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Greta's Story

Cypress, TX

Everyone in my family got Covid. but I was the only one to go to the ER. Their Protocol nearly killed me, not Covid.

My husband nearly lost his wife and my kids their mother, all so the hospital could profit and drive the agenda of our government.

We Got Sick

“In the ER all alone with a blood oxygen level of 66% and disoriented, I needed my husband. I needed an advocate to ensure I was getting appropriately cared for.”

When we got back from our vacation in Florida my husband started having cold and flu-like symptoms. He said it was weird because he felt bad but not as bad as the flu in the past. I notice my 17-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter were coming down with the same symptoms so I tried to get everyone taking their vitamin C, D3, Zinc, and others. After a week my husband decided to go get the dreaded test and sure enough, he was positive for Covid. We immediately got online to Frontline Doctors and got a prescription of Ivermectin for my husband. It took nearly a week to actually have it in hand. I noticed the following week I was coming down with it as well. The first week didn't seem that bad I was just tired and weird feeling. The second week I developed a cough then more flu-like symptoms with a fever of 101 that would not break. Everyone else in the family got better, the kids with no meds and my husband on Ivermectin. After two weeks of being sick, my breathing was getting worse so I took a dose of my husband's Ivermectin since he was feeling better, but it was too late. I began to cough up blood so I decided to go to the doctor. There she confirmed with x-rays and tests that I had Covid, the flu, and pneumonia. She put me on Tamiflu, steroids, and an inhaler. After two days my breathing was terrible and my husband was instructed by his mother to purchase an Oximeter at CVS to read my blood oxygen levels. I was at 66% and near death, I had to go to the ER.

In the ER

In the ER I was asked many questions which some I don't remember. I told them I tested positive for Covid, the flu, and pneumonia the week before but all they heard was Covid and didn't even bother to test me for it. My husband sat in the parking lot for 4 hours wondering and worrying about me. I remember having the mask over my face and saying "I can't breathe". Then after they read the oxygen on my finger the nurse ripped the mask off my face and immediately pushed the oxygen up my nose. It burned like fire but after some time I was able to breathe and I could feel slight pain on my right side and right chest. Several different nurses asked if I had been vaxxed. After being placed on a gurney in a holding room for a couple of hours the nurse came in and asked if I had been vaxxed. I responded by telling him no I was not vaxxed and I don't believe in experimental vaxxes or drugs because I am not a lab rat. He then said he was going to be giving me my medicine and he called it Remdesivir. I had never heard of it before and I actually thought it was a steroid used for pneumonia. No one ever explained the drug, its side effects, alternatives, or asked me about it. Having not taken the Covid vax because it is experimental, I never would have approved of a drug that is experimental to treat me for anything. Later after getting out of the hospital and reading my medical records I saw that gave a second experimental drug called Baricitinib.

My Hospital Stay Was About the Vax

“My Pulmonologist came in daily to harass me, and scare me into taking the vax.”

My first Facebook post after being released from the Hospital explains my state............

Hopefully, everyone will see this.

I want to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and let you all know I'm doing better. I still have daily struggles with breathing, overexertion, and pain but I'm getting better daily. I have to sleep sitting up because it's too painful to lay on my sides. I'll gladly take whatever rest I can at this point, after coming home I went 3 days without sleep. Through this experience, God gave me a few basic choices. First, I chose to grow my faith by putting my healing in God's hands. Next, I chose to expand my hope in God's healing powers and understanding. Another choice was to decide to grow my love for others through understanding. The last option was to give up, but my faith is just too strong to insult God that way. I had to make these choices daily because every day there was an obstacle to overcome.

The doctors didn't know why there were blood clots on my lungs and in my leg. All they knew to do was give me blood thinners. Instead of worrying about it, I just turned to God and asked for his healing. The second day in my white blood cell count skyrocketed and the doctor came in not knowing why but took blood and put me on more meds. Again, I turned to God. Two nights in a row the nurse came in and woke me up because my heart rate was between 30 and 40 bpm. They kept me awake and did EKGs and again I turned to God.

During my stay, I had many caring nurses and doctors but a few were not. My Pulmonologist was a lost soul. She came in while I was eating my first bite of food in 3 days and demanded that Shannon and I put on masks. I told her I couldn't breathe with a mask on and the Corona Virus doesn't attack people while there eating. She then started in on Shannon and said "Look at the risk you put yourself at by being here!". With what little breath I could muster, I told her he was the one that gave me Covid and the whole family had it and recovered within a week except me. Then I asked why didn't I recover and why did I end up in the hospital? She looked so bewildered and said well we really don't know why some get over it and some don't. She immediately followed up by saying but we do have data that shows that people who are vaccinated are less likely to be in the hospital and you need to be vaxxed two weeks from when you're released from the hospital. I told her that I now have antibodies so I don't need a vax. She got so frustrated and told me that didn't matter I needed the vax anyway because if got Covid again it would be worse. She had no answers for what my body was going through at that time but could somehow predict what my body would do in the future.

She kept going on about data from the CDC and I would tell her that is a privately owned company that works with pharmaceutical companies to create vaccines. That's like telling your child to give themselves a grade on a math test they just took. I asked her if she had seen the VAERS reports (Vaccine Adverse Event Report System). She said she had never heard of that. I informed her that's where all data on vaccine reactions and deaths are reported to. How could she come in touting about data when she doesn't know where to get the data from?

I was hooked up to 5% oxygen and it took everything in me just to speak. This woman could tell me nothing about my current condition and only wanted to reprimand me about vaccinations. She finally got so frustrated that she said "80% of our ICU is filled with Covid patients that have not been vaccinated and they are on ventilators and will die, do you want that ?" I answered her question with the question of "Why would you put them on ventilators when you know for a fact that will kill them?" She said we have to do what the patients and family members ask us to do. So then I asked if the patients and family members requested HCQ or Ivermectin would you give it to them? She said no because it hasn't been approved.

