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Kimberley's Story

We found out my sister had Covid when they gave her the shot.

She worked as a caregiver, so they told her she had to get the shot

The ER

“Within two days she couldn't breathe.”

I lost my sister on Dec 2. She worked as a caregiver, so they told her she had to get the shot, and because she didn't want to lose her benefits, she complied. Within two days she couldn't breathe, and she said so she had her son drive her to St. Francis hospital in Colorado Springs. They admitted her for Covid and low oxygen. My 82 yr. old mother was already there, she had gotten Covid from my sister and she was hoping to get the antibodies. Because her oxygen was too low, she was disqualified but they decided to keep her in the ER as well, soon both ended up in ICU.

My mother has Medicare my sister had Medicaid, just saying. My sister's oxygen stayed at an extremely low level, and they kept her on a Bi pap. My mother started getting better and it seems she wasn't too bad just low oxygen and weakness in her legs. Within the first week, mother was doing well, and they were working on her walking. They admitted her to rehab, and she was doing well and was home in two weeks.


My sister on the other hand was not doing so well and they were giving her everything. I personally don't know what she was given as her son and daughter were the only ones able to get any information, doctors would not talk to me, they were keeping her on oxygen, and she stayed in ICU for three weeks. She had extreme anxiety and could not stand ICU. They finally moved her out of ICU into a room with a view and tried to keep her oxygen levels up. She said she was doing so much better, and it looked like she would be going to rehab and finally able to go home.

Denied Treatment

“They said she may have died from a heart attack.”

Her son visited with her on Monday and my sister spoke to my mom about the rehab center that she went to. She spoke to her daughter then at 9:30 in the morning on Tuesday they called and told my nephew she had died. They said she may have died from a heart attack, or the steroids may have caused blood clots in her lungs WTH. The doctors were not really trying to get her up and moving, she was bedridden the whole time. I had asked for Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and doctors told my niece they don't do those medications there.

Did They Use Remdesivir?

“I believe politics killed my sister.”

We found out my sister had Covid when they gave her the shot. Did they use Remdesivir? My sister was fine before the shot I feel she would have been fine had she not gotten the shot and exacerbated by the other drugs. My husband and I both had Covid no "vaccine" I'm 59 pre-diabetic overweight and I smoke. My husband is so much healthier so at 70 it just felt like the flu to him. My mother at 82 has all kinds of underlying conditions and is not vaxxed either.

I believe politics killed my sister. I can't tell you how mad I am at this, watching her grown children lose their mother and the heartache they are going through, the anger of her 7 yr. old grandchild, my mother beside herself losing her child, as well as myself her brothers, and others. We are getting the medical records and I do believe this was malpractice, malfeasance negligence. I just can't believe what our world has become!

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