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Jenna's Story

Houston, TX

Our life has forever been changed by current events of this year.

I am probably the least political person you’d ever meet, but what I have learned since August has turned me into a very outspoken, political person. There is so much evil happening in America and the world right now and our family got caught in the crossfire. The following is a timeline of our experience and what I have learned. If we had only known this information ahead of time, I truly believe our story would have a different ending. Forewarning, this is going to have lots of regrets written in it and it is going to be long.

How it started

Our story starts on August 3rd, 2021. My husband, Andy, came home from our 10 year old’s soccer practice that he coaches with a high fever. Both he and I had been feeling a bit tired and had a headache off and on the past week, but headaches are pretty common for me. And, if you know what our life looks like with 4 boys all in sports and scouts, you know we are always exhausted. The next day, after the fever, we decided to test for C*VID. Our youngest son was exposed at VBS, he ran a fever for 3 days, then our 10 year old had a fever for 3 days. Between them being sick and when we started feeling sick was a good space apart. Well, our entire family tested positive, except the 5 year old who got it first. Even our 7 year old who didn’t show any signs tested positive. As the day went on, Andy started feeling worse and worse. His breathing was more labored. We always knew if he got it, we needed to watch out because of his asthma. I gave Aiden and myself a couple budesonide breathing treatments, but I didn’t give it to Andy since google said his Advair he took daily would interact with the budesonide. Looking back, I should’ve stopped his advair and given him many more budesonide treatments than anyone else. When we bought the at-home C*VID tests, we also bought an oximeter. When Andy took his O2, it was at 88, which very much concerned him. At this point, he checked in with his friend who is a trauma nurse to ask his advice. His advice was 100% go get checked out at the ER. We tried connecting with Frontline Doctors and Myfreedoctors, but the wait times were so incredible since there were so many C*VID cases, we weren’t able to speak to anyone. I even tried calling Dr. Stella Immanuel’s office and got no answer. I find out over a month later that she accepts walkin appointments. After the kids went to bed, Andy drove himself to the closest ER that had space since the ER in our neighborhood was full. He went to Willowbrook Methodist and they admitted him right away. His O2 was actually 93/94 at this point, I think our oximeter might’ve been faulty or at least off by a bit. Another friend of ours who had attended a health seminar this past spring regarding C*OVID and health stuff told Andy not to go to the hospital since he knew what would happen. How I so wish he would’ve listened to him.

He was admitted to the ER in the early morning hours on August 6th, which was a Thursday. He was immediately started on Remdes. I have learned since that this was our second big mistake was allowing them to give him this poison. The statistics on this drug show a 35% increase in death rate. Patients that receive it are nearly all placed on ventilators. If you happen to need the hospital, REFUSE this.

By Saturday morning, just two days later, the hospital wanted him moved to ICU claiming his O2 kept dropping and he needed more oxygen than a regular room could offer. By this point, I knew we needed to get him budesonide breathing treatments, high doses of vitamin C, D, and zinc through an IV, and Ivermect. I texted with Andy and told him to request it. Also, keep in mind at this point, visitors are strictly forbidden in the C*VID unit. I called his nurses to get updates and to speak with a doctor regarding our request. The nurses told me to stop calling since I was bothering them and they had things they needed to do. It took the doctors sometimes up to 4 days to call me back. I finally was able to speak to his doctor, who get this, wouldn’t go in Andy’s room. This hospital placed these loud noisy fans in each room to “Collect the C*VID germs”. How are these fans so smart they know which germs are which? Andy said they were so loud he couldn’t hear me when we talked, so we didn’t talk often, which breaks my heart when I think back to that time now. These fans were so loud that his doctor walked out of his room and told him he would call him on the hospital phone. What kind of doctor does that? Isn’t seeing the patient in person what you are paid to do? Anyways, this doctor belittled me for asking for Ivermect and was so arrogant he kept speaking over me.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. I knew we needed to do something drastic, but what. I wanted to check him out AMA (Against Medical Recommendation), but how do I get oxygen to get him home? This is exactly what I should’ve done looking back. I spoke to so many lawyers, doctors, and others that told me to sneak Ivermect into him. The hospital was so strict on what I could drop off to him though, so I had to be very creative. Once he got the envelope, he took some, but I don’t think it was enough or consistent enough. And the Remdes was already doing it’s work of killing his kidneys and liver while filling his lungs with fluid. Fast forward to Monday and Tuesday after he was admitted into the ICU. I go to the hospital to try and talk to anyone who can make this Ivermect happen. No one will listen to me. I told them I wouldn’t leave until I spoke to someone. Finally the Director of Guest Relations and the charge nurse come talk to me. They tell me that they will absolutely NOT give him Ivermect. It is against hospital protocol and it doesn’t matter that I brought in research showing its effectiveness. I ask for an ethics committee meeting and it was so difficult for them to actually set one up. Finally on Wednesday, August 11th, they arrange an ethics meeting. We brought in a release of liability form for the hospital if they allowed Ivermect. They said they would research it and give us an answer the next day.

