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Kellie's Story

Aurora, IL

Be informed and stand up for what is right! It will save lives!

Today Tom is back to work doing very well completely back to normal.

Learning About Remdesivir

“To this day she’s still suffering from side effects of Remdesivir.”

My family and I live in Aurora, Illinois. In mid August 2021 my mom 76 years of age was admitted to the hospital with Covid symptoms and after testing positive. My family approved of my mom being treated with Remdesivir. To this day she’s still suffering from side effects of Remdesivir. If I knew then what I know now I would’ve never approved of her being treated with Remdesivir. After my mom‘s discharge from the hospital a family friend called me to check on my mom. At the end of our conversation she mentioned that her church in Sheridan was holding a meeting to share information about Covid that following Sunday. I made it a priority to attend that meeting. Michelle shared information and data that she had discovered from hours and hours of research. At one point she shared how Remdesivir is being used to treat Covid and the long-term side effects of this treatment. It slowly shut down the lungs, liver and kidney. I immediately became concerned about my mom. Who would know that four months later I would be going through a similar situation with my husband.

Budesonide Works

My husband started with symptoms and as each day passed was feeling worse and eventually tested positive for Covid. Then on Sunday I sent a message to Michelle asking her for her advice. She suggested that I check out We had a zoom meeting with a Covid coach. Michelle and Jody, Covid coach, suggested that we contact Dr. Meehan in Tulsa and she shared a Covid protocol and helpful resources with us. In the meantime we started nebulizer treatments of Budesonide. We called Dr. Meehan and his nurse returned our call. She had me get a pulse oxygen reader to check his level. When we checked he was at 82. Michelle advised us to go to the emergency room and advised us to ask for fluids, chest x-ray, nebulized budesonide, high doses of vitamin C, Clarithromycin and to refuse Remdesivir, sedation and ventilation. She also told me to ask for the hospital’s patient’s bill of rights and to remain calm and in control. Tom took all of his vitamins and supplements to the hospital with him, along with what Ivermectin we had in the house for prophylactic measures. He was admitted to the hospital. I printed the FLCCC alliance hospital treatment protocol for COVID-19 patients, a database report of all Ivermectin COVID-19 studies, the Indian bar association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin article, and the University of Iowa lead observational study revealed Remdesivir can lengthen hospital stay and not contribute survival article, all provided on the website and gave them to Tom‘s doctor.

Doctors and Deception

“After checking with Michelle we found out that Acterma is being used to replace Remdesivir since the public is catching on to Remdesivir.”

I insisted that according to the patient’s bill of rights we work together for his treatment. I insisted that he be put on Ivermectin but his doctor said that he couldn’t do that because there is data to show that it is not effective. I’m sure his refusal was due to Pritzker insisting pharmacies not to fill these prescriptions. I continued to push the Ivermectin and nebulized Budesonide but they refused. Tom did have Ivermectin with him from home, so he took what he had. He was put on high flow oxygen, took what Ivermectin he had, did deep breathing exercises and tummy time as Michelle advised us. I worked with a patient advocate and requested an ethics board committee meeting to get what Tom needed. The second day in the hospital his infectious disease doctor wanted to start him on Actemra, which we refused. She became very angry with us and at one point was shaking her finger in Tom’s face and yelling at him that if he didn’t accept the Actemra, by infusion, he should expect to be in the hospital for another month. After checking with Michelle we found out that Acterma is being used to replace Remdesivir since the public is catching on to Remdesivir. She became very angry during our phone conversation and left the room during our phone conversation and never returned to Tom’s room during his stay.

At one point Tom’s primary doctor told him “I can’t prescribe Ivermectin but if your wife has some at home have her send it to you.” Tom had taken all the Ivermectin that he took with him to the hospital and we were waiting for the shipment. Over the next three days Tom was slowly taken off oxygen and discharged from the hospital, to come home on level one of oxygen. We worked with four doctors over his stay at the hospital and all of them were questioning what we were up to. They were asking “Are you up to some sneaky business?” Nurses would inspect his vitamins on a daily basis. They seemed to be very shocked and even a little upset that he was doing so well and coming home so quickly. No one at the hospital could explain or understand his quick recovery, when many other patients were there on ventilators and many of them not surviving.

Knowledge Is Life Saving

“Families fight for your loved ones!”

Today Tom is back to work doing very well completely back to normal. We are thankful for people like Michelle and doctors like Dr. Meehan who are doing their best to spread the word and save lives. It is very obvious that the hospitals, government, and medical field people are going along with what they’re told instead of following the best practice for patients. Families fight for your loved ones! Be informed and stand up for what is right! It will save lives!

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