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Hannah's Story

Mansfield, Ohio

Our beloved Sherry, a Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Preacher, and friend.

She cried and begged us not to send her back to a hospital because the hospitals are trying to kill the elderly.

The Start of Symptoms

“Is this just a Covid clinic? If not, then treat her symptoms.”

Dec 18, 2021, our world was flipped upside down. Our beloved Sherry, a Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Preacher, and friend passed away due to the damages caused by the drugs Remdesiver, and Baricitinib. Both drugs cause major organ damage. On November 27, my grandmother started to notice she was not feeling so well. She was an extremely healthy 76-year-old. She took amazing care of not only herself but her son for whom she was the primary care provider. She started taking vitamins and taking it easy. She had the same symptoms of an upper respiratory infection.

On December 6th, 8 days since her symptoms started, she agreed she was not getting better on just over-the-counter cold medicine and she needed antibiotics and fluids. She agreed on letting us take her to a stand-alone, walk-in ER because they were equipped to do chest x-rays, labs, and IV fluids. She refused a Covid test because honestly, what difference did it make if she was Covid positive or not the Dr. argued with her saying, and I quote “You're putting us in a hard place not taking a Covid test.” To that my mother responded with “Is this just a Covid clinic? If not, then treat her symptoms.” The ER Dr. tried to convince her to stay, but once she told him she wasn’t their lab rat the Dr. took off all his PPE mask included and said I quote exactly “ Your right, if I had Covid I wouldn’t go to the hospitals either in fact it’d be the last place I’d go.”


The Dr. ordered a Chest-X-ray and started fluids to fight the dehydration. The x-ray results showed she had the start of pneumonia in her left lung. They asked if she would stay if they admitted her, she refused due to having her quadriplegic son at home so, she was discharged with antibiotics. Fast forward to Friday, December 10th, she was beginning to get dehydrated again and her O2 was at 90. She agreed to let us take her to a hospital to be seen again, (we had heard this hospital would send her home on O2 vs keeping her.) We arrived at the hospital emergency room at 8 pm and I sat in my car while my mother and grandmother went in.

They checked her vitals and other than her O2 being at 90 they started her on O2 and did a Covid test and it came back positive. Her official diagnosis was Covid-pneumonia. They started an IV for dehydration. She spent the night in the ER, my mother left to get her car, check on my uncle and take a shower. The Dr. from the ER called my mother and told her my grandmother qualified for Remdesivir and Baricitinib as treatment and that also qualified her for high flow O2 and as an ICU admit. My mother agreed not knowing what we know now about the protocols.

They Don’t Know

“My grandma asked the Dr. what the side effects of Remdesiver were.”

Saturday, December 11, was her first dose of what is known as the Covid-cocktail, my mother was told because of Covid she would be the only visitor my grandmother was allowed to have, she just had to show a red wrist band to the front desk. Saturday afternoon and my grandmother was still in the Emergency room waiting on an ICU room. My grandma had soiled her sheets, so my mother called for a nurse to bring in clean sheets, one never came. They transferred her upstairs to a non-ICU /ICU room as they called it. Again, my mother said something about the soiled sheets and the nurse said she would get it as soon as possible.

Saturday night my grandmother asked my mother to go check on my uncle and make sure he was taken care of and that she would be ok for the night. We had done some research on the protocols and found that Remdesiver had been recalled, we called her nurses that night and told them she was not to receive any more of the drug Remdesivir, until we talk to the Dr. When talking to the Dr., my grandma asked the Dr. what the side effects of Remdesiver were and the Dr. responded with they didn’t really know… my grandma at this point said she didn’t want anymore. Sunday morning my mother went to sit with my grandmother and was denied access at the front desk. At this point, my mother walked past the front desk to my grandma's room. A security guard threatened to arrest my mother.

Having a Heart Attack

“She was having a heart attack and to please help, only no one came to help her.”

On Monday My grandmother told my mother that she hit her call light and told the nurses she felt like she was having a heart attack and to please help, only no one came to help her. My mom noticed that the hospital had hung another bag of Remdesivir dated with Monday's date (Dec13th) we ended up signing my Grandmother out of the hospital AMA (she signed herself out as she was in sound mind). The hospital told us they were calling adult protective services on us and told my mother she was taking her mother home to die. They knew that the damage was already done, my grandmother had received 3 doses of Remdesivir after telling them she refused that medication.

By Friday, Dec 16 she asked us to take her to a different hospital because she felt like she was having another heart attack. So, we called 911 they took her to the nearest hospital, this hospital allowed 0 visitors due to Covid policy but assured us she would not get any Remdesivir and that they were starting IV vitamin therapy. She was alone and scared, they got her checked in and realized she now needed BiPAP. Once they got her settled in the Dr called us to go over her condition. The Dr. informed us that my grandmother had indeed suffered multiple mini-heart attacks and there was significant damage done, and she had a blood clot in the right lung that would need attention.


We finally settled in at her house to get some rest and wait on the next update, my grandmother was only at the new hospital for what seemed like an hour before the Dr called and said she was asking to go home. We begged and pleaded for them to keep her because we knew she would finally get the right care she needed, the Dr. said unfortunately because she’s of sound mind we have to respect her wishes to send her home. We picked her up and we begged and pleaded with my grandma to go back. She cried and begged us not to send her back to a hospital because the hospitals are trying to kill the elderly. She

made it through the night, Saturday came she started coughing up blood, again we called for a squad, as soon as the squad pulled up she went unresponsive, the EMTs did everything they could. They got her back to the hospital she was at the night prior and her same nurse was working again. I followed the ambulance to the hospital, when we got back to be with her she was gone, I asked the Dr., what the main cause of death was and he informed me that the damage from the heart attacks and the blood clot.

We got the death certificate and pulmonary embolism was listed as the cause of death, something that could have been prevented/treated had the first hospital done its job and listened to my grandmother. I have since done more research on the drugs they use to treat Covid. This is what I have found. The NIH is who set the protocols, they have a Covid response team. Six members out of the ten-member team have Financial ties/ Stocks in the company Gilad, Gilead is the maker of Remdesiver. We know that Remdesivir causes organ damage including renal failure leading to pulmonary edema. The drug Baricitinib is a rheumatoid arthritis drug used to treat inflammation. But the side effects of this anti-inflammation drug causes heart attacks, blood clots, rapid heart rate, stroke, kidney damage, and tears along the intestinal tract. These hospitals know that these two drugs lead to death. I have heard nurses refer to Remdesivir as “Run-Death-is-near”.

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