Our worst nightmare was happening

Turns out at this point, the hospital had already been trying to force Andy into intubation on Tuesday, the 10th. Claiming he was being difficult and kept taking his oxygen off. When I spoke to the nurses, I would always ask how he was doing. They never once told me he was being difficult or removing his wires and monitors, taking himself to the bathroom or things like that. He kept reiterating to the nurses that he didn’t want to be intubated unless it was a life/death situation. I didn’t learn about any of this until I read through his medical records.

So here we are on Thursday, August 12th, the day after the ethics meeting. About 11am, I get the call from the charge nurse that they are intubating him. I am immediately heartbroken. I have learned enough to know what that means. I have also learned enough to know she should’ve offered to let me speak to him one last time before intubation. Chances of survival are 12%. I didn’t know the numbers were that low, but she did. She knew the most likely outcome and yet she didn’t offer me a chance to essentially say goodbye. I will forever be so angry at her. Once I hear this news, I contact the director of guest relations asking what the ethics committee decision was. I was told I would have an answer that morning. I didn’t get an answer until 2:30 that day. Their answer was that no, they could not allow Ivermect in because it was not FDA approved for C*VID. They asked me if I was still going to contact my lawyer and when I told them yes, they gave me their lawyer’s phone number. Such heartless people working in this hospital.


The moment I got off the phone with the Director of Guest Relations, I contacted Ralph Lorigo out of New York. He was gaining popularity for his cases he’d won forcing the hospitals to administer Ivermect. Texas Right to Life connected us with an amazing lawyer out of Austin that worked with Ralph to fight the hospital. While they were working on getting our case together, we learned of a hospital/doctor in the area that was treating with Ivermect. It was Dr. Varon, one of the developers of the math+ protocol that we had been fighting so hard for. He worked at UMMC Tidwell. During the discussions leading up the court date, we also were trying to get Andy moved to UMMC. Willowbrook Methodist’s lawyer worked with our lawyer and UMMC and was able to get him a spot. The ambulance was booked to move him the night after our court hearing. Turns out that Methodist’s lawyer told our lawyer that even if we had won our case, they would have immediately appealed it, dragging out having not Ivermect even longer.

Getting transferred

On August 18th, 6 days after being intubated, he was getting transferred to UMMC. I asked Methodist if I could hold his hand while they walked him from the hospital to the ambulance, and of course was told no. I waited anyhow in the ambulance bay for them to bring him out. The EMTs probably thought I was a bit psycho when I asked to hold his hand. Even though it was literally like 2 minutes, holding his hand was amazing and he squeezed my hand back. At this point, it had been 13 days since I had seen him. That is the longest we had been apart since we met. I followed the ambulance to UMMC and held his hand as they walked him in again. He was completely sedated, but I truly hope he was able to feel my presence and hear what I had to say.

UMMC’s nurses were not much easier than Methodist to work with. I had the hardest time getting them to answer or even call me back. I found out by looking through these medical records that he extubated himself that night he arrived at UMMC and it took them 2 tries to get the tube back in. He was doing everything in his power to fight through all this to get home to us. According to Dr. Varon, he was very, very sick when he arrived. But, the Methodist doctors told me he was improving and they’d be looking at extubation soon.

Ridiculous hospital visitor policies

UMMC didn’t allow visitors at all in their hospital. At this point, Andy had been in the hospital 13 days, he should’ve been C*VID free and allowed visitors. I tried dropping a radio off so they could play music in his room, the hospital didn’t even allow that. I just felt like I was constantly hitting road block against road block with these hospitals. 10 days after arriving at UMMC, I got a call that they felt Andy was ready to get a tracheostomy. They were worried the tube in his throat from the ventilator would cause permanent damage to his vocal chords and he was improving. August 28th, the switched out vent for the trach and he got a PEG tube for feeding as well. He handled the switch without a problem. Dr. Varon said they were going to start waking him up from sedation and he wanted me there to keep him calm. The times they had tried it, he woke up very agitated. Trying to coordinate being there when he was waking up with the 30 minutes the hospital allowed me in was very tricky. Dr. Varon tried to get me in to visit as much as possible. State law even changed on September 1st allowing visitors in, but the hospital still wouldn’t allow it. Between August 30th and September 10th, I was allowed in 5 times averaging just 30 minutes. They claim they wanted to limit my exposure, even though I had C*VID and given it to Andy.

