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Jane's Story


I had to get out of there before they killed me!

I refused Remdesivir so they kept me overnight and sent me home.

Treated Less Than Human

“ I also begged for water which they refused.”

I'm a survivor miraculously! Nov of 2021 I went to the ER 3 times. I refused Remdesivir so they kept me overnight and sent me home. The 3rd time they put an oxygen mask on me which I begged them to stop because it was horrible and shook my head around for hours! I also begged for water which they refused. They put me in ICU (Not vaccinated) and the doctors and nurses kept saying I could have died every single day and were condescending. One Dr from another country I was told, even threatened Traeching me and put me on a respirator while putting his hand up to his neck and torso as he smiled and said "You want?" to which I shook my head no and started crying again.


I lost 30pounds and was so weak. They eventually put a port in me and I had no clue what it was for. One day a nurse came in with a clear hose and syringe and I asked what it was for? I had no clue it was Remdesivir which made me so nauseated and I told them the 5 times they did the 1 1/2 hr. rounds. I was so weak I couldn't do anything! So much more happened as far as negligence, getting yelled at like a kid, etc. One day I waited for 2 1/2 hrs for my nurse to come back and give me a tum which had to be ordered by the Dr. I heard her watching the Packer game with another patient, his wife, and daughter. When I asked another nurse about her she said she left! I had such bad acid reflux and I was so mad and also asked the nurse while in ICU why the other patient could have company but I couldn't. She couldn't give me a decent answer.

Getting Out

So many other bad things happened but I begged the doctor to let me leave and he said if I passed the respiratory test. I was on oxygen also. She finally came and before she did I psyched myself up and told myself even though I was in so much pain and weak and easily winded that I would do what she said no matter how hard it was. So I did what she said and wouldn't facially show her how bad I really felt. She actually said I could go home and when she walked out I collapsed into the bed and sobbed because I was in such distress but I did it! It took me a long time to feel halfway normal. They sent me home with oxygen and I knew I was too sick yet I had to get out of there before they killed me!


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