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Jennifer S.'s Story

Stanton, Michigan

Urgent! Please HELP! Americans are being killed with Remdesivir!

My brother is Nick Percy, and he had just celebrated his 50th birthday!

The Wrong Treatment

“ I had no opportunity to stop this protocol either!”

See, my brother got a positive Covid test on 9/22/2021 & was “UNDER-Treated” - he was recommended no treatment by Metro Hospital Grand Rapids testing site, his doctor, or his cancer doctor! They should have all been involved once he had a positive test! He has stage 1 Leukemia, only ever had to monitor his blood work. Well, he sat home & felt ill, sleeping, and taking cough medicine for the cough. He then went to the hospital 9/25/2021 short of breath & the next day he was admitted (due to bed shortage? I don’t know). Still reporting to me on text and one last phone call, he said the nurses were helping to feed him. He would call me back, he had meds at home he wanted me to bring to him, but he didn’t call me back. He felt terrible, and after Tuesday 9/29/2021, I got updates from Michelle Percy, his ex-wife then on 9/30. The update was they were going to start Remdesivir, and I knew it was killing people!!!!! I had no opportunity to stop this protocol either!

There Is Proof

We then all lost contact with him except his fiancé - he was being sedated with anxiety meds too! It was “Covid” making him short of breath & the hospital knew he was taken to the hospital by his ex-wife. His fiancé was at home sick with Covid also. Once there, he was admitted the next day given an over-the-face oxygen mask, and his chart says he died of “bacterial pneumonia.” According to Dr. David Martin in an interview with Dr. Ryan Fuellmich, he proves through patents collusion between GILEAD science & Moderna, that Remdesivir was the frontrunner to treat Covid & yet it was stopped in the Ebola trials! On 9/30, my brother was given Remdesivir even though he was showing the nurses videos & proof that Ivermectin HCQ OR ANY “Zinc-ionophore” like QUERCETIN worked. Dr. Zelenko helped patients in New York with quercetin and my brother knew not to take Remdesivir as he knew it was leading to death with kidney failure! He knew, yet they drugged him up! On 9/29 & 9/30 I called anyone I could think of to help intervene in this hospital's protocol of Remdesivir. I have proof of calls to the Michigan state police, the hospital board and even a lady I found listed under “Michigan emergency Covid response team,” Dr. Jane Ruby and the stew peters show, Thomas Renz with Renz law, anyone that would intervene, as these were the Americans saying that Remdesivir kills, not COVID!!!!

Kept Away

“No Covid yet but we his family could not go to Mercy Hospital Muskegon ICU department. We were kept away!”

My brother is Nick Percy (dob 9/24/1971), and he had just celebrated his 50th birthday! His

fiancé has a video taken of him that night and he was fine, blowing out his birthday candles! He was not winded; he was sweaty but FINE! Once at Mercy Hospital, though, they just let him proceed downhill, with water collecting in his lungs, then at one point he was even retaining carbon dioxide…. Again, updates were coming to the family via text from his ex-wife. Yet, she was not there, no Covid yet we his family could not go to Mercy Hospital Muskegon ICU dept. We were kept away! On 10/2/2021, my brother was vented. He had been on the phone with his fiancé Tracie when a doctor came in and said suddenly that they must vent him right now, urgently. His condition was declining every day & I was told Friday that I could be a visitor on Monday and my dad on Sunday 10/10; then it was 10/10 at 3 pm. I got the call to go now; all those restrictions are being lifted; he’s dying, go now! 10/10/2021 my brother died at 8:40 pm.

License To Kill

“She admitted that Remdesivir is still being used & she knows it is killing people, by way of kidney failure!”

On 1/24/2022, I spoke with Mary Miller, a nurse in the “Experience of care” department and she was put on speakerphone with me, my husband & my brother's fiancé. She admitted that Remdesivir is still being used & she knows it is killing people, by way of kidney failure! She admitted the doctors are playing politics so as not to lose their jobs and LICENSES WITH THE STATE!!!!! She admitted this! On 1/29 I contacted “LARA” - licensing agency at 800-882-6006, who filed my complaint over the phone and gave me the direct number to “the joint commission” 630-792-5800, where I called & got a request to file online, which I did. Then 1/29/2022, I contacted the Muskegon Police dept. and told them all this, calling again 2/6/2022 to make them aware of this after watching on “Garrett Soldano for Governor” Facebook live with an interview of another lady’s account of Remdesivir leading to the decline & death of her husband on the east side of Michigan at Beaumont Hospital!!! Again, doctors admit it’s politics and are afraid of getting suspended or their licensing revoked!!!

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19. Feb. 2022

Our hearts go out to you and your family. So sorry for your loss. 💔

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