One of the visits I was there, Andy was waking up beautifully. His numbers were all staying stable and I started getting my hopes up that it was the day he would wake up. Then, the charge nurse came in and told me my time was up. I kind of lost it on him explaining that I was supposed to be there when he woke up and Dr. Varon approved me being there. He told me I had 5 minutes. He came back at 5 minutes on the dot with SECURITY and the respiratory therapist. The respiratory therapist claimed she needed to raise his sedation back up so she could suction him because it would be uncomfortable for him (for like 20 seconds). And that was that. I was escorted out with security and that was the only day he woke up like that.

Fast forward to September 10th. He has been in the hospital now 37 days, fighting for his life. I was allowed to visit that day. But, before I was allowed in, the Director of Nursing gave me a lecture stating I wasn’t going to be allowed in to visit anymore and that I was the only person they’d allowed into the C*VID unit. Tell me, why can’t family visit in the C*VID unit, especially if we wear the appropriate PPE? We aren’t at any more risk than the doctors and nurses. I have a deep, dark reason as to why family isn’t allowed in. If family is allowed, we can question the protocol.

When I visited that day, I was given 15 minutes. When I was there, I noticed Andy’s feet were freezing cold. Each time I visited him, I rubbed his chest with tons of oils and I rubbed a relaxing oil lotion on his arms and legs, so I felt his feet each time I had been there. They had NEVER been cold like this. The nurse blew me off saying it was normal for patients to be cold. His skin also had these clear little bubbles all over it. The doctor said his oxygen was the best in the unit and he was doing better each day. Before this visit, Dr. Varon was trying to get me in each day to see him. But, with the lecture from the Director, I didn’t think that would happen. I message Dr. Varon to see if I am allowed back the next day and he didn’t answer me.

Worst day of my life was a reality

September 11th, since I hadn’t heard if I could go see Andy, we went to soccer and baseball. While we were at baseball, I get a call at 12:30 saying Andy had coded. It came as a complete shock to me since Dr. Varon said his oxygen was the best in the unit. I rush from baseball to get to the hospital, but my drive is 40 minutes long. I arrived at about 1:15 and they called him at 1:01. I’ve since read his records of how that morning went down. About 10:30 he was given the hypothermia blankets because his body temperature was dropping. I SHOULD’VE been called then since that is a huge change in status. If I had been called then, I would’ve been there. Apparently, he was waking up as well before his heart rate dropped. Dr. Varon thought it was either a blood clot or his heart gave out. The autopsy we had done said that his lungs were just so bad, they couldn’t handle it anymore.

Ya’ll…this is not how it is supposed to go. He should not have died alone. I should’ve been allowed at his bedside to take care of him in his last days. Our family was robbed of a proper end of life period of saying goodbye and being with our loved ones.

I have learned that there is so much government corruption, greed, and control behind this C*VID. Things aren’t done to keep us safe like they tell us. They are done to control us. There is a huge plan behind this so called “pandemic”. If you don’t believe me, do some research.

Our family is FOREVER changed because of the hospital protocol that wouldn’t allow in Ivermect. I fully believe if Andy had Ivermect and refused Remdes, he would still be here with us. I even believe that if he had Remdes, but was allowed a proper dose of Ivermect and the vitamins we asked for, he would’ve recovered, granted much slower.

Our kiss to last a lifetime.

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So sorry for your loss Jenna, it's mind blowing how our loved ones goes into the hospital coherent and speaking well, to being constantly drugged and vent. We trusted the hospitals and the staff to do the right thing, we send our loved ones to the ER so that they can get better, instead the staff and the hospitals protocols murdered them. Even the nurses and doctors are so evil now and covid just give em an excuse to act out their evilness.

I'm sure your husband is so proud of you for self educating and being his advocate when he couldn't. You fought so hard. We will see our precious loved ones again when we return home, everyone have…


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