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Jessica's Story

San Antonio, TX

He was strong, all he needed was a little bit of help and everyone refused him.

Walter Schott my 60-year-old father was a healthy man.


“….begging them to try many medications that have worked for others.”

Imagine this... your healthy and active 60-year-old father falls ill with COVID. He started his vitamin regimen, antibiotic, steroid, and ivermectin at home, but he needed oxygen, so you take him to a place with professionals who can take way better care of him than you can (You think).

They are going to give him the medication and oxygen he needs to fight this sickness and then you are going to bring him home and help him finish the fight. You get him there and their protocol isn’t working for him. They do not continue what he was taking at home. You are desperate because days and days are going by and you are watching him struggle to breathe more and more each day. He is wondering if he is ever going to get any good news from them. You are begging them to try many medications that have worked for others but they refuse because it is not in their protocol.

And Then He’s Gone

Finally, your father's fight is too much for him to do awake so he has to be put on a ventilator so he can rest and do the healing his body needs to do. The day he does, you go home to find out about a treatment that another man received at the same hospital just months earlier, AND it saved his life. So, you immediately start the process to get this treatment and your father's primary care physician gets it ordered. BUT then imagine that the hospital won't let you administer it. They refuse to do it, you cannot move your dad to another facility, and they won't let anyone in there like the primary care that is willing to administer it.

He is their captive, and you are watching him die. The doctor is a cold-hearted woman who refused to talk to you like you are a daughter watching your father die, begging for them to save him, try anything new because their protocol isn’t working for him. But the only mercy the doctor has is to lie and tell you that he has received the maximum support and medicine that he can take and he will die in 24 hours. The only way you can be with him as a family is to sign a DNR. So, in a panic, you make a decision. And then he is gone.

This is What Happened

"He wasn’t dying that day."

Now imagine you find out that he was not in his last 24 hours, he was just in the last 24 hours they were willing to keep him alive, and that he was on the maximum amount of medication in their PROTOCOL, not the maximum amount of medication or treatments available or that he needed. It can’t be true, can it? That is what happened to Walter Schott.

We have his medical records, and an expert has looked them over and it shows that he wasn’t dying that day, that the doctor didn’t care for us, and every conversation we had with each other was misrepresented in her medical record notes. His final hour was spent with us on the phone with the doctor while in the parking lot of the hospital, (she knew we were there) and her threatening us with the fact that he will die alone unless we sign a DNR and put him in comfort care. She never explained what comfort care was, I honestly thought it was a room they put you in so you could be together while he died, but not that it means to turn off all the machines and medicine.

This is a Human Life

“My dad's organs weren’t failing, he just needed time to heal the inflammation in his lungs.”

Can’t be true right? And there is not a thing you can do about it because the new laws protect the doctors and hospitals in a way that they can do anything they want and not be held accountable as long as they are following protocol. My dad's organs weren’t failing, he just needed time to heal the inflammation in his lungs. But we created a ruckus by contacting the CEO of the hospital, the FDA to maybe get some help with a treatment that was in the 3rd phase of trials, multiple doctors, the head of the ICU, and even a Senator. BUT no one was willing to help, saying their hands were tied. I think we pushed the wrong people, and my dad paid the price.

We are talking about a human being's life. He was strong, all he needed was a little bit of help and everyone refused him. Thank you, Methodist Hospital, for not having the guts to actually save a man's life that so wanted to live. Thank you to the doctors that pledged an oath to save people and didn’t actually make any attempt to save him. As a teacher I know that when I am teaching a lesson and the child doesn’t understand, I don’t turn around and teach it the exact same way to him the next day because I know that way did not work. I try new strategies. That is simple logic…. Why would you continue to treat a man the EXACT same way for 14 days when he progressively got worse? Have some guts and be the one that saves the world.

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