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Jane M.'s Story

Moriches, NY

My husband, Captain Rudy Hanfner died on Jan. 10, 2022. Rudy was only 58 years old.

The worst part of this nightmare is not losing my husband but the way he died.

Becoming Sick

“ Because I wasn't vaccinated, I could not go with him.”

My name is Jane. My husband, Captain Rudy Hanfner died on Jan. 10, 2022. Rudy was only 58 years old. Rudy and I had been married 23 years when I lost him. Here is my story:

A few days before Christmas on or about Dec. 20th, my husband got sick with what we thought was a bad cold. We called our family doctor and Rudy was prescribed Z Pack. Rudy got better for 2 days and then on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, Rudy took a turn for the worse. We canceled Christmas with our friends and family and on Christmas day Rudy was very sick and was having trouble breathing so I called 911. After the medics examined him, they told me they were taking him to Long Island Community Hospital in Patchogue, Long Island but because I wasn't vaccinated, I could not go with him.

I called the ICU and spoke to the head nurse. I told her that I was Rudy's wife, his health care proxy and I had Power of Attorney. I gave specific instructions that I did not want my husband on the drug Remdesivir or put on a respirator. I also instructed the hospital staff to put him on Zinc (since he initially got better when he was put on Z Pack) and to also put him on hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

No Remdesivir

On Dec. 27th when I spoke to the doctor, I asked for the medications my husband was put on. I was told one of the drugs my husband was put on was Remdesivir. He was put on Remdesir on Dec. 26th.

I told the doctor that on the day my husband was admitted to the hospital, I specifically told the head nurse in ICU that I did not want my husband put on the drug Remdesivir because I knew it shut down the kidneys and I also didn't want him put on a ventilator. The doctor then told me that the drug Remdesivir was being monitored. I told him I didn't care. Your team totally disregarded my specific instructions as my husband's health care provider and Power of Attorney and I wanted my husband off this drug immediately!

I was also being given conflicting information. I was originally told my husband had viral pneumonia. Then I was told he had bacterial pneumonia and when he died, the doctors put on the death certificate "COVID Pneumonia."

Vaccine Required

“Without proof of vaccination, I could not see my husband.”

On Wednesday, Dec. 29th, my husband called me and told me the staff were not giving him water or feeding him and that he wanted to get out of there and moved to Good Samaritan Hospital in Islip, NY. I called one of Rudy's longtime friends who was a doctor at Good Sam and explained that my husband wanted to be moved to Good Sam. Rudy's doctor friend told me that it was medically inadvisable and highly dangerous to do so. I asked him to call Rudy directly and let him know this, which he did.

My husband continued to call me about not being fed or given water or ice chips. I called the hospital and asked what was going on. The staff explained to me that they couldn't feed him or give him water because he would aspirate since he was on oxygen. They reassured me that he was being fed intravenously.

Since I was not allowed to visit my husband, I had know way of knowing what was going on. The staff at the front desk would not allow me to see him even when I attempted to visit him on 2 separate occasions. I was stopped at the front desk and asked to show evidence that I was vaccinated. I told the front desk that they had no right asking me for any of my medical information. That they were violating my Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights, Civil Rights and HIPAA laws. I also asked the staff why they weren't asking people if they had Aids, or Hepatitis B or Hep C or poison ivy or pink eye. All of which are highly contagious. Why could these people gain admission when I could not???? They could give me no answer but all they did was repeat that without proof of vaccination, I could not see my husband.

Dying Alone

“Now that my husband was gone, I was allowed to see him.”

The beginning of January, I was told my husband was put on a respirator in order to save his life. A day or so after, the hospital called again and asked permission to put my husband on dialysis. I told the hospital to do whatever they needed to do to save my husband's life because they would not only be saving his life, they would be saving my life too. Rudy was my whole world. For 23 years we not only loved each other but were totally devoted to each other.

Then on Jan. 10th, the hospital called to let me know that my husband went into cardiac arrest and died. The doctor then asked me if I wanted to come up to the hospital and see my husband and spend some time with him. This made absolutely no sense to me. Now that my husband was gone, I was allowed to see him. Why wasn't I allowed to see him when he was alive???? Why was I a danger before and not now????? For 23 years my husband and I were inseparable but now because of this medical tyranny that is illogical and makes absolutely no sense, my husband died alone. The worst part of this nightmare is not losing my husband but the way he died. The thought of my husband dying alone, will haunt me for the rest of my life.. . .Jane M. (Mrs. Rudolph Hanfner)

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