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Joyce W.'s Story

Pittsburgh, PA

Once Remdesivir is administered, they die from that poisoning and not of COVID. Multi-organ failure

We had just returned from a month-long camping trip to Maine where we walked 3 miles a day, fished and golfed.

The ER

“I don’t believe my husband actually had COVID and neither does my PCP. We know the PCR test doesn't work and was never designed to test for COVID-19.”

My husband, Nelson, was 78 and extremely active and healthy. We had just returned from a month long camping trip to Maine where we walked 3 miles a day, fished and golfed. Shortly after we returned home in early August, he was feeling a bit under the weather, so we promptly visited our PCP. Our PCP examined him and saw no cause for alarm. Over the weekend, he still felt not great and was not eating or drinking enough, thus he became dehydrated.

Consulting with our PCP again, he ordered an antibiotic and we scheduled another appointment for the next day. At this appointment, his blood pulse oxygen was fine and his lungs were clear. Other than being weak from dehydration, he exhibited no signs of difficult breathing. Upon our doctor’s recommendation, we went to the ER for fluids to deal with the issue at hand. The ER nurse inquired about Nelson’s “Vaccination Status”. We told her he had taken the first Pfizer shot, but stopped after that. When told he had to take a COVID test, I voiced my strong opposition. I already knew the PCR tests were never designed to test for COVID, nor did the CDC/ FDA have an actual COVID sample to benchmark against. The entire PCR testing is fraught with errors, but I was told that if I did not agree to the test, they would put him in the COVID ward anyway. I reluctantly agreed and of course, it came back positive. To this day, I still don’t know how many cycles they ramped it up to in order to guarantee a positive result.

Premeditated Murder

When they went to move him to his room at 2:00 a.m., I inquired about visiting hours. I was told I would not be able to see him. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have taken him home right then and there, but as we are always programmed to trust hospitals and doctors, I did not really consider that would be the last time I would ever see my husband again. It was. The next morning, August 18, a doctor called and told me that they had to put him on high flow Oxygen. I stated that this made no sense as he wasn’t even on any oxygen in the emergency room. How could his status have deteriorated that quickly? Now I realize that they normally prescribe sedatives to create breathing issues, thus continuing on with the death protocol. More money in their pockets.

Within two days, he had been moved from the high flow oxygen to a Bi-pap machine. He wasn’t eating because of the Bi-pap machine and they were not feeding him. His confusion was increasing and every request I had made for Ivermectin, HCQ, IV vitamin C and other vitamins as well as fenofibrate, Regeneron, budesonide and other additional medications had all been denied. The hospitalist coerced me into giving verbal approval for Remdesivir as they had turned down every other proven med. This was my second fatal mistake. I would not know that this was a coordinated premeditated murder attack on our family members until 1 week after he had passed away.

Lack of Care and Communication

“What they did not tell me until later, was that they could not intubate him as they thought he had a blockage in his throat.”

The days continued from there with only short updates from a nurse or nurse’s assistant once a day if I was lucky, normally only after multiple attempts to reach the nurse. Always the same, no better, no worse, he was holding his own. By Friday August 27th, I was feeling hopeful he had turned a corner for the better when the floor nurse told me they were beginning to wean him off the bi-pap. Good news finally, I rejoiced. Soon I could bring him home or so I thought.

Saturday morning, the bottom fell out of my world. I had a call from a doctor that his breathing had dropped and they had moved him to ICU and placed him on a ventilator. What they did not tell me until later, was that they could not intubate him as they thought he had a blockage in his throat, so they did a tracheotomy.

I don’t know how long he was without oxygen, but my thoughts are it was for quite a while. When I called the ICU unit later that night, the night shift nurse told me they were concerned about potential neurological issues. Again, that was the first time I was told about that. Sunday I was able to call in and talk to him, although he could not answer due to the heavy sedation and the tracheotomy. Monday morning, August 30th I had a call from a kidney specialist telling me they wanted to start dialysis. I approved and thought it would commence immediately. They waited until Tuesday August 31 to start. Later that day, I received a call from palliative care to schedule a meeting. I thought it was about plans for his care after he came off the vent, but my thoughts were wrong.

Not Allowed to Say Goodbye

“Death row inmates and their families are treated with more civility than the families of so-called COVID patients.”

In the early hours of August 31, I received a call from the ICU PA to tell me that they couldn’t get his blood pressure stabilized. They asked permission to try a third medication to bring his blood pressure up – I said yes, but what do you mean a third medication. Again, I was not told that he had already been given two meds prior to my receiving the call. An hour later, I received a call that there was only more med they could try and that I had better come to the hospital. If they could not keep his blood pressure stabilized, they could not do dialysis. I was allowed to go back to the ICU and look at my husband lying there through a glass window. Then they told me the palliative care team, otherwise known as HOSPICE, wanted to talk with me and get my permission to remove him from the ventilator. I was told I could not be in the room with him to say goodbye, kiss him one last time and hold his hand, but I could watch him die from the hall through that window.

The inhumanity and total lack of care and communication is and has been unbelievable for me to understand and accept. Death row inmates and their families are treated with more civility than the families of so called COVID patients. I say so called as none of us know for sure if they even had COVID given the falsities of the PCR test. And once Remdesivir is administered, they die from that poisoning and not of COVID. Multi-organ failure – how can we be the only country using this poison and how can the medical staff continue to pursue this treatment knowing that very few survive it. They know, they have to know. I waited in the waiting room with close friends for the word that he had passed away. I just couldn’t bring myself to look through a glass window as they murdered him. Nurse Audra delivered the news that they turned off the ventilator at 9:50 a.m. and he passed away at 9:51a.m. After receiving the notification, my friends asked the ICU nurse that was with him, how many people had survived the ICU and Ventilator at this hospital since covid began in 2020. She held up her hand with 5 fingers extended. Five in over 20 months. This is medical malpractice and premeditated murder at the very least. The families lose loved ones and the hospitals get huge payouts. Murder for money and the families have zero recourse. It is time for congress to remove hospital immunity and allow the victim’s families to pursue legal options.

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