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Keila W.'s Story

York, PA

We believe that he wasn't treated properly because he was unvaccinated.

Why would there be an incentive for a death? How about an incentive to save a life!

Feeling Sick

“He walked into the hospital with O2 sats in the low 90s and he had a fever.”

My 57-year-old, healthy dad had just retired one week prior to presenting with covid symptoms. He owned a roofing business and worked hard his entire life. My parents had celebrated 34 years of marriage and they were looking forward to enjoying their retirement together. He was the father of 3, 2 sons and 1 daughter and grandfather to 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, who was just 4 months old. He loved his family, and he was always there for us. He was my go-to for advice, the strongest person I knew, and could always make us laugh.

My dad had no preexisting conditions and never took any medications. He became short of breath a few days after starting symptoms. He walked into the hospital with O2 sats in the low 90s and he had a fever. He was given a nasal cannula and was feeling pretty good. The next day he asked my mom to have us kids call him because he didn't think he was going to make it. I was shocked when she said this and thought he was overreacting. I called him and he said in the middle of the night several nurses came running in his room and rolled him onto his stomach because his oxygen had dropped so low. From this day on he was given more and more oxygen, hi-flow, bi-pap, and eventually the ventilator.


I kept in constant contact with my mom to see what was going on. I couldn't stand not being there to see what was happening/not able to monitor my dad and make sure he was ok. I have a medical background and I wanted to be able to advocate for him and make sure he was getting all that he needed, to make sure he survived. He did receive one dose of monoclonal antibodies and was told he was lucky to get that dose. He was also given Remdesivir and other medications that I cannot recall. My mom did ask them about Hydroxychloroquine but was told they had no proof that it worked. I was a physical therapist and they always preached to us to get people out of bed to avoid pneumonia, yet he stayed in bed 24/7 unless he got up to use the bathroom. He laid in a prone position for 6 days straight. He didn't even have a TV to distract him, it was on the wall behind him, so he laid there all those days thinking about life and wondering if he was going to die. My brother suggested we make a collage of pictures to remind dad what he was fighting for since we couldn't be there to support him. When my mom took the collage in, he couldn't even look at it because he was so upset. I believe he knew he was going to die, and he didn't want to leave us, not yet. The FaceTime calls stopped because he didn't want us to see him like that.

Hopeless In The Hospital

“We didn't want him to die alone.”

August 29 is the day my dad was told he needed to go on the ventilator if he wanted a chance to live. The Doctor allowed his 3 children to see him for an hour. That walk to the ICU was the longest walk of my life. As soon as I saw him, I broke out into tears, he started shaking his head and hands no because he was getting upset and was struggling to breathe. Seeing my dad struggle like that haunts me, it was the most horrible thing that I have ever seen. I could not believe it had come to this. The Dr. said his inflammation was down to zero, I thought he was improving. Dad pushed us to get the vaccine because he didn't want any of us to end up like him. I know they made him feel like it was his fault he was in this situation because he wasn't vaccinated but how many people have died that were fully vaccinated? I don't think it would have made a difference in the outcome. He told us to help our mom and to have fun on the vacation he had planned for all of us.

I'll never forget my dad signing the paper he asked mom to write to keep him on the ventilator as long as he had a chance to live or the way he looked at us in the hallway through the window from his room as we left. I hate what my dad went through and that he knew he was going on that ventilator. He told my mom as he was crying that he was scared, and he didn't want to leave the hospital in a body bag. We kept waiting for the phone call from the Dr. that the procedure was done but never got the call. My mom called in and spoke to the nurse who said they wanted to give him more time on the bi-pap before going on the ventilator. This was great news! Dad still had a chance. The next morning dad texted my mom, "they are going to do it today" She rushed into the hospital so he could facetime us all one last time. He waved goodbye to me and I told him I loved him and we will see you in a couple days. From what the Dr. said I thought his lungs just needed a break for a few days. He looked and felt fine, he was just short of breath. The next day his chest x-ray showed significant improvement and I thought for sure my dad was coming home. I couldn't wait until he woke up and knew he had made it.

The day after that we were told he now had a hole in his lungs and needed a chest tube. A few days later we were told his lung was leaking air into his body and he would need to be transferred to a better hospital for a blowhole procedure. The transport was risky, but it was his only chance. This new hospital found several issues that the first hospital had missed. They gave him a 10% chance of living. He had blood clots in his lungs, sepsis and MRSA. How did the first hospital miss that? I believe they pushed him to the side because he was not vaccinated. The Dr. encouraged my mom to make him a DNR so she did, we trusted what the doctors were saying. My grandma did not want to travel the distance to the new hospital, so I was allowed to be the second visitor. I was so afraid to see my dad on the ventilator but so grateful I was able to be there for him, fighting for him. Afterall, he was fighting like hell for us. He eventually ended up with 2 more chest tubes. It was a rollercoaster of good and bad days. September 11 my mom and I didn't want to leave him because his oxygen on 100% support had dipped into the 80s. We didn't want him to die alone.

Murder For Money

“Hospitals were getting money for people that died from covid.”

The next morning, she got the call to come in, that his body was shutting down. His kidneys were failing, heart rate rising, BP dropping, and his stomach was rejecting nourishment. They allowed my brothers to come in to say goodbye. I'm not sure why it was only 2 people all that time and now that he's about to die it was ok (although I am grateful my brothers got to say goodbye). My mom decided to remove life support because she didn't want him to suffer anymore. He had been through so much and was told he would die either way. We held his hands and told him how much we loved him as we watched him take his last breath. We requested his medical records after his death and what we received was a joke. It was a few pages mostly lab values and a few days of vitals. No chest x-rays which we specifically requested.

He arrived at the hospital August 22, and we believe that he wasn't treated properly because he was unvaccinated. The FDA did not approve the vaccine until after he was already in the hospital. That day was the beginning of his murder. All the procedures that were or WEREN'T done during his three weeks in the hospital lead to his demise and us to make the decision to turn off his life support. We will always believe they did not care to save him because he wasn't vaccinated. Hospitals were getting money for people that died from covid. Why would there be an incentive for a death? How about an incentive to save a life! Maybe more people would have lived.



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