So, to make this clear....... the doctors will administer a treatment they know will kill the patient if requested by the patient but will not administer drugs that have been shown to help this and have been used for over 70 years for many different things because the FDA hasn't approved it for Covid specifically. I know I've been deprived of oxygen lately but this is the FDA instructing hospitals to kill people. I'd wish I could say this was all a lie but laying in my hospital bed I heard "Code Blue" announced a minimum of two times a day. Yes, people were dying daily.

People need to understand that God is in control. No amount of degrees or claims of authority in a matter will change this. God gives us resources, options, and information for everything in life. Most of all God gives us free will and the ability to make choices. I don't understand why others think they should be able to take God's gift of free will away from others simply because they think they know better than God.

If someone chooses to get vaccinated and feels that's what's best for them, then that is their God-given choice. I think those who choose not to get vaccinated should be treated with the same respect. From my first-hand experience, no one knows the answers. Doctors are humans, each person is different, and no one knows the body better than the soul living in that body.

The most meaningful person during my stay was a nurse that rubbed my back while I threw up on the edge of the bed, scared, and alone in the middle of the night. She will never know how much peace she brought to me in that moment.

I don't believe we were put here simply to see which of us could make it the longest and how much self-gratification we can take away from this world. No, I think God put us here for much more. Two weeks before this I graduated with my second Master's degree from the University of Houston. I've learned more in the last two weeks than all my degrees combined. I look at life differently now. It doesn't matter what my kids do for a living as long as they love and follow God's will. I'm not afraid to die and I will not live in fear. Every day I have left I will live in faith for as long as God plans. Here I am Lord.

I Learned More About Remdesivir

I've learned a lot lately. Most patients go to into the hospital with certain symptoms and they either get better or get worse, they usually don't get new and unrelated symptoms to the diagnosis. I have now come to the realization that the drug Remdesivir is not the life-saving drug it's proclaimed to be, but instead a poison for profit.

After receiving Remdesivir my feet, legs, and hands swelled. After researching I know that was the start of acute renal failure and my kidneys weren't filtering my blood, this is not a Covid symptom.

After receiving Remdesivir the last 2 nights at around 9 pm, approximately 30-40 minutes later my heart rate dropped to concerning low levels each night. One side effect in 25% of patients is septic shock, which can cause decreased heart rate without reason and nausea and vomiting. I experienced both.

After receiving Remdesivir my white blood cell count soared to a high level. The white blood cells multiple to attack and clear the body of any invasion, in my case poison.

The nurses do the best they can to provide, comfort, and help the patients. The doctors on the other hand are not doing their jobs, just following hospital protocol to keep their jobs. They have a duty to do no harm to the patient and know the specifics about the drugs being administered. They see the same reactions to this drug in many of their patients but say nothing. They claim it's Covid or "We just don't know why you are experiencing this."

You shouldn't be a doctor if you can't see clearly evident cause and effect or a pattern. The hospitals know, and it's been proven, that ventilators kill Covid patients yet they still use them. They also know that Remdesivir is killing patients. The doctors need to be true to the oaths they took and stand up to this mass murder for money.

The evil don't need Covid concentration death camps we have them in the form of hospitals now. Instead of dragging people and forcing them into camps, the people willing go under the guise they will be healed from a man-made virus. A virus created/funded by the same man that has financial interests in the drug Remdesivir. Drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin have been banned and hospital protocols only allow unproven novelty drugs and ventilators that kill. Corruption is everywhere, having faith in God allows us to stand up against corruption and relinquish fears. Faith over fear. Do not comply.

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Hey Greta,

You wrote “After two weeks of being sick, my breathing was getting worse so I took a dose of my husband's Ivermectin since he was feeling better, but it was too late. I began to cough up blood so I decided to go to the doctor.”

Thank you so much for highlighting the dangers of ivermectin! I can’t believe you started COUGHING UP BLOOD after taking it! That’s crazy! I would’ve sued their behinds so fast! Thank God for the doctors that saved you from the Ivermectin that made you cough up blood! What an evil company that would make it look like their medicine stops Covid but instead doesn’t work and causes people to cough up blood.…

Unknown member
Feb 23, 2022
Replying to

Ivermectin is tolerated well by 98% of the people who take it. It is a very effective treatment for Covid especially early on. One does have to review (like all medications) any interactions with other drugs. More importantly for Covid is the inhaled Budesonide. Too many doctors are doing albuterol thinking that will work. Budesonide is an inhaled steroid and safe enough they give it to infants but effective enough that it saves lives. Even LATE in the game after the hospital darn near kills them. I think most people realize that the similarities in these stories are the ill effects of Remdesivir and the denial of effective early treatment. The New England Journal of Medicine did a study in…


Jessica Cegelski
Jessica Cegelski
Jan 25, 2022

Hi Greta, it is blessing that you are with us today to tell your story. And what you are doing for so many people who have lost loved ones to the atrocities happening at our hospitals, is courageous and a blessing. Thank you for standing up for what is right and being a voice for the ones that were not so lucky.


Amazing testimony, Greta. I rejoice with you in your continued healing but much more in your deepened relationship with Jesus!! I can’t imagine walking through these storms and trials without HIM being as real to me as my right hand!! I appreciate you setting up this website. Is it ok to share? Testimonies are powerful to share to get the Truth out! May you continue to be bold as you enjoy your present blessed moments! ❣️❣️

Greta Crawford
Greta Crawford
Dec 03, 2021
Replying to

Please share. It was made to share and help as many people as possible. Thank you.


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