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Heather's Story

Montgomery, AL

Ragan was the best father and husband. We had 5 kids and he never met a stranger.

He was the best in the whole world!

Admitted to The Hospital

“He wasn’t allowed to call me or text. I had no communication with him and was told to stop calling.”

It all started Aug. 9th. I got sick during the weekend and was coughing and tired. I got the test at the doctor and they said I got covid and sent me home with some strong meds. He wasn’t sick so he helped the kids. By the 11th he started feeling bad. He called to see the doctor but there were no openings until the next day in the afternoon. He went to a different clinic than me. Our doctor wouldn’t see us until we went to a covid clinic. He tested positive but they never checked his stats. They gave him low meds like a cough drop and low inhaler. They wanted him to call and schedule to get the infusion the next day. He tried but they were booked until Sunday. It was right beside the hospital. He had no symptoms but tiredness.

I checked his oxygen every day. He drove himself to the clinic and even Googled how to get there. He talked about picking up lunch after. He went in and they checked his stats but they said all was good. That was when everything went down. They had to stop it during it since his oxygen started to drop and they forced him to ride in an ambulance but he insisted he could drive. They put him in the ER with low breathing treatment. He wasn’t allowed to call me or text. I had no communication with him and was told to stop calling but I can’t come visit either. Then that night a friend who worked there was able to sneak in and FaceTime him for me so we could tell each other how much we loved each other and to keep fighting. We knew their plan was to vent him even though he didn’t want it. We both objected to it but they sedated him and did it anyway.

Prisoner of The Hospital

I still wasn’t allowed in to see him, nor was anyone else. The next day they finally agreed to it but I could see him through a door and those images of him laying there will never leave my

mind. They gave him Remdesivir and a bunch of other meds. They said we better pray for a miracle since there is no hope. We weren’t allowed to see him but one person per day and only during 1 visiting time through the door. No change even though I spoke to them many many times about higher vitamins, Ivermectin and other meds I heard that work. They wouldn’t try anything. They wouldn’t turn or move him since they claimed his oxygen would dip. They said he needed the Ecmo machine but the closest was in Birmingham and they had no room. Day in and out no news until the end of week we met with palliative care who was telling us doom and we again said we wanted Ivermectin but they said there is no proof it works. I told her I can get it for her. She said her same repetitive stuff about how they are doing everything and I told her I wanted Ivermectin. No comment again from her.

His kidneys started failing and he was put on dialysis and his sugar went low so they had to get meds and do testing regularly. By the weekend he started having blood clots. I was finally able to see him Aug. 24 that late night. His legs were swollen he had eczema so his skin looked dry and cracked. I never saw a nurse talk to him or treat him with respect. They wouldn’t leave me alone with him either no matter how much I asked.


“He was using those protocols to kill people at the hospitals then called a hero.”

The next morning I woke up early thinking something was wrong when I got the call his heart had stopped a few times and they had to start it again. They asked if I wanted to continue. I said yes. I had to get there. When I got there they had tried more times. Palliative care was there to convince me to let the doctors stop trying. I didn’t want him in pain so I agreed. I was so overwhelmed and had such guilt over it. No treatment they would do and I couldn’t see him. I never had the same nurses or doctors to talk to. The only constant person who was seeing him was the resident. None of them ever updated us during shift changes or gave updates twice a day. They would never call us or give us any hope. He was surrounded by others around his age who were all dying too. He was in the hospital for about 10 days.

They killed hundreds so fast and quickly. I fought as hard as I knew to, but they refused to listen. There is a doctor here over respiratory at the hospital Dr. David Thrasher, he is like a mini Fauci. He was using those protocols to kill people at the hospitals then called a hero. We have 5 including our middle child who is special needs and he was our sole provider. We lost our financial support plus everything that meant anything to us, him! He was the best in the whole world!



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