can live with themselves..they must not have a do they sleep at night?

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